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    We all understand that the Gov need to try protect the population
    When rejecting applications they should be companionate
    Worse still they tell you we need your passport and reapply
    When they know the application will be rejected
    Some of us are split from our families for a long time
    It’s a very emotional experience
    They are dealing with peoples lives
    Please have some Jewish compassion instead of “we need more documentation”
    Then “it does not fit the criteria”

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    Did you get your second vaccine yet?


    Israel would be endangering Jewish lives to open its borders now.


    @loshenhora It’s a risk that everyone knew when trying to get from Israel to the US or vice-versa this year. I have a hard time finding compassion for people who knew exactly what they were getting into and are now sad that the situation has come to pass.


    Not saying Israel should open its doors
    Point is the way our brethren are turned away is
    Not “denied”
    It should say we have spent 2 billion to protect our nation
    and can’t afford the risk ……

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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