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    call me rabbi j

    If Donald trump does run for president again in 2024, would you vote for him?


    you wouldn’t cause your under 18 😉

    Shimon Nodel

    I’m tempted to, but I won’t. He is a dangerous person. Particularly dangerous for the stability of our republic. (Not so much on a very tangible level or as an immediate threat. Rather, something more nuanced with damage long after he’s gone and long term erosion.)

    If he’s on the ballot, I’ll be voting for Christopher Walken


    I’m not going to be 18


    Or maybe I will never mind


    I didn’t in 2016 or 2020 and I”H I am alive I’ll not vote for him in the future.

    yaakov doe

    Even if he were the only candidate on the ballot I would not vote for him.


    Remember, Donald Trump running in 2024 may be the Democrats only hope for winning.


    If the Rosh Yeshivos said to vote for Biden, would you still vote for Trump or sit the election out?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    If the Rosh Yeshivos said to vote for Biden, would you still vote for Trump or sit the election out?

    I would pose the same question to you, about Trump.


    “I would pose the same question to you, about Trump.”

    The very large majority of American Rosh Yeshivos *did* vote for Trump. So the hypocrisy of the question is telling.


    Yesr -“If the Rosh Yeshivos said to vote for Biden, would you still vote for Trump or sit the election out?”

    It shows how far some people are Removed from Real Yiddiskeit!

    IDK who that could be.
    Maybe you could find some that call themselves RY’s.
    I’m not going to tell you who my RY is, but when it comes to voting – I’d follow what R’ Avigdor Miller would say.
    He said that you can’t vote for Toaiva.
    That means that you can’t Vote DemonCrat!


    @daas-yochid Jokes on you, I’m barely goireis Da’as Torah when it comes to politics.

    My “hypothetical” example is based on a real situation where the Rabbonim and Rosh Yeshivos of a certain frum community unanimously endorsed a Democrat while Trump endorsed the opposing Republican. This lead to one of the worst voter turnouts in this community’s history with most of the frum oilom still voting for the Trump ally. So I’m curious what would happen if the same thing would take place on a bigger scale.


    Trump will be 78 yrs old in 2024. Yet he ridiculed Biden during last year’s election campaign saying, among other things, that 78 years old is “too old ” to be elected president.


    I would absolutely vote for Trump.
    And it’s Assur to vote for a Democrat.
    Their whole agenda is opposite anything the Torah says.


    Much as I DESPISE Trump I would still want him to win over Biden. Even so I don’t know if I can bring myself to vote for him


    Maskim who ever votes for Biden is a fool


    There are several conservative Republican leaders with similar economic, national security and social policies who are likely to defeat Biden or any Dem candidate w/o the lying, self-adulation, racist and misogynistic baggage. Why put the country through another 4 years of that garbage if you say you liked Trump’s policies but not the individual.

    Shimon Nodel

    You don’t have to vote for biden or trump. If AOC was running against Schumer, would you vote for Schumer or none of them? How about Marjorie Green against Pelosi?


    Voting for Democrats on the federal level is highly antithetical to Torah values.


    There is no way he will run. He is in it for the money at this point.


    >There is no way he will run. He is in it for the money at this point.

    If that’s true he lost half his wealth over presidency.


    Depends on who’s running against him. Against Hitler, I vote for Trump, because he is too incompetent to run a holocaust. Against Elizabeth Warren, no.


    Elizabeth Warren is a Hitlerite wannabe.

    Shimon Nodel


    No one likes Elizabeth Warren, but you’re not contributing to the conversation. You should know better


    I think a stalin/mao/chavez wannabe would be a more appropriate comparison, as she is on the left, not the extreme right


    I’d rather not vote at all than vote for Trump.

    Years ago, when I was a teen, I said something disparaging about the President at that time – most likely Carter. My father z”l heard me, and he said, “Look, if you don’t agree with something the President has done, that’s fine, but don’t disrespect the President or his office.”

    That’s why I could never vote for Trump. He himself didn’t (and still doesn’t) respect the office. He is simply not a mensch.

