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    The Shulchan Orech instructs us to get up early during Elul for Selichos.
    The Mishna Berura discusses sleeping on Rosh Hashana, and says it’s primarily an issue in the morning, as the first 3 hours of the day is when the RBS’O judges the world.
    So why don’t most shuls start davening early Rosh HaShana morning, no different than the preceding Selichos days?
    After the days of selichos, on the day that the RBS’O judges us, what are we doing sleeping late??
    Why aren’t our minyanim starting at Alos? or at least at Misheyakir? Why aren’t we all aiming for Vosikin? What are we doing sleeping until 7:30, 8:00 minyan start times?

    yuda the maccabi

    I think most Sephardic minyanim daven vosikin on Rosh hashana when I was a kid I used to be embarrassed to tell my friends that we finished davening at 11:30 while everyone else was finishing at 2 or 3 pm


    Why are you sleeping late?

    The rest of us are up at alos preparing for davening with tehilm and/or learning.
    Feel free to do the same


    A nice start of the new year is to work on yourself and not worry about yinnem, and I am talking about myself as well.


    CS, we’re obligated to worry about yenem. Both materially AND spiritually.

    Reb Eliezer

    We daven at 8 a half hour earlier than shabbos. As a Yom Tov when we don’t fast, we sleep later than selichos. A minhag of Europe, I make kiddush before shofar. Maybe, as a fixed time is announced, it is a reminder.


    Most minyanim in my neighborhood start at 8:00 AM which is half hour to 45 minutes before a normalnyom tov start time. As ubequitin states get up early and open a tehillim. this is what i do and then walk for a half hour to daven with the minyan where i blow shofar.


    vamach lulom tzadikim………….. no matter what they wear and when they start to daven


    There are many people who may not come often during the year, but come on RH, YK. You don’t want to make it difficult for them by starting too early.

    This year, you may be good making an early minyan to avoid overcrowding, but in normal times you probably want to be together with the community

    Reb Eliezer

    CS. I don’t know what you mean. Maybe זה השער לה’ צדיקים יבואו בו if you want to know what to do, follow the tzadikim.


    Good sign….these were nicest few days (weather-wise) we have seen for outdoor minyanim in the past several months.


    I davened at a beautiful netz minyan this RH
    It solves the problem you addressed and other issues
    It certainly made me feel that I was zrizam makdimum l’mitzvos
    But I will grant the point that starting at 5:30 am isn’t easy. And I have no intention of joining the minyan on yom kippur, the day is long enough.


    @Reb E, I know exactly what I mean, the first perek in Perkay avos, during theses days lets not worry about what the other guy is wearing or when he starts to daven lets work ourself.
    unrelated I want to wish the CR of the CR ah yit gerbentched yur


    We started at 9am at my outdoor minyan that is still going strong after 18 months. That is a half hour earlier than my regular Shabbos start time. I was in the mikvah before 7am and then said all the piyutim in my Belzer Machzor. I had time for a coffee and something to eat. Said Shema before the first Man. @Gadol, the first day was almost nice but the second day was quite humid. Hoping for a less humid day next Thursday.

    Reb Eliezer

    CS, you know what you mean, but I don’t know what you mean. Write it in hebrew. I wish you also and the CR participants a gut gebenshte yohr.

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