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    It seems the nyc law is to use black trash bags yet almost all brands make white bags. Do people actually prefer white transparent bags for their trash? The black bags are much more fitting for garbage as they hide the actual garbage! So what’s the deal here especially when the city official guidelines are black colored bags?


    The manufacturers don’t make bags just for NYC.
    I buy black for garbage going into my trash cans for pick up or to take to the town transfer station.
    I buy white in the tall kitchen size for the cans in our kitchens and in the smaller size to line bedroom waste baskets. These get collected into a large black bag on trash night each week and put into the cans that go to the curb.
    The white bags are not as thick as the black and would not hold up with a 33 gallon load.

    BTW, they also make RED bags which is for medical waste.
    Our town requires these not just for medical offices, but currently for the trash from any home with a confirmed Covid-19 patient. They don’t get mixed in the general trash. There is a storage trailer at the transfer station and it is held 14 days after it is full before processing for disposal

    Sam Klein

    White garbage bags are also non see through but the quality and thickness of the black bags are much better and due to their thick plastic quality their also made in much bigger bags then the thin white bags


    They don’t make bags only for nyc but you would think most people would rather black garbage bags which conceal garbage.
    Yes white bags are not see through like recycling bags, I meant they are translucent. You can definitely see a lot of the content they are holding.


    Amazon sells trash bags in lots of colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green.


    Majority bags are white. They are also cheapest. As if that’s the standard.

    catch yourself

    Black Bags Matter


    CTL, why would quarantining the garbage lower the threat? garbage doesn’t acquire immunity, doesn’t develop antibodies or create targeted T cells. The garbage is infectious until it’s burned.


    redleg> why would quarantining the garbage lower the threat

    virus disintegrates outside of the body. how fast depends on temperature, humidity, etc


    Because they look nicer in people’s houses and are more eco-friendly


    Since we are putting corporate names and advertisements on everything from football stadiums to bus stops, perhaps someone will start putting photos and logos on trash bags, rather than the bland white/black colors that currently dominate the market. It would lend a bit of color and visual interest to our curbsides on trash pickup days and would allow citizens to express their first amendment rights year-around, and not just for a few weeks prior to election day (when lawns signs are legal).

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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