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    i am looking into touring camps in israel for my 11th grade daughter. does anyone have any information on yachad or yifai nof?


    sunflower, maybe you didn’t notice, but this thread went up 40 minutes ago. There’s no reason to send 6 posts and 3 attempted threads. And here’s just some advice: if you speak with the disrespect you have expressed so far to the mods, don’t expect your posts to go up.


    isn’t this topic past due?


    I went to Nvei Ashdod. Sadly, I think its closed. That was an AMAZING summer experience.

    NCSY had a really great learning/touring program that my friends LOVED. I don’t know if it still exists.

    I assume this is for next summer?


    yes obviously this is for next summer. i am looking for a more of a yeshivish tour camp im israel. not like greasy but yo know normal! thanks for trying sjsinnyc



    The Ku Klutz Kartel offers “Wrongful Birth”. A kanoi anti-Zionist alternative to Birthright, our tour takes you to a side of Eretz Yisroel that few brainwashed Tzioinim ever get a chance to see.

    Tour an arms tunnel in Gaza, Dehaishe refugee camp and so many more sites where you can meet the people who really have the right to live in Eretz Yisroel according to our hyliger Koran. Experience a day making Qassams with Abd ul-Khinzeer Qalbi, the greatest architect of the destruction of the Zionist Entity since Rabbynee Amin ul-Husseini zechusoi yogein olov. And meet with the gaoin ha-doir Reb Moishe Hirsch sheyirfash, who almost knows which way is up and will spend hours giving you directions from his apartment in Mea Sheorim to his shul, Ohel Hagar.

    Finally, experience the life of a suicide bomber by serving as a test subject for bomb packs in Ramallah with your tour guide, a talmid of our Yeshivas Sinas Chinom or graduate of the Bnois Burqa Beis Izevel seminary.

    Don’t miss this experience!

    Contact: Monsey: Yishmoel Daoud al-Beyda

    Manchester: Haroun Cohen

    Vienna: Moussa Assad al-Faraj when no one is looking and he’s not pretending to do tshive.


    A6KB, lol!!!



    A6KB, you sound like you’d make a good tour guide.


    whew! A600KiloBear- you got me hooked!

    that really gave me a rel good laugh!

    sunflower- As the summer gets closer, if you pick up the Bena and the Mishpacha, they each have MANY different options advertised.

    SSE- Summer Seminary Experience: geared for Bais Yaakov girls who are not going to seminary in E”Y- heard to be AMAZING!

    Ashrienu: Also a Bais Yaakov type camp

    Sdei Chemed- I’m not exactly sure what type of girls go there, but they have a website.



    Hey. Check out Rachel Factor’s Israel drama/performing arts camp. My friend was a madricha there this summer and she said it’s fantastic!


    thanks a600kilobear i think that thats a very good idea- seriously ambush what about sse do you have any info? and what about rachel factors- does anyone have any info? also noone knows about yachad and yifai nof?


    All the info you want about Rachel Factor’s camp can be found at


    Sunflower, my sister went with the Yachad group this July and had a fabulous time. It was basically 3 weeks packed with everything you could want to do in the Holy Land. The age bracket is I think 11-12th graders, though there were some younger girls too. As for the crowd, I heard it’s different every year-last year there were quite a few Chassidish girls, this year there was more of a Flatbush-type crowd. Let me know if there is any other info I can help you with.


    jewish soul: thanks i also know 2 girls who went there in july and loved it. but how come i heard that its for all high school aged girls? like 9-12th? and i heard that there was a really intersting group of girls there like very international. there was liek 40plus girls and there was alot peer pressure know? please tell me if i am incorrect. i would still like to hear more about this yachad. thanks in advance. have a good shabbos.


    The group is for all high-school aged girls, and seminary aged too, but there were more older girls than younger. And most of the group was American, besides for a few Israelis and 2-3 girls from Antwerp. As for peer pressure, my sister doesn’t agree. Are you referring to something specific? Anyway, I would assume it would depend on the specific group of girls going each year. I would suggest you give a call once registration begins next year, to get a feel of what type of girls are going to be in the group.




    i went to yachad and i must say it was the best weeks of my life so far. we did 3 trips a day, somehow without it being overwhelming or tiring. we did EVERYTHINg in israel. i loved the girls. they are all normal bais yaakov from normal schools and belgium, israel….everywhere. you can trust me that your daughter will be in good hands. its like a family, not at all like the rediculouse rules of a regular camp. all ages are friends with all ages…its amazing and i wud ttly go bak as staff

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