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    poshiter yid

    I was driving tonight in Brick township, and I went through a clearly orange light. My wife was sitting next to me and she could testify to that. A cop was sitting at the light by that very intersection and pulled me over a mile later. I politely told him that I went through an orange light. He took my documentation, made us wait forever while a colleague of his pulled over and they were just having a chat at my expense. The cop then gave me three tickets

    The cop was clearly an antisemite piece of whitetrash

    please let me know if you can help

    Feif Un

    Why are you convinced he’s an anti-semite? As you said, maybe he just had a fallout with his wife or something. Did he say something about you being Jewish? Make a comment about your yarmulka? Anything? Or are you just playing the part of the injured Jew convinced that everything which happens against him is due to antisemitism?


    the red light, good luck, as far as the obstruction, ny law prohibits anything hanging from teh mirror, as well as the front window. technically gps in the center is also an obstruction, so pay the ticket, as most municipalities wont drop the ticket, as it is known to be a ticket given solely for collecting money.

    the license plate obstruction is also something youll just have to pay, as it is against the law for any words, both the state name and “the empire state”, to be obstructed. why, i have no clue, probably also to just collect money.

    as far as him being an anti-semite, sorry, but he did nothing anti-semitic, unless he called you a dirty jew, or kike when he gave you the tickets. he could have alchohol tested you, searched your car, and done other things that would be deemed excessive, and then i hear your complaint, but all he did was give you 2 tickets your guilty on by your own admission, and one ticket that is disputable.


    Feif, Even in the absence of irrefutable proof, it is usually a fair assumption that the goy hates the Jew. (May not always be the case. May not even have been the case here. But that isn’t a bad assumption.)


    I have an uncle that was also given a ticket in NJ for the license plate obstruction. You will most likely lose on all three counts, however, many times the courts will allow you to meet with the D.A. prior to seeing the judge and you can discuss the case with him. I do not know the point system in NJ, however, many times, the court is only interested in getting the money and not interested in seeing your insurance go sky high so they will offer a plea bargain to allow you to plead guilty to a non-point bearing violation, pay the fine, and go home. I have even heard of cases where the police pulled someone over for a points bearing violation and gave a ticket for a non-points violation to help the motorist.


    mariner, Brick township is in New Jersey (not New York.)


    From NYS DMV:

    Except for Ontario and Quebec, points are not added to your NYS driver record if you commit an out-of-state traffic violation. Points can appear on your NYS driver record if you commit a traffic violation in Ontario or Quebec.

    (Similarly, NY will not report traffic violations occurred in NY, if you have a non-NY license [except for Ontario and Quebec]).


    Your word against a cop in court is worth very little,to prove your innocence on the red light violation (although a lot of traffic lights in Lakewood/Brick have cameras, so if you’re lucky, maybe the light you went through had a camera.

    As for the other violations:(this is straight from the NJ MVC)

    License plates (N.J.S.A. 39:3-33)

    Using license plate covers or holders that obscure or conceal any lettering on the license plate is a violation, with a fine of up to $100.

    Object hanging from Rearview mirror:


    No such thing as an “orange” light.

    Yellow means slow down as the light was about to change. Did you floor it to make it through the intersection? Or did you hit the brakes but were unable to stop in time? Were you doing the speed limit?

    The Brick cops have been featured on “Speeders” on Court TV


    Here is a more detailed (and accurate) definition of the law:

    If I get a ticket for a moving violation in another state, do I receive points on my NYS driver license?

    The NYSDMV does not record out-of-state violations committed by NYS drivers in other jurisdictions. The exceptions are alcohol-related violations, drug-related violations, and moving violations committed in Quebec or Ontario. Under special agreements, traffic convictions in Quebec or Ontario are recorded on NYS driver license records and carry points. Except for violations in Ontario and Quebec, points are not added to your NYS record for out-of-state violations.

    If you do not respond to a ticket or fail to pay a fine for a moving violation that you committed in any state except Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon or Wisconsin, the DMV suspends your NYS driver license until you respond to the ticket or pay the fine. If a driver from a state except these six states fails to respond to a traffic ticket issued in NYS, their driver license will be suspended until the driver responds to the traffic ticket in NYS.

    Drivers from other states must contact the DMV in their home state to get information about the effect of a traffic violation conviction that occurs in NYS.

    If you receive a conviction for an alcohol-related or drug-related driving violation in any state, your NYS driver license is revoked for at least six months.


    Joseph “it is usually a fair assumption that the goy hates the Jew. “? It is ignorant comments like that they make SOME non jewish people resent jewish people like you.

    As for the tickets. Were you polite to the cop, or did you pull a “dont you have real crime to fight” and “are you just doing this because i am jewish” and “why dont you go eat more donuts” – if you are rude to a cop, he will give you every ticket he can that is technically a violation. if you are polite, they will more often than not try to be reasonable.



    it doesn’t always work, although I agree that it does sometimes. A friend of mine recently got 5 tickets from a ramapo cop, 3 of which were totally ridiculous. Another person told me he got 4 at one time from a Ramapo cop. This concept of giving multiple tickets for every imaginable reason seems to be the new policing trend. Maybe its a way to quickly fill your quota and still have time for donuts?


    yossi, Eseiv Sonei Yaakov. Sorry if it offends your liberal American sensibilities.


    The cop was clearly an antisemite piece of whitetrash

    please let me know if you can help “

    First, you won’t get court fees reimbursed, so forget that. If you want to fight the ticket, and try to do so by mail, mail photographs of what your license plate looks like, and what the actual view is from behind the wheel, so you may be able to get those ticket fines removed or reduced. If you choose to fight, be aware you could be compelled to attend court in the neighborhood where you received the ticket. As to the orange light, red light issue, it is your word against the cop’s. Whose do you think the court will take? Your wife can testify, but that will not get you a reprieve – she’s your wife! HOWEVER, if you have compelling evidence that the OTHER two tickets were bogus, you might be able to take a shot at convincing the court NOT that the cop is anti-Semitic white trash, but that perhaps he erred in prematurely thinking the light was red, when in fact it was still yellow/orange. Bottom line for the future – – when you are not in your own hometown, be aware that state troopers and neighborhood cops can be very territorial, and they love squashing out of towners. Don’t break the law, even a little bit (yes, I know, your wife swears it was still orange). On the chance that it turned red at the moment you passed it, don’t leave yourself open to that kind of problem in the future. Wait another two minutes for another green light.

    Good luck in proving your case. BE VERY RESPECTFUL.


    In the future it might be smart to keep a disposable camera in your car to prove thatthe cop is nuts


    yossi- not just an assumption and not jsut some goyim- theres a posuk- “halacha hu beyudiya she’eisav sonei lyakov- it’s known that eisav hates yakov. even if youll find some nice goyim who are fond of jews, theres still a tiny spark of that eisav in each of them.

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