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    The following story was printed in the Hamodia some time ago and I found it fascinating.

    I think it happened in Lakewood but I am not sure;

    A frum couple were driving around and approached a corner where there was some slippery area. Meanwhile a non Jewish , elderly couple crossed the road whilst the car skidded onto the sidewalk, killing the elderly couple.

    The frum driver of this vehicle was devastated at what he accidently did and couldnt come to terms with the fact that he killed two people. For monthes he had counselling and therapy to relieve him of his guilt but to no avail.

    After some time, he wrote a letter to a famous Gadol Hador seeking his advice on how to overcome this guilt. In the letter, he described how the accident happened and how devastating his life now became.

    Weeks passed before he recieved a reply from this Rav. When he opened the envelope which was adressed to him personally he found one sheet of paper with ONLY the word ‘AMALEK,’. Confused and having no inkling as to what this might mean, he put that piece of paper ina drawer and hoped that being written by that Gadol himself , it would give him chizuk to go on.

    Monthes passed and he and his wife decided they want to move into another area and were looking to buy a house. They found something through a Real Estate agency and made an appointment to see it.

    As they arrived they noticed a beautiful home with a loveley garden.After seeing a few rooms, he asked the Real Estate agent what the story is with this house and why the owner wants to sell it. The agent replied, ‘the owners were two elderly people who died in a car accident a few monthes ago, so the house is now up for sale.’

    After asking a few more questions, the frum man realized that this was indeed the couple who had had accidently hit . A tingle ran down his spine and quickly excused himself as to why he would not be interested in buying the house. The agent insisted that he continue looking around anyway, in case he would know of someone else who was interested.

    When he was taken down to the basement, he noticed a room in he corner where the door was closed. ‘This was the man’s office’, stated the broker, ‘he did all his work there’

    ‘Can I take a look inside?’ asked the man. ‘SURE,’ she replied.

    As he opened the door, he took a look at the wall and noticed a big picture of this man taken about 60 years earlier, in a Nazi outfit, positioning his hand in the ‘Heil Hitler’ manner.

    Personally, I had doubts on this story because how would he have recognized him in his youth if he was hardly able to identify him in that split second that he ran him over, HOWEVER, since he was a given a sign by that Gadol with the word ‘AMALEK’, it made sense.

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