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    What can I do if I am jobless for the past 18 months, wife is a homemaker, kids tuition and food, tiny apartment we can’t fit in, tough living conditions, and stressful situation?


    Leave Cedarhurst and come to E”Y.

    You’ll feel right at home here.

    On multiple levels.

    Also we have cheaper (in some places) apts.

    Virtually no tuition compared to America (~$1,000 a year)


    Whats your profession?




    daven, daven, daven, yeshuos hashem k’heref ayin. tell everyone you know you are looking for work. you don’t know where the yeshua will come from. It is stressful. hope soon things will pick up.


    design a computer virus…infect all teh computers in your area…then charge an arm and a leg to fix them 🙂

    Be Happy

    Try your hardest to keep positive. There is a reason for your difficult situations. Don’t be afraid to ask for help before you get to breaking point e.g tell the schools of your difficulty help from Tomchei Shabbos etc. Sometimes it pays to offer your servicesas a volunteer. – Even if the person cant take you they may know somone who can. Also pays to make yourself available on a temporary basis.

    Hatzlocho. Keep smiling it helps. Hope you find a job soon.


    If you mention more about your skills maybe someone here will think of an opportunity for you.


    My husband has been unemployed for close on 18 months. Its not an easy Parsha. Some advice is to register for food stamps this can be done online. The Unemployment office/or the local Jewish Family Service in your area should be able to give you details about getting other assistence – with Electic and gas bills. We are in Baltimore and here the whole family is able to go onto the state insurance – a real bracha.

    The other advice is to redo your resume totally. My husband approaches getting a job as “his job”. He starts a certain time takes a lunch break and finishes a certain time – it works for us. Allows us to have a normal kind of day to day routine. I have kids in college and yeshiva – speak to the schools, the colleges you cannot do much about.

    We tried to ‘network’ in our shul it was disaster – not one person gave any helpful advise just asked my husband very often (and loudly) “Have you found a job yet” most embarrassing. Your wife may have to try her hand at finding something – I work and am happy for the job.

    It is not easy – a rollercoaster ride a with no end in site. My husband does computer programming. If you do not use your skills you loose them with that in mind he did a refresher course but even that on his resume has not moved things along.

    We just continue to daven and daven and daven…. I wish and your family much hatzlacha


    Cedarhurst -Join a Kollel. I went out to work right away after I got married. Everything went downhill after that. The guys in Kollel all these years have always lived better than me, even now twenty years later.


    Cedarhurst- I’m sure you don’t need my “brainy” advice, but I’m wondering if you don’t try to do private jobs.

    Many IT techs go around to businesses on their own.

    It’s not a set wage/hours, but people do it for a living for years.


    health thats a great idea but if there are alot of ppl in the “kollel business” and no one to support its not such a good bussiness and not everyone has the capablity to sit and learn the whole day!


    I do Unix, Networking and help desk.


    Try this job opportunity:

    It might not be your desired salary but it’s a whole lot better than what you’re experiencing now.


    yoyo – I know plenty of people in “Kollel” who don’t have the capability to sit and learn all day and don’t. When the family support runs out, there’s always all the gov. programs.

    Pashuteh Yid

    I am confused, because I seem to keep seeing ads for computer programmers for decent salaries. If you look at Craigslist, or other listings, or even the OU or Young Israel job listings, there always seem to be many in the computer field. While this is not exactly my field, so I don’t know the particulars, but could someone explain why there seem to be so many listings, and yet so many computer people who are having trouble finding a position?


    Saddly there are to many people in that matzev now days, hopefully this will pass, and the lesson we should learn is to remember how it feels not knowing how we will pay the grocery and take noting for granted, to be greatfull for what we have and help those who dont.


    Cedarhurst, IMHO, it pays to get MORE education while you are in limbo. Get updated in your field and don’t compartmentalize. The computer field changes day by day, out with the old and in with the new, if you are staying in this field try to make sure you know everything there is to know about it or you might be left behind in the dust. Take whatever courses you need to be kept up to date even if it means that you will veer off what has been tried and true for you. You have and always will have the basics but you might have to tweak your knowledge and skills to be current in todays market.

    But don’t give up hope because Hashem is in charge, we as humans can only do our histadlus. My son is in the Real Estate field and when things hit rock bottom and he was out of work, he was on the verge of losing his home. He asked his younger brother to help him out and together they started a local magazine just to keep afloat. It didn’t pay his mortgage but for one year it certainly put food on his table and kept him from feeling worthless and hopeless. At this point in time he is back on his feet B”H and back where he belongs. As I said, we have to do OUR histadlus and Hashem takes care of the rest.

    So I know that you are trying very hard, but what is it that you can still do, which path have you not tried that maybe Hashem is waiting for you to take. It is very difficult to make changes and it is very difficult to learn something new, but at times that is what we have to do to keep up with changing tides.


    bombmaniac, believe it or not, that’s what Norton and McAfee have been doing for years!

    In all seriousness though, it is a rough time out there for a lot of people so I just want to chip in my humble wishes that things should turn around for you really soon.


    I feel for you. My husband is in IT also and is out of work and we have a large family and tuitions to pay and food and clothing plus we are making a chasuna. First get on all the programs if you have little kids under 3 you can get WIC and then there are food stamps tomche shabbos and child health plus all this helps but it is not the real answer. I suggested to my husband to go to lawyer and doctor offices who need an IT person but not on a steady basis and let them know you are looking for more customers and give them a card.

    Families in IT should have a support group, I know so many that were hit very hard. I feel your pain. I dont know your situation but for us I was a stay at home mom but I had to go out and get a job but we couldnt afford babysitting so I opened a store and when ever I have to go into the city that day my husband will watch it is not ideal but we need to pay our bills.

    Hatzlocha and I will keep you in mind when I daven.

    P.S. I forgot to mention that my husband has an ad running in our local jewish paper to fix private peoples computer or to get rid of viruses ect.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Craigslist NY has about 75 jobs in the last week in the Software category. In addition, there are quite a few more in the Systems / Network category, and in the Web/Info Design category. There is also an Internet Engineering category.

    The OU job board has almost 50 positions in IT during December.

    Please somebody explain why IT people are having so much trouble when it seems like there are jobs available, at least in NY.


    Are you willing to travel to Manhattan? That will open up more opportunities. Try the NCYI Job Board (e-mail group) they post a lot of IT jobs. Also the OU job board website has a lot of IT jobs. Also, epinetworking is a frum org. in Manhattan that helps people find jobs, we have had good success with them. They have a website,


    Pashuteh Yid- Every field there are always positions, but in today’s economy -for every position there are about ten applicants. There are many reasons -some blame immigration. Getting a job is next to impossible in our day and age. I wasn’t successful in my field because of discrimination against Shabbos observers. So now I went back to school -I’m going to try again soon looking for a job. My field is what I post under.

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