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    Are they ever muttar?

    If someone stole a fruit and planted a tree…. is it just as assur ten generations later as the fruits from the first tree?

    ….and any opinions or sources here are not an official psak

    Thank you


    As in…

    The first tree came from the planted stolen fruit.

    The next tree comes from the fruit of that tree.

    The third tree comes from the fruit of that tree so it is now indirectly stolen.

    And so forth generations onward


    What makes you think that fruit from the first (planted) tree is Assur?


    Listened to a Torah Anytime shiur yesterday that talked about how you cannot say a bracha on stolen food because it’s assur.

    Then today listened to something else for Tu B’Shevat.

    Yesterday + Today + Undisclosed Info = This CR Thread

    Will ask a shaila (with more detail) but I thought it is for sure assur.


    LB: 1 + 1 does not necessarily equal 2. It is not “cut and dried” that one cannot make a brocha on stolen food. There are other factors that come into play before a determination can be made. For example, see Mishna Berurah 196:1:4.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I’m not sure, but I think LB and Dash might be talking about different things.

    If I understand correctly, LB is starting with the assumption that the original fruit is assur but neither the first planted tree nor the tenth planted tree are definitely assur. That is what she is trying to figure out.

    On the other hand, Dash seems to think that LB is assuming that the fruit from the planted tree (planted from the stolen fruit) is definitely assur. I think though that LB was talking about the original fruit when she wrote that it is definitely assur.

    Am I understanding you correctly, LB?


    If I am not mistaken, if you unknowingly buy a stolen item,

    you are fully entitled to that item (although I think the

    original owner may have the right to buy it back from you,

    at least in some cases).


    I remember what it was. If someone steals stalks of wheat.

    Then bakes bread. The bread is still assur.


    Typically the seeds of a fruit are thrown away.


    LU, yes correct and thank you for clarifying.

    This really happens.

    When someone takes the stolen fruit and plants it directly in the soil. It was not taken for eating but with the intention of planting a tree and more trees.

    Imagine a rare fruit.

    Just wondering CR opinions.


    LB: The case of the wheat that you mentioned is what the Mishna Berurah is discussing in the link in my earlier post. It may not be assur.

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