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    Can anyone offer advice as to the best (quickest,cheapest) way to get from JFK to BMG.Single bochur traveling alone with luggage,Bus routes, car service trains???


    The cheapest car service I know of from Lakewood is about $95 to almost Lakewood. I know there is a bus from Port Authority in Manhatten to Lakewood for about $15, but don’t know how difficult it is to get to Port Authority from JFK, especially with a lot of luggage. I’d imagine your better off finding a driver. Hatzlocha!

    dea voo neh

    You can get to Port Authority in Manhattan with the New York Airport serivce which leaves every 15 min from all the terminals, (to double check , contact a represenatative in the airport when u arrive) ,and it only cost $15! it takes a little over an hour to get to port Authority

    once in port Authority go to the 3rd floor for the 301 – 309 bus(depends on timing the exact number of bus can change between 301 and 309) it leaves every half hour and cost about 12 dollars gets you down route 9 and ask the driver to drop u off on route 9 closest to BMG, the last offical stop on the route is the lakewood bus terminal at Park & 1rst

    Hazlocha Rabba


    The Lakewood bus from pa leaves from gate 321


    or u can go to boro park for pretty cheap and get a ride from shomer shabbos 53 and 13


    when? – there are tons of people going to JFK from Lakewood-sending the boys to Israel- Paint a sign, you might get lucky – i know someone going tonight.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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