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    Hi, I’m new to coffeeroom. I’m interested in visiting nh sometime in the near future(either this week, or the next) any ideas on where to stay and what to do? Is there any kosher food to be gotten?


    do u need a minyan?

    whats your budget?

    how many people? ages?

    you have to be clearer


    NH is one of my favorite states. I was actually living in Nashua NH when I started keeping Kosher many years ago. (I’m now in Israel)

    There is a Chabad in Manchester, And there may be a bungalo colony up in the north of the state somewhere. I think I heard about a kosher cafeteria at Dartmouth college in Hanover, but I have no information on it at all. Past that your going to have to bring stuff with you. Or of course you can get some basics at most supermarkets.

    Hello Kitty

    You can stay in Bethleh, Littleton or Loon Mountain area. Arlington Hotel is old but provides food if you stay anywhere else you need to take along food.

    yaakov doe

    While you’re in New Hampshire take advantage of the great prices as the State run liquor stores. No tax and a great selection of single malts priced from $19.99 to $549.99.

    Bring your own food and a portable charcoal grill and enjoy.


    And if you can get somewhere away from city lights enjoy a really good night sky. Take a pair of binoculars and scan along the milky way. You will see what we all miss from the city.


    Loon mountains has many houses up for weekly rentals.

    We stayed there and it was beautiful! (Beware of bears at night though, keep your garbage in).

    There are many different attraction there. I don’t remember the specifics but I do know that we loved every minute.

    Don’t go for less than a week. There’s too much to cover there!



    you can check on for minyanim. also, you can go to for hotels (you tell them how much you want to spend and give a credit card number.when they find a hotel matching your prefrences they automatically book it, so you can put in a fake credit card number so you can see the hotel they want to book you in before giving them a real cc number)- you can find hotels like the mariott and sheraton at cheap cheap cheap prices! Also if you google things to do in nh you should get a whole list. Oh, and about the system updates at 3 am, so you get the best deals then (if you can stay up that long….). Good Luck and have fun

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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