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    What do you consider to be the 10 est chazzunes songs. Please write the song name and singer of the original (or if you think some later chazzan did it better write that name or both). Thanks.


    In no particular order,

    Rabi Yishmael Omer (Rosenblatt)

    Yahrtzeit (Rosenblatt) tiny edit

    Tiher (Kvartin)

    Kel Malei Rachamim (Moshe Koussevitzky)

    The word “Ravrivayah” in Zaroh (Rosenblatt)


    Too many to count but kwartin’s tiher rab yishmoel is at the top. So is anything from yossele rosenblatt like tal, rachem no and others. Elu devorim with hershman and moshe kouusevetsky too.


    My son could answer this better than I. I only know the names of the chazzanim whom I admire. Anything by Yosseleh Rosenblatt, Moshe Koussevitsky (his Kel Malei IS beautiful), Helfgott (but he has to reach for the notes, Koussevitsky did this seemingly effortlessly),Kwartin, and some other deceased friends of my father’s who all belonged to the Chazzanim Fahrband. When they got together to sing, it must have been l’havdil like the malachim. Jan Peerce in addition to his operatic career also did some chazzanus, not sure if many are aware of this.


    oomis – Not to be motzi la’az, but you can’t put Helfgot in the same sentence. As Yossele. (See what I did there?) At best, he is a chazunishe singer.

    Also, I wouldn’t say that Kossevitsky reached his notes effortlessly. Watch videos of him singing and you’ll see that his face turns beet red. In contrast, Yossele barely moved when he sang.


    I second Tiher R’ Yishmael from Kvartin.

    I also like Sheyiboneh Beis Hamikdash from Koussevitsky.

    My grandfather was a chazzan, and once recorded some of the parts of the Yomim Noraim davening. His Unesaneh Tokef was amazing! Never mind the tune, but the emotion he had was unreal!

    I don’t know if it would be considered a “chazzanus” piece, but I’ve always like the Modzitz Mechalkel Chaim, sung by Ben Zion Shenker. I also like his Uvashofer Gadol.


    LAB, you are correct. I was not implying that Helfgott is in the same league, only mentioning chazzanim whose work I enjoy. Yossele Rosenblatt is my favorite, and I have discovered that the main reason for that is that my father O”H greatly admired his nusach and was always strongly influenced by him. The first time I heard a record by YR, I thought it WAS my father singing. Their voices were very close, with Yossele’s being ever so slightly higher-pitched.

    As to Moshe Koussevitsky – I have to disagree with you. Perhaps this was when he was a little older and not so well, and even then he could knock it out of the park. In his prime, he was in one sense like Pavarotti (not comparing the two), effortlessly reaching notes and trills that others could only achieve with great effort, if at all.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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