    (As an aside, I’ve been registered as a Republican since I first registered to vote when I was 17. That’s a long time ago. This past election was the first time I ever voted for a Democrat for President.)


    SN -“No one likes Elizabeth Warren, but you’re not contributing to the conversation. You should know better”

    That also applies to Biden.
    Just look at his Ratings.
    Yet some people claim he won the 2020 election?!?

    ☕️coffee addict

    “I think a stalin/mao/chavez wannabe would be a more appropriate comparison, as she is on the left, not the extreme right“


    Does Nazi stand for nationalist socialism?

    bored_teen 💕

    🇺🇸DESANTIS 2024!!🇺🇸
    Trump is 1. Going to be 78
    2. Has so many things for the Democrats to pick on
    3. He was a great president but he’s always putting his foot in his mouth! The republicans need fresh, newer (preferably younger) faces.


    Bored -“DESANTIS”

    How about Trump as President & Desantis is as VP?
    So when they Impeach Trump, they’ll get a Straight Narrow Guy to stand up to these Loosers.


    To the doubters – there is a (leaked?) poll apparently conducted by Trump-associated group that shows T beating B in 5 critical states he lost last time around, and having massive 10+ point advantages on most issues.

    T can become president in 2021/early 2022 – run for Congress, become speaker, impeach B and KH.

    Prefer T to imitators, despite reservations because:
    1) Many politicians talk nicely about issues, there is 10% chance they’ll do something, and even then in some limited way. Jerusalem as capital is a good example. The law is on the books for decades, every President says he’ll do it, and then does not, until Trump.
    2) He has an un-orthodox business approach to matters. Sometimes risky, but he got results in areas where there was a stand-off for decades.
    3) There is evidence that the risk above is mitigated by him actually listening to people and changing his mind when confronted even by people who are not his natural allies (delayed Afghanistan withdrawal, for example)


    To compare governing styles – B still can’t fill position of FDA chief after dismissing T’s nominee without waiting for new one. After months of deliberations, B finally settled on an innovative idea – use same chief as O did! He was now late submitting documents to Senate by a week (for the guy who already had these documents in a lockbox) so this is going in 2022. And this is for the agency that is making critical covid decisions. I think half of those who voted for B will not do it again out of embarrassment.


    Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, who became commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic began, resigned on Jan 20 as part of the routine departure of senior political appointees that happens when a new administration takes office.

    Dr. Hahn was about to resign right after Jan 7th in shock at the Trump inspired attack on the capital the previous day.

    Dr. Janet Woodcock, the longtime head of the F.D.A.’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Review, has been serving as acting commissioner. Due to he excellent qualifications, she was being considered for the post of commissioner.

    The agency has always had an excellent acting commissioner under Biden.

    That republicans can still vote for Trump is embarrassing.

    Trump’s governing style was that he loved acting commissioners because he did not need senate approval and he could fire them whenever he felt they weren’t sufficient sycophants to him. He did this numerous times with numerous agencies.

    Trump won’t even be nominated.


    The biggest difference between Thanksgiving 2020 and Thanksgiving 2021: 20 million people on unemployment benefits then vs. 2 million on unemployment today.


    Alot will depend how the economy, inflation and covid is in 2023. If the price of gas is $10.00 a gallon becuase progressive want everyone to drive electric cars, I think Biden can’t win and Trump will . I think Trump will only run if he thinks he can win.
    Trump has high negitives but so does Biden. The 2022 election is the key if the Republican take over both Houses of Congress they maybe able to repeal some of the progressive legislation such as rebates for electric cars and building electric (gas) stations all accross the country. For example, it takes 8 – 12 hours to recharge the car’s battery which is fine if you have your own driveway and charging station. If you live in an apartment building you can do a fast charge which will take about an hour but when will you have time. Currently it takes 5-10 minutes to fill up your gas tank. Also they are not allowing new buildings to be heated by natural gas so they are going to be heated by electricity. Electricity unlike gas can’t be stored in large quanitities, which will result in higher prices.

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