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    So today in my neighborhood there were all these people sitting at various intersections wearing hazard vests and counting the cars that passed, and I think they were also marking down which direction and what time. At first I though they were from the town, like deciding where to put traffic lights. But when Rabbi Plony went right up to them and asked what was going on they just told him that ‘they were authorized to be there.’ Is this some Preserve Ramapo thing where they’re going to try to say ‘Ooh, there’s too much traffic – the town has to stop construction!’?

    Anybody know anything? The local news is all about the FBI raids.

    The Queen

    I saw them today on Maple Ave. I thought it was to figure out the traffic lights because there are too many accidents on the corner.


    Indeed, there is too much traffic.

    Someone had better stop construction!

    If that is indeed what those people were doing on Maple Avenue, they have my blessing. I hope they succeed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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