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    Hi there!

    It’s that time of year again… Girls worldwide spend their days checking the mailbox fifty times a day, to no avail. Being rejected from the school of your choice is a really obvious hint from Hashem that either

    1) you’re doing great and are strong enough to get through a test as huge as this one, or

    2) you’re on the wrong path and this is Hashem’s loving way of getting you to switch paths.

    Exactly a year ago, I received three rejection letters. And oh my did it hurt! But those rejections ultimately led me on the path to self discovery.

    My message to you is- smile, thank Hashem for all the good in your life, and remember that life always goes on. Swing with the punches and smile as you’re doing it. I am davening for your success every day.

    !!!!SMILE CUZ ITS ADAR!!!!

    Shopping613 🌠


    When I heard I was moving to Israel it hurt, it hurt so much.

    But without that hurt I would be a completely different person!!!! HaShem is pushing you to the path Y-O-U need, not your cousin/friend/sister/ needs, what YOU NEED!!!!!!

    Best tip in the W-O-R-L-D:

    Don’t daven to get in to a certain seminary/high school. I KNOW it is SOOOOO tempting to. BUT, who knows best?


    At some point I just started davening like this:

    “Hashem, I REALLLY WANT __________ B-U-T, if not getting that is what’s best for me, or to make the future me I need something else, that is what I truly want. So please, give me what I need, you know what’s best, not me”

    I know it’s hard…but you will realize davening like that feels so good, and afterwords alot of times you can see what HaShem chose was best!!!!!



    2) you’re on the wrong path and this is Hashem’s loving way of getting you to switch paths.

    Since going to Sem is almost always the wrong path by definition, consider yourself lucky.



    Every time one door closes, another opens. But if you spend your life looking at the closed doors, you’ll never find the opened doors.


    my whole life I wanted to go to a certain seminary(It was the type sem that wasn’t so hard to get into) I davened had pep call up and try to apply pull I got though the grapevine that they were gonna take me(more precisely they told my mom that I was in) so I decided just to apply there. then I decided (after sem answers were due) that I really sholdnt only apply to 1 place which was very bashert so I applied s/w else just as backup. so when letters came I wasn’t even nervous my letter never came so I had my mom call up & they told her there very sorry but they decided I just wasn’t for them acedmicaly. that same day w/ so much hascha I got a letter from the other sem im accepted eventhough I didn’t want to go there in the beg I keep seeing how its so bashert that I ended up applying 2 two last sec & I hopefully ill end up njoying my 2nd choice

    The little I know

    I consider myself a maamin in hashgocho, so I don’t think my comment reflects any lacking in that.

    What puzzles me most is the selectivity of seminaries and the basis on which they reject applicants. I believe that much of this process is unrelated to helping girls maximize their potential, and is far more geared to having a class of girls that are easier for the hanhala to manage. It is, to a painful degree, based on the image and reputation of the seminary, and, of course, on the money that will arrive in a timely fashion. How badly is the seminary education needed altogether? Does it prepare young women to be better homemakers, or to become earners (to support the “kollel” lifestyle) at a level beyond teaching in girls schools?

    Aside from pushing our young girls into a matzav of competitiveness and the risk of rejection and disappointments, what else is the mission of the seminaries?


    Thanks for the chizuk, TAOM. I’m smiling and I hope to for two do so for two months straight. ^_^

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