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    Now hear me out guys. I am a Black American who has a new interest in Judaism. I’ve been reading Yeshiva world and I want to comment on the message board about what I’ve seen with Jewish people.

    My interest in Judaism began after taking a college course in monotheism and im drawn between the parallels between the Afro black movement in America and Orthodox Judaism. Some of my notices are:

    Too many Orthodox Jews, in particular are too concerned about the gelt! Every store on every orthodox block has billboards and plasters with coins and money worth colors. I don’t think all Jews are all about money but I can see that anyone observing a jewish hood will get the impression that all they flashy.
    Second thing I don’t understand is how divided Orthodox Jews are in israel. How can you do the same things spiritually but be divided on protecting the land where spirit is most high. that’s like black people fighting about gospel or r and b. We might disagree but if one of those singers gets on a stage like the Grammys or bet soul awards, we know we ain’t giving that stage back to anyone else.
    Why are women so much better dressed than men. I get the impression that women need to be dressed up all the time and have wardrobe staff on call throughout the week. The men wear dirty suits and it ain’t as if the boys not wearing rags themselves. It kind of looks like men have to wear rags where women wear fresh outfits everyday. I don’t see that in black communities.
    I love all people, respect what y’all are doing and much love. I’m enjoying my journey on world religions and I hope you get some takeaways from what i am saying.

    Much love,


    Hi! I’ll try to address some of your points.
    – I’m not sure what you are talking about here (I have a feeling most of these billboards are asking for charity) Not to say we aren’t busy with $ being that we have large families and being an orthodox jew is expensive, but I think if you would strike up some conversations with us $ wouldn’t dominate the talk.
    – This is a very complicated issue, where people are divided due to differing opinions of Rabbi’s- which causes heated discussions, but all Jews are brothers and sisters so we may argue but we love one another.
    – This really depends on the community. There are many different orthodox communities and the dress is extremely different. Also, what you call rags may be considered a respectable mode of dress by us.
    I am not a Rabbi- I’m sure many here will disagree. This is just my simple take.
    Enjoy your journey exploring religions.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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