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    I wondered about this for years. why is that way?


    do men’s yarmulke’s really get bigger to cover the bald spot? or is that just a rumor.


    and suspenders get added to the wardrobe.


    It’s because the last minute is still only one minute long, no matter when the Zman is.


    Stumbled across this thread, looking for something else, and felt it needs a bump (some of the lines were very funny).

    Here’s a fresh one, courtesy of my son:

    Truisms, that only we know –

    # 1 – The cell phone that rings during shemona esrei, will ring again in 1 minute (because the caller is just as obnoxious as the person they are calling, and will call 5x in a row, if they don’t get thru on the 1st ring)

    # 2 – The person who’s phone rings (for the 2nd time) is SHOCKED that the phone keeps ringing. (Idiot, don’t you get it.. all your friends / family are just as obnoxious as you are, and will not stop calling you till they get thru to you. Duh.)


    The discomfort of the itch is in proportion to the difficulty of reaching it.


    bpt, I just read this thread and I’m very curious to hear what you have to say about makeup…



    if its jeans, your either in camp/more modern type

    it its a short black slinky, your chassidish

    if its a long black slinky, your in camp/haning out on a sunday/wearing it for shtick at a vort/wedding


    Yeah, go for the makeup. 🙂


    Uniform skirts: (not my school, my friend’s school)

    If it’s even a cm. less than 3 inches below the knee, you’re too modern.

    If it’s even a cm. more than 3 inches below the knee, you’re nebby.

    Shidduch resume says 5 feet tall.

    That means:

    a) 4’9″

    b)4’11 1/2″

    c) 5’1″

    d) 5′ (in very few cases)

    My cousin actually is. It was very annoying for her, dealing with the skepticism that someone could actually be 5 feet exactly.


    The “terrific buy” of 3 x $1.99 pasta you bought in Feb. are the ones that you are now shoving down your family’s throat 5 meals in a row, (with the Pesach deadline looming)

    Shticky Guy

    Bein hazmanim is like ????? ????:

    1. They drey around till ???? wearing crocs.

    2. They put ?????? on at ???? time

    3. They think its asur to learn ????!


    When you see a heavily pregnant woman pushing a stroller with a baby or young child in, you say ????? ????? ????


    Friday Bumpa. ^_^

    YW Moderator-42

    Just to reiterate an earlier post about Friday afternoon: it is much easier to be on time for a 4pm winter Shabbos then to make early Shabbos at 7pm in the summer.

    No matter how much cholent you eat, there’s always room for dessert.

    Shelo asani goy: A goy cannot understand the simcha of coming to shul on a Monday or Thursday and finding out there’s no tachanun.

    The hungrier you are, the longer the Rabbi’s speech is.

Viewing 14 posts - 51 through 64 (of 64 total)
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