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    We’re going to Eretz Yisrael IY”H, and wanted some tips on flying with a baby! (6 months old by then)thanks!


    Try to get the bulkhead with the bassinet. Don’t feed the baby till you sit down on the plane so you start soothing her and make her comfortable. Make sure you leave half to give her for take off and landing when the ears get plugged. Bring new interesting toys to keep her occupied. Bring comfortable stretchies not fussy cute clothing. Bring favorite blanket and soft cuddly items. Get a good night sleep so YOU won’t be cranky.


    Don’t be intimidated by the other passengers and don’t feel like you are intruding.

    You have every right to bring your baby on board, and to let him cry if that is what you think is best for baby or you. If anyone gives you nasty looks, flip a dirty diaper their way.


    1- Bassinet, Yeharog V’Al Yaavor. Threaten to sue. Request beforehand. Confirm beforehand. Confirm at the desk. Confirm at the gate.

    2- Night flight! Direct flight! If you have a stopover, make sure they will give your stroller during the stopover. If it’s a big stroller (baby jogger, etc.) they probably won’t(because they will have put in the hold). Fly w/an umbrella stroller if you can. If not, get a baby carrier, which is a life saver anyways when you are pushing luggage.

    3- Bring ten million diapers & baby supplies. You can easily be delayed – try 24 hours! – , and no one will tell baby. Bring disinfectant, because those plane changing tables are nasty, or a diaper matt.

    4- Bring formula (powder packets are easiest, but they should let you bring formula/milk past security), even if you nurse. Baby gets hungry when they are waiting for the go ahead to fly, and you’re not allowed to get up – or at least bring a blanket (hard to do it right) – or even off the plane, when it’s not practical to nurse in public. Often the tense flying experience will make a bottle necessary, anyway (many times). And they will heat up bottles (seal for kasherus, the bottle itself – the top – isn’t enough because it’s open, make sure they heat it up w/the cover- PS – ELAL is treif).

    5- Find the nearest seminary girl. Make friends. Give her your baby. Go to sleep.

    6- Babies often has a rough time during takeoff & landing – their ears are sensitive. Be ready to comfort them – ask the flight attendants for eitzahs beforehand (wet towels, etc.).

    7- Ask when preboarding (for kids) is. Often, if you don’t ask, there won’t be any preboarding. Elal isn’t so interesting in kids. They smell.

    8- Elal has a great jewish music channel & frum movie channel. Great way to distract baby (or yourself).

    Been there, done that, many times bli ayin hara. Enjoy!


    Go to the airport EARLY to insure you get a basinet. Just because you have it reserved on your ticket it doesnt mean that you are going to get one. They usually do first come first serve.

    A baby at that age usually sleeps a good portion of the flight if he/she is comfortable.

    Also, note that bulk head seats are usually cooler than the rest of the plane, bring a hat and a good blanket.

    Be Happy

    Make sure baby sucks during take of and landing to keep babys ears clear. I found the earphones helpful. you can turn them on low to a music station. Hatzlocho


    whatever it is to fly with a baby is better to stay home.




    Moq, I also traveled a number of times with babies. I love your suggestions, you osund like a frequent flyer. The best was about the bassinet and making friends with a seminary girl.


    these tips are great! please keep them coming! I will have to make a list of these to take with me on the plane lol btw love the seminary girl one, its so true. and thanks for the tips about diapers and food- didn’t think about being delayed!


    Whenever I fly with my babies, I nurse the entire takeoff and landing. Once on a shorter flight, I nursed the entire trip (it was a 2 hour flight).


    if you nurse buy that nursing bib its really ugly but i didnt have one and the person near me did and it made a world of a dif,


    I have three suggestions:




    It’s what will make or break your flight! I just flew with my 8 month old without a bassinet, and… you don’t want to know!! No fun! Last time I had one and the flight was a dream!!


    Go to seatguru to find the ideal seat.

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