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    Im quite involved in Shidduchim and I havent heard of a single Shidduch that came about through Nasi or a single Shadchan involved with Nasi. Also, all parents of older girls I know, wouldnt put a cent in escrow. They resent the idea. I dont think theyre hiding anything. Theyre passionately upset with the Nasi idea.


    All your friends are white people and you don’t know anyone from Tanzania.

    So black people and Tanzania doesn’t really exist.


    farrocks, how about we ask among the blacks in Tanzania about the success of Nasi? Unfortunately, I only deal with Jewish singles of all backgrounds, shades and colors throughout the entire USA.


    I know there’s mixed feelings about putting money into escrow for the NASI project; it’s a very emotional topic. But I also know that a lot of girls in their high twenties and thirties who are participating in NASI are getting many more dates, and the girls and their parents have more people to help them.


    #2, great answer. #1, have you tried contacting Nasi to become a Shadchan? You will see they actually exist and they are doing a wonderful job. My wife is a shadchan for them. And they have other programs/initiatives besides for the $12K shadchanus, or whatever the amount is. Call and see for yourself.


    Most people I have spoken with who are in the parsha are offended by NASI.

    To me, who granted is not in the parsha, NASI sounds like an offensive program which lacks moral compass. It most resembles, to me, the black-market for organs. Of course had I needed a kidney, chas visholum, I would be glad a black market exists but nonetheless those who do it are vile and cursed people.


    Lo rainu, aino raya.


    Maybe they are taking credit for the death of Ahmad Jabari?






    Lo rainu, aino raya.

    Mi kain ra’ah?


    @WIY – Thank you πŸ™‚



    I don’t think you’re talking about the same project as the ad.


    DY, Im not aware that there is more than one Nasi Project related to Shidduchim. Have you heard of more than one? Possibly theres another Nasi Project in Tanzania I havent yet heard about.



    Instead of remaining ignorant and degrading a legitimate organization (essentially calling them liars), why don’t you contact them, and find out which project they are referring to. Then you can post your apology.


    MSS, I am not trying to prove or disprove anything, there is no burden of proof on me. I was saying, just because you have not seen shidduchim, is no proof their claim is untrue. If you feel the program owes it to you to prove their claim, ask them for the proof. Its a lot nicer than basicly calling them a bunch of liars as you opening remarks imply.


    Mah Hashaichus between

    “I havent heard of a single Shidduch that came about through Nasi or a single Shadchan involved with Nasi”


    degrading a legitimate organization (essentially calling them liars)


    If I have to apologize for anything its my lack of understanding how my above statement deserves the accusation. Perhaps an apology ought to come from elsewhere.


    Given the choice for the name of this thread is yours and that your comments follow that claim and your insistence that lo rainu aino raya is inappropriate, it leaves me with no choice but to believe you are leveling an accusation.

    What would you like NASI to do, create a website with information on all shidduchim made, including the chassan, kallah, shadchan and monies paid to please skeptice like you?



    What would you like NASI to do, create a website with information on all shidduchim made, including the chassan, kallah, shadchan and monies paid to please skeptice like you?

    No, not to please skeptics. To encourage others to do the same.

    1-When considering investing large sums of money, those looking to encourage investors usually find ways to give enough information without giving too much information. There can be a middle road.

    2-Anyhow, its SO embarassing to already engaged singles to divulge that their Shidduch came about through Nasi? If yes, please tell me why???? I thought mention of Shadchanim and how the Shidduch came about was the norm!


    “…To date there have been 72 Shidduchim…”

    Were all but two of them an islamic suicide bomber terrorist?



    There’s no way around it, you were calling them liars.

    Did you call or email them yet to ask which program they are referring to?



    Why do you assume that jihadists prefer out of town girls?


    OK, obviously Ive ruffled feathers here, and I dont want that on my conscience (believe it or not, I have a conscience).

    To all those who were hurt in any way by this post, I apologize and hope you accept my apology.

    Ill run along now and continue putting in effort, as I do day and night, as I have done day and night for many years, for older and younger girls and guys, for whatever I get, sometimes money, sometimes Brachos. Please wish me Hatzlacha. It will mean a lot to me, even though were all anonymous.



    hope this satisfies you.

    1. There are programs running in the following communities. Montreal, Toronto, Lakewood, Far Rockaway/Lawrence, Baltimore, Monsey, Kew Gardens. These are the 100/400 programs. These were what were referenced in the ads this week and last. These programs started first in Montreal well over two years ago. They have been spreading to other communities.

