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    minyan gal

    I received this commentary about this week’s Parsha today. It is written by Rabi Eli Mansour. I found it to be easily understood and very relevant. I hope that you find some inspiration from it.

    Parashat Ki-Tabo: Do it Yourself

    The Torah in Parashat Ki-Tabo discusses the Misva of Bikkurim. During the times of the Bet Hamikdash, a Jew who grew fruits was required to bring the first fruits that ripened to the Temple and present them as a gift to the Kohen.

    Today, a person can arrange three lavish Shabbat meals by just picking up the phone and placing an order. The caterer does all the cooking, setting up, serving and cleaning. Nobody could criticize those who make Shabbat in this way; in fact, it is admirable to spend money for the honor of Shabbat. But at the same time, there is much to be said for the personal effort and toil, working hard to prepare Shabbat. Something is lost when we delegate the work involved in preparing for Misvot.

    The Arizal taught that when a person perspires for the sake of a Misva, those drops of perspiration are stored and serve as a means of atonement for all his sons. One Rabbi I knew would participate each year in the baking of Masot for Pesah, and specifically chose the job of standing next to the scorching hot oven, putting in and removing the Masot. He said that this way he perspires the most, thus maximizing his reward for involving himself in this great Misva.


    That is absolutely beautiful! Thank you minyangal for the divar torah. This vort is particularly relevant to our (you’ll excuse me)”lazy” generation where you can complete multiple tasks with our finger tips while sitting in our plush lazyboy chairs sipping a margarita (little umbrella et all)without so much as moving a millimeter. I’m not even referring to mitzvos necessarily but anything in our daily life. And if it takes more than 12-15 seconds for any text message to be sent, we cry out in horror and in rage why our e-toy doesn’t work, and how we have to “wait forever”!! Sometimes I envy previous generations for their satisfactions they must have got from simple tasks and accomplishments that takes US three seconds to do without any effort nor strain!

    am yisrael chai

    The Great Benefit Of Reading The Tochacha

    The Gemara in Megila (31b) says that we read the Tochacha in Parshas Ki Savo RIGHT BEFORE Rosh HaShana in order that “Tichleh Shana V’Kililoseha”,(???????? ?????? ?????????) the year and its curses should end. What does READING the Tochacha help our situation?

    Hashem promised that when there is no Bais HaMikdash we can still bring Korbanos by saying and learning the Parshiyos related to the Korbanos, “U’Nishalma Parim Sifaseinu ??????????? ??????? ??????????? (Hoshea 14:3).”

    “Similarly,” says the Radomsker Rebbe, “we read the Tochacha and by saying it, if we were deserving of its punishments, it should be considered AS IF it befell us r”l through the reading, and going forward, only bracha should come our way.”

    Tiferes Shlomo Of Radomsk


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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