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    I like to wax philosophic at time and would like to try my thoughts on the tzibur. So if you have a few minutes to put on your thinking cap, give this a try:

    1) Take a box. Now put it in non-dimensional emptiness. There is no time, no space, no restriction or boundary of any type. What can you conjecture about this box.

    2) Take three (3) boxes. Now put them in non-dimensional emptiness. There is not time, no space, no restriction or boundary of any type. What can you conjecture about these boxes.


    The first box represents a person who is ever-complacent with his midos and leads an entirely superficial life.

    The 3 boxes represent the above person with 2 of his friends.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    And I had the exact opposite thought. Te lack of boundaries is on the box, not the contents. It is an odly shaped box that varies in size depending on the angle you look at it. It is the perfectbox to hold all of the worlds children who can easily find a place to hold them regardless of their own size and shape. And it has endless room in it for everyone. Nobody can not fit because the box is fluid. It is a box that it is okay to put people into because it’s edges are neither predictable nor square. And it’s not a box, it’s a container. The three boxes? Well maybe one for boys, one for girls and one for adults still wishing they could fit.



    I’m curious. You understand that the box has no boundaries and yet you go on to explain the shape of it ‘odly shaped’, ‘fluid’, ‘edges’ ‘container’, etc.

    How does a box that is not subject to boundary have parameters?


    I conjecture that the box is no longer a box.


    Then there is always “OUT-OF-THE-BOX PRODUCTIONS”…(free ad,thanks)

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    DH – I understood that the box, with its tangible walls, inside and outside, was placed in non-dimensional emptiness that had no boundaries. That gave me the impression that no gravitational or dimensional properties were being exerted on the box so it was free to flow and move as needed to hold it’s contents. In my mind (which is pretty out of most boxes) the box started of as a box and was transplanted into this other ‘place’, and it was the PLACE that had no boundaries or restrictions. No?

    tomim tihye

    The three equal one.


    “and it was the PLACE that had no boundaries or restrictions.No?”

    Think about it like this. Draw a cube on a piece of paper. Now draw a stick figure. What does the two dimensional stick figure see of your three-dimensional cube? Now erase the properties of the cube that the stick figure can’t see.

    That would be taking a cube out of the third dimension.

    You see, really the cube exists in all dimensions. In the first dimension it’s a line. In the second, a square. In the third a cube. In the fourth a tesseract. And so on. So the only way to take it out of a dimension is to remove the properties that make it multi-dimensional to begin with.

    Now do this with our box all the way to the none-dimension.

    Itche, Tihye

    Explain better. I purposely made two points.


    The box with not limits represents everything, and therefore Hashem.

    The three boxes represent the goyim’s religion.

    Why are you bringing your ????? ??? here?



    My ????? ????

    That’s a very strong accusation to be making.

    What I did, was prove why their ????? ??? is ??????. But you can be ?? me ??? ??? if that’s what makes you happy. It is Adar after all.


    A “demensionless” space cannot exist. A space could concievably have infinite demensions but a space with zero dimensions isn’t a space. It is a point.


    What you are saying doesn’t contradict anything that I intended.

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