    The numbers in the ad are not correct. After all they are from two weeks ago. As of this post there are 75 engagements via those programs. The young women are not “enrolled” they are community based and cover all the young women from a participating community, and probably have no idea that NASI was involved

    2. The program that you seem to be hung up on is a minor part of the orgs efforts. 98% of what they have done is on the macro level. That specific program is the only program that actually empowers young women to give themselves a opportunity to try to get extra shadchan attention. That opportunity comes at zero cost with a money back guarantee. If they choose to leave after the join, they may do so and every penny in return, if they get engaged not via a participating shadchan, they receive every penny in return.

    That program has generated over 100 different dates. 9 of the participants have gotten engaged. Not a single one via a participating shadchan and thus each of the engaged young women have received in return every penny they put in deposit-as per the contract. There have been a few participant who have joined and then decided that the program wasn’t generating them extra attention and choose to withdraw, and they too received every penny in return as per the contract.

    If you have more questions-feel free to contact the organization directly.

    I think we all can agree that this isn’t the forum for more details.


    MSS laid the bait, and AZ responded. So (s)he did contact them directly!!


    Popa – that was my joke! πŸ™‚







    Mazal Tov


    and hopefully this will suffice for updates in this forum.


    So here is a brilliant solution:- Just invest approximately $18 per month for membership onto JWed {Formerly Frumster} and when you get married thru them, as have over 1000 other couples, you won’t owe any Shadchonus nor escrow fees to anyone, and are far likelier to end up married & in a good marriage.


    When NASI started in 2008, they promised, I believe $1000 for shadchanim, when the kallah_age-chossson_age was greater than -1.

    For those in Rio Linda that means the kallah is older than the chosson or less than a year younger. They stopped this according to their statement that people were using the NASI money as payment to the shadchanim. What most people don’t know, is that that they didn’t pay alot of shadchanim that made qualifying shiduchim either. Knowing that NASI is run my spin moguls, it wouldn’t surprise me if the number 72 counts the shiduchim they paid for and the ones they didn’t.



    Of course, hatzlocha in everything.

    Eman, I believe you’re making the same mistake MSS made, confusing NASI’s different programs with each other.


    DaasYochid I am not confusing the programs with each other, I’m rebutting their claim of the number by implying that the other programs might be counted towards their numbers. Most spin jobs do that and NASI strikes me as a big spin job with AZ as their spinmaster.


    Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov…it’s now 78. Uh, correction , it’s another Mazal Tov; that’s 79. If this keeps up, AZ will be out of a job.


    Typical of the do nothings to have only negative to say about those who do something. Disagree with the program and its methods, shut up and start your own program. I admit it is easier to sit on your keester and snipe anonymously from behind your keyboard, if you want to be taken seriously though, act like a rational adult instead of accusing people of lying.


    DY- Whiteberr- thanks

    eman- False. They actually gave out over 130k for that original program. The community based program has nothing to do with that original program. The community programs started around 18 months after that first program closed down. Closed down for two reasons. a. funding was running low. b. Parents of the singles abused the progam.

    In the community program neither of those concerns exist.


    A. The communities are responsible for the funding

    B. The parents never know if NASI paid 100/400 for a specific shidduch.

    cherrybim- HALEVAI


    AZ – If you claim you paid all the monies owed from the original program, then either you are a shakran or some very choshuve people are shakranim. I’ll place my bet on you.


    “If you claim the program paid all the monies owed from the original program,”

    Did i make such a claim??

    i think in this very forum i wrote that there are many claims that are still outstanding. That program is and was subject to funds availability (and it’s the reason why all the new programs are funded by the communities. I assume you don’t expect the program to steal money that was given and earmarked on behalf of a specific community program in order to payback for that original program.) If/when funds are available they will continue to pay back from that original program.

    Did i write anything different???

    What i wrote was that over 130k was given out in that program. Feel free to contact the project to verify that information.

    Suggestion #1 eman: before you level accusations, make sure you have your info correct.

    Suggestion #2 eman: Since you obviously care so deeply about those shadchanim who haven’t received payment for that program, perhaps you would like to fundraise the money to cover the rest of those shidduchim. I’m sure the program would be happy to take you up on your offer, and they will gladly pay out to those shadchanim (since they still have all the information on file).

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