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    I just read this op ed piece on Fox News.

    Under the three-state solution, Arab-Israelis residing within Israel would be welcome to join the official new State of Israel. The remaining enclaves of Palestinian towns and villages in Judea and Samaria would become part of either Egypt or Jordan, and the Egyptian and Jordanian borders would extend accordingly to these designated towns.

    Consequentially, many Israeli citizens now share my belief that Israel has the right to implement full sovereignty over the Jewish communities of the West Bank, which we commonly refer to as our historic homeland of Judea and Samaria.

    In the Knesset, I recently introduced the Annexation for Declaration Initiative, which calls for Israel to annex the areas of Judea and Samaria where Jewish communities reside. Numerous Knesset members from across the political spectrum have since declared their support for this plan.

    On the other hand, both Jordan and Egypt have expressed strong support and concern for Palestinians living in the West Bank. If they truly care so much, then they should readily agree to a three-state solution and incorporate the Palestinian towns located adjacent to their current borders.

    Palestinians already constitute more than half of Jordan’s population, and they actively participate in all aspects of the country. They hold positions in political office, prosper economically, and are socially adept.

    Egypt has also shown its support for the Palestinians, by playing a crucial role in supporting their government over the years. With its reopening of the Rafah border crossing to Gaza and continued public expression of support, Egypt has become increasingly pro-Palestinian. In fact, Palestinians living in Egypt have been granted residency with the right to work and travel. They also receive education subsidies, and enjoy the advantages of Egyptian citizens while maintaining their Palestinian identity.

    Given these facts, I do not think it is unreasonable to ask both Jordan and Egypt to play their part in bringing lasting security to the region by embracing the three-state solution, enabling the region to finally live in peace and prosper economically and socially.

    Danny Danon is the Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and Chairman of World Likud. For more on this topic, including a petition to sign calling for Israeli sovereignty over Jewish communities in Judaea and Samaria.





    I like the five state solution:

    State 1: The coast (Tel Aviv, Haifa, excluding Benei Brak). Teveria to Beit Sha’an.

    State 2: The Charaidi state: Benei Brak, Yerushalaim up to route 60, Ramat Bait Shemesh Corridor.

    State 3: Negev: Dimona, Eliat, Be’er Sheva, dead sea up to Ein Gedi, and the Desert up to Ma’ale Adumim.

    State 4: Gaza

    State 5: East Jerusalem (east of Route 1), Bethehem, Ramalla Corridor, up to Nazereth.

    The old city gets internationalized, with Har HaBais under Swiss protection (the “Clancy” plan) and Saudi political control.

    It gives everyone what they want. The Arabs get a “real state” with a real border. The Israelis get peace, rid of the Charaidim, and beaches. The settlers get the Negev. The Charadim get to apply strict Halacha wherever they go, and no one to tell them that they can’t do so.

    Of course, there are some minor issues, but nothing that can’t be worked out between the various parties.



    I thought this was going to be about NY, NJ, and CT


    gavra’s five-state idea has more chance than the three-state one.


    GAWs plan also reeks of disdain for frum jews. perhaps youd feel comfortable sharing your plan and what it implies with R Elyashiv?


    Three state solution as it will turn out:

    EY under post-Zionist surrender monkey leftist rule leads to ->

    Hamasistan 1 and 2 in Yehuda, Shomron and Aza leads to ->

    Mass exodus of Jews from EY and Russian non-Jews to the US.

    Sister Bear

    How about the one state solution…the link wouldn’t be approved but either on youtube or google check out Klavan’s One Sate Solution. I think it’s the smartest one yet.


    The Goq – The problem is e/o lives in their own little dream world. Read From Time Immemorial to learn the truth. It wasn’t the arabs who created the situation there is now, it was the British. The Trans-jordan was meant for the so-called Palestinians and the rest for the Jews. As a matter of fact, France was in control of Syria and Lebanon. So our good friends the French and British gave Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, respectively, to the arabs. So our European friends who love Jews so much gave the Arabs three states. Did this make them happy? No, of course not. The only solution the arabs want is the Final Solution that the Germans in WWII created. The more we delude ourselves that peace will be achieved by giving them more and more land -the more we are sacrificing lives of our brothers. They are only using the political process to gain as much as they can away from the Jews, which they weren’t able to get during all their wars! Once they whittle down as much as they can, they will try to get the rest with war. Israel should never concede a drop of land and they should totally control Gaza and the West Bank. So to the OP, there already is a 3 state solution, but that will never be enough for them. We must defend what we have until Moshiach comes!



    Rav Elyashiv would be the most likely to agree to the solution. I think you misunderstand (or never understood) the Charadi viewpoint on the state, Halacha, and Jews living there. (If I had to guess (which I am not), you are a Harry or BT?)

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