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    when going out in public,please do a quick check to make sure us “shorties” who stand next to (or under) you on the train, in the subway, on the street, waiting on line in Starbucks, or other public places are not going to pass out from lack of breathable air. it would be greatly appreciated if we did not have to hold our breathes each time we walked near you or you walked past us. please take a few moments each morning to show some concern for your fellow (wo)men.

    Thank you

    (and if you don’t get what i mean, here’s a translation: GUYS (and gals) if you know you sometimes sweat, PLEASE i’m begging you, wear some deodorant. its very offensive to sit next to someone who went au naturale for the day)




    shorty is a term for woman

    golden mom

    i always wondered about that if i smell u dont they pp who live with also???


    PBA, its not motzei shabbos yet….


    ya thats what i meant. not a pleasant experience to know you only reach some ppl’s underarms and to see a wet stain. (shuddering at the memory)

    minyan gal

    pba, shorty IS a name for a woman if you are like me – 5’0″.

    Queen Bee

    *raises hand* I’m 5’1/2″!


    addendum: if you are blocking the buttons to the elevator, please be courteous to the opposite gender and press the button so they do not need to play “twister” to call the elevator. Thank you for your concern. Sincerely, Me (the single girl who was trying to leave the floor earlier this afternoon)


    Tab; that’s why in addition to my application of my imported deodorant normally, I also spray some in my pockets,

    having in mind all the little peeps.

    just so u know Tab;

    I have to sacrifice my safety though, and I hope you appreciate it.

    When I have to pass dogs on the street, Especially Pit-bulls,

    Rottweilers, and Dobermans i have to recite “as I walk through the valley”…

    Also, sorry about the other week on the subway when I put my coke

    down on that armrest…. imagine my surprise when it said “EXCUSE ME!” That was so embarrassing!

    Especially since I had stuck my gum there, minutes before.


    BH, LOL. thanx for the smile

    s/t’s i feel like i’m the only one this happens to. oh well…..


    you are not the only one. keep them coming you are making me laugh!


    And for all those shorties out there; please consider wearing a bell, so us 6″5+ folks don’t step on you by accident


    adorable, you talking to me or BH?


    bpt- you are NOT that tall I promise. I mean both of you


    sorry adorable. today was opposite gender problem free so no addendums.


    you having issues with the opposite gender?


    when they dont wear deodorant or are inconsiderate, it bothers me. so i guess you can call it “issues”. ok fine i have issues with guys. esp the chatty married ones. but thats a whole ‘nother topic


    i have issues with those too. they seem so not settled and happy with themselves to me.


    The chatty unmarried ones aren’t any better.


    that is also true. B”H in my school the single “men” don’t seem to be the chatty type. the most chatty that i have seen so far is the one i am peer-adviser for. and even thats not chatty. he just says good morning/how are you. but i think its more politeness than friendliness. (note: he initiates the good morning)


    Does the one you are peer advising use deodorant?


    the married ones make me sick. they are so not normal.


    tums, GROAN. there is a single guy in my school (my year) who does not. i dont get why his sisters dont tell him its gross.

    adorable, this guy is extremely not normal.


    They’re normal. Otherwise they’d be marching in the pride parade. But they’re bad.


    sorry. wasnt clear. was talking abt 2 dif guys. single guy sans deodorant and not normal chatty married guy. the single guy B”H does not talk to girls besides for q’s to clarify classes. and the married guy is no longer in the school so its no longer an issue on my part

    minyan gal

    I once had an appointment with a supposedly great doctor. It took months to get the referral appointment. When I finally got to see him, it was a warm summer day. His office was about 6′ x 6′ – almost claustrophobic in size. Imagine my surprise to find out that this “great” healer eschewed (I have always wanted to use this word) not only deodorant, but basic personal hygiene. His shirt was a dingy whitish-grey shade and even his tie was stained. I couldn’t tell you anything about the appointment because it was impossible to concentrate – I just wanted to get out of there, the sooner the better because his “aroma” filled the entire room. I never returned for a follow up.


    omg how did others deal with him? im laughing just from hearing the story


    adore; tab; your welcome, it’s the least I can do after the gum incident. Did you try peanut butter? I hear it gets gum out of hair.

    Tastes good too! Sorry about the chatty fellows.

    I wud never instigate a chat with a girl aside for “Greetings!”

    “How art thou?” It works great cuz they usually stay away from me after that. When i am approached, I try 2b a mentsch,

    unless I feel they are flirty and non genuine, then I just answer their question curtly and get going.

    This is my policy w/ frum girls.

    When it comes to non jewish or non religious girls,

    i am always careful to come across as kind, intelligent, informative. I believe every interaction that I have is for the purpose of being Mekarev the individual to yiddishkeit, or making a Kiddush Hsm. I try not to take these things lightly.

    I am not suggesting any approach, merely promoting awareness of

    the opportunities and responsibity we have to act in a way that

    our behavior has a positive impact upon whom we come in contact with.

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