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    The yeshiva that’s best for the child is the “top” yehiva.


    for the person who posted this topic: It all depends on what you consider a good yeshiva. I consider a good yeshiva, a yeshiva that has good hebrew and english departments.(Chofetz Chaim, Torah Vodaath.)


    I see my… Edited. regarding this and your previous post. Do to the subject matter, we are trying to adhere to the rules outlined in the 2nd post in this thread. although some comments may slip through (I have not read all the comments in this thread), generally comments that are off topic are not being approved. I do want to mentioned, for the benefit of other readers, that you did NOT violate the rules of speaking negatively regarding Yeshivas, rather your posts were just simply off topic. thanks for understanding – YW Moderator-72


    ok. back on topic. can anyone share infomation about Belle Harbor, Scranton, and Passaic? Do they have B”M? Any more info on Springfield? Thanks


    kiruvwife- I can give you info on one of those yeshiva’s, but at the risk of people figuring out who I am maybe it’s not such a good idea…

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    mods, didnt see #2 on page 1-if my previous post was considered negative, please delete it but dont close the thread. agreed, deleted. YW Moderator-72

    Passaic: excellent yeshivah, top rate learning and top rate bochurim, the R’Y (R’__Stern?) is great from what i hear. should definitely be an option!

    considered more to the yeshivish side


    I was looking for this thread for a while and finally found it thanks to another poster. Thank you to all who gave information. I found it to be quite helpful, and look forward to more help.

Viewing 7 posts - 101 through 107 (of 107 total)
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