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    How old do you think is too old to be a counslor at a camp?

    end of teens?

    early 20’s?

    mid 20’s?

    ha ha ha ha

    your just the right age simchas go along and have fun!! 🙂


    OK, here is a question for you. How old do YOU think is too old? How long have you been a counselor? Do you enjoy it? Are you good at it? Do you get paid well? Will you wind up being a camp director? Do you have something better to do? Is someone on your case? Why are you asking?


    Why is any age too old? I’m in my 40s, but I wouldn’t mind being a camp counselor but for the fact that the opportunity cost is too high.

    The Wolf


    when you’re too old to stay up all night, run around, play machanayim… that’s probably a good indication that you should find another summer job :0)


    When you try joining a conversation and everyone gets queit and start looking over their shulders thats a sure sign that you are no longer one of them…


    I think the OPs question is, if a boy is say, 25 and still not in a meaningful job (or married) is there a concern that he should not be among young campers?

    I’d say, yeah.

    (No idea about girls camps, so no comment about that.)


    BPT, thats a question the camp directors need to ask. (hopefuly not just take are opinion here in the CR).


    Specifically why is there a concern bpt?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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