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    I find that oftentimes it isn’t how much you tip but rather how it is done that is most meaningful. I make an effort to give a genuine smile and express my appreciation and wish them a good day/night and they seem to value that more than the .50 or $1 or whatever that the tip constituted of.


    not to tip is optional

    to ask for a tip you are a CAZIR


    lets say I earn $15 an hour

    do I need to tip my grocery delivery boy 1$

    that means I have to work 4 minutes for him NO WAY NO WAY



    I think it depends how often you get deliveries, if its the same guy every time and also on how much you make. If its the same guy every time and you get deliveries often you should at least occasionally tip him a $1 regardless of what you make.


    Give him a couple thousand dollar tip so he will go sit and learn torah like a good yidishe boy should be…

    If not Jewish, of course not!

    He is being paid to do his job, give them a little and they will take the lot…

    History shows that when you give a man a little he takes the lot!

    To settle you own conscience supply a hot drink if he wants.


    To WIY: Tips are part of a deliveryman’s/woman’s compensation. He/she cannot put food on his/her own table with your smile. Courtesy, i.e., chesed, is a separate mitzvah, but it is not a substitute for your obligation to pay for service.


    nfgo: Tipping is *not* an “obligation”.


    To KovodHabriyos: “Free delivery” means the merchant does not charge a delivery fee, so nothing is owed to the store that arranges for the delivery or sells the goods. That does not settle the question of whether a Jew is obligated to pay the individual who actually provides the service of delivering the merchant’s goods. I would like to hear from a genuine, qualified rabbi on whether or not one can decline to pay a deliveryman/woman for his/her service. I think prevailing practices and expectations in a community would be important guidance in answering this question.


    1) The store pays the delivery boy an hourly wage for his services. You’re saying it isn’t enough does not create an obligation on any other party than the merchant.

    2) The consumer has no contractual or other relationship with the delivery boy. His financial and business relationship is only to the merchant.

    YW Moderator-42

    If tips these days are mandatory, it is still false advertisement to say FREE delivery.

    No, that is not false advertisement. It is free altz the store. It is common knowledge that “delivery” means you should include a tip whether it is called free or not.

    Unfortunately, this “common knowledge” is not so common among the few stereotypical cheap, “frum” Jews who seem to frequent this site under many screen names.

    It is common knowledge among ehriche yidden who understand concepts such as derech eretz and hakaras hatov and that other people are people too, whether they are Jewish or not.


    I’m no gemorah scholar but I happen to know there is one that states that if you are travelingto yerushayim for the shelosh regalim, and you are put up in a local residence for the chag, when you leave, you should give the head of the house animal hides as a token of your appreciation.

    I know this because when I used to work in a Jewish establishment, this was hanging up on the wall where the workers could see, and quote, to show that it is the right thing to do and very much a jewish concept to tip.

    At the end of the day regardless of what you are already spending, or how much you make, you ordered in for a reason, and that’s because you either could not or did not want to go outside and pick it up yourself, so there is a person performing a service on your behalf, the least you can do is spare a dollar or two , no one’s asking you to pay his salary.

    It also seems that in life, if you are not generous to others, who will be for you? Its really just a few dollars, probably the same as your morning/afternoon coffee, yet for someone else its a chunk of their earnings, I think its time for a little perspective.


    you always have to tip at least 2 dollars. This way you will get good service.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    tipping is not mandatory. menchlechkeit is.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Sometimes tipping is mandatory. Either way, good line.



    Good advice, however this does not mean that it is mandatory.

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