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    In the month of Adar bdavka there has been many tradegies first riots in egypt then libya then tunisia then the fogel family murdered then japan then bombings in Eretz Yisroel and many more not as well known ones what is Hashem tryng to show us


    Do teshuva.


    if the Jewish people do not get the message the first time, Hashem will keep sending them. Every tragedy that happens is only to give a message to us.


    Its so scary! And i feel like i want to do teshuva so badly but im not working so hard because im not being directly affected by these things. and i dont even know how to do full complete teshuva! i took a big kabbalah on myself is that enough? should i do more? what can i do?




    Maybe it’s vnohapuch hu.


    Derech HaMelech; More like it. But we should still take away a lesson from it and do Teshuva. Now. “Doing Teshuva” Doesn’t mean “Davening Funny”. Or, start wearing White Socks on Rolled up pants and a bent down (Or up) hat. Or a Yellow-ed TK (Tallis-Kotton) and a Green, Schmaltzy tie. It means having introspection. Making a Cheshbon-Hanefesh and seeing where we can improve our behavior, especially ??? ??? ??????. (I know one thing offhand, where I can improve. But. I’m still writing in the Purim spirit.)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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