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    It was amazing to having all these programs BUT why do several of them have music on it? I just turned them off, even the a capella. Can someone explain why it’s OK to have orchestral music on Tisha B’Av?

    Sam Klein

    It’s not for enjoyment it’s just for background noise as a person reads the screen between speakers


    But does it need to be in the film?

    anonymous Jew

    Music is used by filmmakers to set the mood. My rav told me that when listening to an all news radio station during my availus, hearing a commercial with background music was not a problem since the intent of the music was not to entertain


    Anonymous Jew, it’s really not the same thing.
    The radio show you’re referring to is presumably not marketed specifically for people in availus. It’s geared to a varied audience, and everyone needs to make their own decision as to wether or not it’s suitable for them.
    The shows Moshe from Midwood are discussing are different. They are produced with the specific intention that they should be viewed on Tisha B’av. Any type of music seems inappropriate in that setting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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