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    The Alter

    1. In a Vinkele/ Tatte
    2. Meheirah by Shwekey
    3. Crack of dawn by MBD
    4. Just One Shabbos
    5. Rachem by Shwekey
    6. Pesach Libi by Miami Boys
    7. Tatty My King #controversial
    8. Cry No More
    9. Whole Joey Newcomb Album
    10. Kol Beramah by Simcha Leiner
    Very interested to see other opinions


    Here’s a few you’re missing (in no particular order)

    • Acheinu by D’veykus
    • Yerushalayim Oro Shel Oilom by Avrohom Fried
    • Moshiach by MBD
    • Mama Rochel by Journeys ft. Yakov Shwekey
    • BiSiyata DiShmaya by Miami Boys Choir
    • A Little Bird is Flying by Tzlil V’zemer Boys Choir
    • Yedid Nefesh by Aish
    • Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh by someone (I have a tape with Amudei Shais singing, but I’ve heard it’s not theirs originally)
    • Cholent by Country Yossie and the Shtiebel Hoppers
    • Ivri Anochi by Benny Friedman

    IN a Vinkele was originally on Dveykus II, Mid 1970s
    A Little Bird is calling has other versions that go back at least to the 1960s.
    Bilvavi was composed by R SHmuel Brazil shlita. Also goes back to early 1970s.


    They OP’s list is biased in favor of relatively more recent releases.


    Your missing
    Aleh katan by avraham fried


    Father dont cry avraham fried

    Yechi Hamelech

    1. V’yeidu – by Chassidim
    2. Yelchu Mchayil – by Chassidim
    3. Odcha Hashem – by Chassidim
    4. Ohev Hashem – by Chassidim
    5. Shir Mizmor – by Chassidim
    6. Korati Bris – by Chassidim
    7. Shuva Hashem – by Chassidim
    8. Orech Yomim – by Chassidim
    9. Mizmor Shir – by Chassidim
    10. Hallelu – by Chassidim

    Burnt Steak

    Yehai Shloma – The Chevra
    Gad Elbaz – Hashem Melech (the version with Nissim Black actually charted as the number 3 world music charts)


    Any popularity of the song by Hashem melech on world charts is referring to the the non-Jewish versions from which Gad Elbaz copied it (C’est la vie by Khaled in Algerian Arabic and French or Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony in Spanish). There are quite a number of Jewish songs that became hits in the Jewish world that are really tunes from the goyish world including some listed above (Moshiach by MBD). I don’t think the Jewish artists will try to hide this but they just figured most of their audience will not know or don’t care.

    Joseph is right. Apparently the Alter is not very alter and is likely a young whippersnapper.


    There aren’t many songs that really withstand the test of time, and are still frequently sang years after their release. Even popular songs mentioned above (such as Racheim) aren’t used much anymore. Here are some that I believe have withstood the test:

    Acheinu (actually from Lev v’Nefesh, not from Dveykus, although still Abie Rottenberg)
    Hamalach Hagoel (Dveykus 4)
    Shalom Aleichem (Regesh 3)
    V’zakeini (Baruch Levine)
    Machnisei Rachamim (I believe originally from Shlomo Simcha?)
    Just One Shabbos (MBD)
    Mama Rochel (Journeys)
    Memories (Journeys)

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