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    Shopping613 🌠

    Are you out there?
    Thank you for helping me survive my teenage years on here. I’ve been looking through our old DMC threads. I an’t beleive we just have such personal conversations on a huge public forum?! lol.
    I suppose it was better than having no one to talk to at the time..


    I’m such a lurker on here these days…was surprised to see my name.


    First of all, you’re welcome. Thinking back, I don’t remember “helping you survive”, but I definitely remember the good times and interesting, thought provoking conversations we’ve had.
    And yes, we were young and dumb back then, oh so confident behind our anonymity. I’ve since gone back and requested of the mods to removed some of my more revealing posts. So far, aside from my husband, no-one has approached me and asked if I’m streekgeek.

    Boy am I glad I’m past my teen years. Everything was just so intense back then (as if I’m that old lol).

    Glad you feel I was some sort of help. We can still be friends y’know 😉


    And I occasionally think of the others too. I wonder where they’re holding, and daven that things are going well for them.
    TAOM, OURTorah, feel free to come and tell us how you’re doing.
    WIY too.


    You guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi.
    I agree- we all way overshared in our younger years on this site… But it’s fun (okay, and REALLY cringe worthy) to read those old threads. And the random bored people who stumble upon our action filled threads will have lots of entertainment, and will hopefully appreciate their ordinary problems a little more. LOL the older, wiser members of the CR must have found us to be so entertainingly foolish at times… But we WERE sincere. Ah dunno, I’m just rambling here.
    I agree with you, streekgeek. “Intense” is a great word to describe what we were like back then. It was painful to be that way, and I’m glad we’ve all mellowed out somewhat.
    OURTorah and WIY- please chime in! Also Syag Lachochma. And Kapusta, and fkelly.
    I remember reading all of the people mentioned in this post’s posts (wow that is one confusing sentence!) and being so in awe of their wisdom and kindness. Thank you for the time you spent reading my hysterical posts, and responding to them. And for caring. You are all very special people that I am so lucky to have had in my life at that point.
    Also thank you to the mods for editing my posts when necessary. I was a foolish young person, and you saved me from outing my true identity without meaning to, more than once. Specifically thank you Mod 127 for advising me to go for therapy, and explaining that my private life should remain just that.
    And to Mod 29. You know why 😉

    Shopping613 🌠

    Wow I was not expecting such a response! You guys!!!!!!

    , it’s wonderful to hear you are married. But we went through that…I hope I still have your email from when you tracked me down IRL….(If I don’t, you know where to find mine, please email me!) I beleive we did help each other surive, I found some old threads and was shocked to see how close we all really were.

    , OMG I’m so happy you actually responded!!! I wish there was a way I could contact you off site, I remember so much from back then, I want to hear about how you are doing today!!! It sounds like things are a lot better, I wish I got a more detailed response but that’s how this site is.

    Yeah 29 and 127 have given me a lot of advice too….

    Back on my track of life, I was in sem this past year and it was really good for me. Idk what’s next for me, but I’m making a lot of decisions and taking responsibility for everything now. I’m an adult…yeah, it’s not easy.


    from when you tracked me down IRL
    What a way to make me sound creepy! I don’t try to track people down on here. I like keeping my CR friends just where they belong, behind the screen. I didn’t track you down, just happened to come across a way to contact you.

    – nice to hear your ‘voice’! Haven’t seen you around these parts in a while. Yes, we were sincere. I’ve been going back and reading some old posts over the last couple of hours. Some posts were so raw and full of emotion. I feel like I’ve lost that side of me somewhat.

    Well, I’m glad it seems like we are all in a better place now!

    Cheers to the CR and the mods for allowing all that to go on back then!


    Hey shopping!!!!

    I am so glad you reached out! It’s nice to know how your actions help others and you can never truly know the difference you made unless That person tells you!!

    How was sem!? What are your plans for the future- do you plan on working, going to get a degree etc.

    My best advice to you as your bringing yourself back down from the spiritual high of sem- stay strong in your love for Hashem and Torah, learn to stay humble and remember to love and respect everyone around you no matter their hashkafa, age or gender and don’t let the pressures of society and the Jewish community push you down- your bashers is out there and you will slowly find your path!

    Super proud of you and can’t wait to hear more about your life!!!!

    Also taom and streek- how’s it going old friends!!!


    Also easy and meaningful rest of your fast!!!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Sem was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not sure yet about the future, living in Israel it’s very possible to get by without a degree, but I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet.

    Baruch Hashem I am busy, I’m not online so often since I still don’t have a computer so everytime I come here, sign in, post, sign out, delete history, etc.

    How is life by you?



    Glad to hear that!!! Yea sem was an incredible experience for me as well. It opened my eyes to so many things.
    So how am I. I guess without giving away too much info- in married BH:) he’s a wonderful guy! I finished university and will be working in an amazing field.
    To say that life after sem was easy! No it was actually quite eye opening. I had envisioned life to go very differently. I became more right wing in ask however I was quite rejected from that community when I came home. It took me a few years to come to that realization because I kept telling myself that these are the frummest ppl out there they r just being tznious that’s why no one talks to me or I’m disculuded. But I realized the issues were much deeper. Unfortunately u don’t live in a huge community so now I find myself distanced from that community. I am in a happy medium I guess you could say yu right wing. I’m still equally as frum but I care way less about fitting in on the outside (my hubby doesn’t wear s black hat, I stopped wearing stockings etc.) While still in the bounds of tznious. I guess I had such a sad negative experience of a lack of achdus and seeing how they viewed who I once was (modern) really turned me off. I questioned how I wanted to raise my kids, because the truth is I don’t want then to be too modern but I don’t want them to be so focused on wearing s black hat that they do all these non frum things behind closed doors. I didn’t think it was fair to raise my family in a community that made me question Judaism and loving other Jews. Because maybe my parents are NO but they taught me that loving other Jews isn’t really a choice, it should be automatically engrained. And the hatred and superiority u encounterd was too much to handle that I almost went completely off.

    To end off this I just wanna tell you that in the coming years, I hope you solidify and truly find yourself. And don’t be afraid to talk to others about your feelings. Find a mentor that was huge for me.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Looking back at old threads.
    I wish I had another way to reach all of you to let you know I am engaged; I have survived! And I’m doing awesome!

    Mods – is there any way you could e-mail them to check out the CR? 🙂

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