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    always besimcha

    Would anyone in the New York area be interested in starting a Jewish Tourette’s Syndrome support group. If interested please contact me


    for those with tourette’s or for families dealing with a sibling/child with tourette’s?

    crohnie kallah

    maybe an online, chat support group? I was always dreaming about being able to share my struggles with tourettes with ppl that understand and wouldn’t judge me just because of my tics.


    Make sure to rule out PANDAS. My son was misdiagnosed by with Tourettes by several pediatricians and neurologists and it was really PANDAS. B”H years of motor and vocal tics cleared up with a PANDAS medical protocol within a few years.

    crohnie kallah

    we have gone to many doctors, too many to count. still don’t know if its pandas or Tourette Syndrome. was on all kinds if antibiotics, vitamins, natural stuff nothing worked. Even tried IVIG a couple of times. If anyone knows of any other thing that helped I would greatly appreciate it.
    (Saving Sammy is an amazing book about a boy that was cured from severe tourettes syndrome and OCD. Pays to read)


    I have had & still do have tics & habits to numerous to elaborate on . I also stutter. However I managed to get by quite successfully. I would welcome sharing ideas & experiences with others even though I have little to offer as I am still attempting to navigate my way though this life. I am a man 60 years of age

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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