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    I was wondering about touro as far as financial aid and prices, would other users mind sharing their experience?


    You should consider why you are choosing Touro vs. other frum programs out there. I believe there are several programs that allow one to get a degree in a very short time (1-2 years) which brings down the costs significantly. The more credits you can achieve through independent tests and yeshiva/seminary credits the less you will need to pay for with in-person learning. You can also check out the rankings in US News and World Report of different colleges. Most of the frum programs give degrees from colleges that have higher rankings than Touro.


    Also consider why your going to college. If your going to make your parents happy and never plan or want to use the degree. Than yes, go to the other Jewish programs. But on the other hand if you want to use your degree then it’s better to go to Touro.


    What are the most popular “other frum programs”?


    If your going to college in order to learn grammar, there’s really no need. You can post in the Coffee Room with bad grammar. Everyone does it.


    Touro is a competitively priced private college. However, compared to Brooklyn College (or other CUNY schools) its expensive. Tuition varies by program (Ave J is different than LCM) In addition to Federal and State (FAFSA/TAP) aid Touro offers several scholarships, both academic and financial need based. The applications are pretty straight forward.


    One should ask if the switch to “Distance education” by most colleges eliminates the “raison d’etre” for Touro’s undergraduate programs. Most of the objections to secular colleges pertain to having to mix with goyim, but in a world in which everything is virtual, that in some ways is less of a problem.


    Secular colleges also have mixing of genders (an issue not only during online classes but perhaps for group projects and the like), the horrific modern culture which pervades them including some of the courses, which they might require, that are anti-Torah to the core, and more real problems.

    The pritzus issue alone, even in a virtual classroom, is enough reason to avoid secular colleges.

    That’s besides for “minor” issues, like classes or exams scheduled on Shabbos/Yom Tov, etc.


    There may be a lot of problems in going to Secular colleges but there also a lot of people who needed to go there and came out fine. This is not a subject that anonymous bloggers should give advice on.


    I WISH there was a program like soroh shnirer for boys, go to college by day for a year, frum, can have a Seder at night. Theres an amalgamation or plethora of different programs that are at night or take 2-3 years. But there’s not one reasonable program.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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