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    always happy27

    whtat are the top 5 character traits you would look for in a boy as a possible husband or as a parent what top 5 for a son-in-law


    five??????i can list a few more than that than r really important to me.




    -thoughtful (may go along with sensitive, but i also mean this as thinking things through carefully before taking action)


    -strong (not as in physically, although that’s good too, but i mean as in he will be strong in his convictions, a strong and good father figure to my children…)

    well u said only five, that’s six, so i’ll leave it at that for now


    1. Good heart (Gives generously to all)

    2. Knows when to remain silent and how to listen with heart.

    3. Has a strong work ethic. (Is not going to be some bum sitting around in mikveh until 12 noon-expecting my taty to pay the bills)

    4. Self control, does not lose temper.

    5. Learns when can or has regular chavrusim.


    oh yeah, i forgot something else really important: knows when to be serious,and when to have fun


    1. Chilled out enough to spand HOURS not minutes with the family.

    2. Yiddishkeit is REAL as opposed to going through the motions

    3. Industrious: Work or learn HARD

    4. Patience

    5. Strong clear opinions: This way people undertsand where he stands regardless if you agree or disagree!




    Talmid Chochom

    Yirei Shmayim

    Baal Chesed


    Kind/empathetic, thoughtful, even-tempered, has a loving, communicative relationship with family and friends, honest

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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