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    Sam Klein

    What is the Democrats main reason of hatred against President Donald trump? Is it his great accomplishment on the economy-which is really all Hashems work but Hashem has chosen him as the middleman messenger-or putting up the wall? What do YOU think is the main reason for the Democrats hatred of President Trump?

    ☕️coffee addict

    Because he’s a republican and he’s not failing


    They hate him because he’s good for America and they want to destroy it.

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump abuses his power behaving as a king and not as a president.


    Today is October 3rd 2019. Trump has done so much just today to be impeached.

    The question is fakert. When will the Republican’s realize that he will be impeached and after he leaves the presidency he will be fighting jail time ?
    No wall. No NK deal. No Iran deal. No China deal. Nothing.


    There Ribono Shel Olam should give United States President Donald John Trump the strength, stamina, health, wisdom and blessings to remain in the Oval Office until the secular year 2025; including winning an overwhelming victory in 2020.

    Sam Klein

    How much more do the democrats hate Trump today then when he was president back in 2018?

    How much more desperate are they going to be to pull another false election just to make sure that Trump doesn’t win?


    If you read the 43 tweets that Trump sent out on October 3, 2019, you will be able to figure out how many turned out to be complete lies and deserving of impeachment.


    Just imagine how much hatred for Biden the Republican’s have that Republican James Comer, the chair of the Oversight Committee from 2023, who held a Press conference a week ago to announce a SHOCKING whistleblower report on the Biden family, announced yesterday to Maria Bartiromo that he DOES NOT HAVE A WHISTELBLOWER .

    Comer was surrounded by all the other lying Republicans at the press conference to announce the SHOCKING WHISTLEBLOWER, but does not have the decency to have another Press conference to retract his lies.

    Comer has nothing on President Biden.

    Whereas, Trump is up to his eyeballs in criminal activity.
    Mar-A-Lago was raided because he is felon.
    He was liable $5,000,000 for defaming a person he abused and he continues to defame her even after he lost.
    Congress was attacked and a person lost her life on Jan 6th due to his encouragement. But Trump calls the person a patriot and the Security guard a thug. That it the leader of the Law and Order party. Just another silly republican slogan which is a lie.
    He is not a decent human being to even beg forgiveness from the people in jail because of him.

    As the chair of the Oversight Committee from 2023, Comer has declined or stopped investigations into former President Donald Trump, instead starting investigations into President Joe Biden and his family.


    I thought the Republicans hate Trump more. Only the RINOs fawn over him.


    “I thought the Republicans hate Trump more. Only the RINOs fawn over him.”

    Would that this were true. He accumulated massive debt (Biden would have to nearly double his debt in the next year to catch up to Trump), redistributed wealth in the form of hand-out checks, put Fauci on TV every night and shilled for unconstitutional lockdowns, never built a wall or even tried, never repealed Obamacare, never undid the Iran deal, etc. He was arguably the most left-wing president in the history of America. At this point, the only people still in love with Trump are basically a cult or people that don’t care at all about policy and just like whatever makes liberals upset.


    @Neville-Chaim-Berlin You forgot that he also signed more gun control laws than Biden or Obama.


    Dear Neville,

    The Trump base, is those who are in love with television. In our circles those are a growing minority. Across America, it is a significant chunk of the populace. If you would sit on the couch all day in front of a large screen, who do want to hear from Donald Trump or Jeff Flake? And would you really want to here mussar from the President about living a moral life, or would you rather hear about how there are bigger lowlifes out there to blame?


    If you’re looking for a job in Florida, you might want to consider some red-hot new career opportunities picking vegetables, tarring roofs or cleaning hotel toilets.

    Thanks to the imperatives of campaign messaging, Florida is about to make life harder for the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants working in the state.

    We’re going to be spending millions of tax dollars to fly them to other states or to scare them away by implementing a law that fines some of their employers $1,000 per day for giving them jobs.

    You might think that chasing undocumented residents from the farm fields, construction sites and janitorial closets where they’ve been working is an exercise in political bottom-feeding.

    But it’s best to think of it as great news for those of you who have felt stung by being unfairly left out of those pre-dawn bus rides to the crops, summer afternoons on the construction site and late nights in filthy office bathrooms. You have an opportunity now to reclaim these “stolen” jobs.


    Trump is hated because he is a demagogue, a la Mussolini, he is a con-artist, a liar extraordinaire, a lecher and a sore loser.
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg !


    Jackk, you think you’re being brilliant and whity by talking like nobody would ever be lowly enough to want to work those blue collar jobs, but it just makes you look like a spoiled champagne socialist. Jobs going back to working class Americans rather than going to illegal slave labor is generally viewed as a good thing, even by democrats.


    So Sam Klein, our perpetual “blame it on Hashem” acolyte wants to know why Dems hate Trump? Well, given the YWN editorial guidelines limiting the length of responses, its really difficult to respond other than to observe that even the Ebeshter may be having second thoughts.


    I suggest reading the short 300 page Durham repo issued today.
    Describes in plain terms how senior leaders at fbi misbehaved in creating Trump investigations while being afraid of Hillary because she might bear a grudge after the election. If you are a real liberal, you should be mad how these people damaged your cause by their lies.


    I guess the news about America’s disgraceful former Mayor isn’t so important so I will say it.

    He has been sued for $10,000,000 for abuse and many other things he is liable for.

    The lady suing him has many recordings and emails which show that he was working with Trump to sell pardons for 2 million dollars.
    She has records of the plan to steel the election if Trump lost way before January 6th.
    He also makes many antisemitic remarks.
    This is the person Trump was listening to fraudulently commit seditious treason.


    Or you could look at the Durham investigation and see that bill barr and the rest of the Republicans wasted 6 million in a worthless investigation because they are afraid of Trump.


    In other important republican news, the lady member of the party with family values Ms Boebert is ditching her husband.


    jackk > worthless investigation

    did you actually read it and feel everything mentioned there is OK? FNI agents considering an investigative action against a political candidate and one warning another – she is going to be a President and she will not forget?


    I kind of agree with Jackk, but not for his reasons. No sane American actually believes that Trump was a Russian asset. Everyone has come to terms with the fact that the whole Muller investigation was a hoax.

    That being said, I don’t see the point of the Durham investigation. Nothing is going to happen, and they didn’t uncover anything that isn’t general knowledge.



    You are making a good point that there might be good questions in the report and of course I did not read a single page of the 300 page report. But the whole report does not make any sense to me or to any other lay person.

    Does the FBI have a computer program or lawbook that needs to input exact factors and information before it will legally allow them to start an investigation? That is ridiculous.

    Or does the FBI have a computer program or lawbook that you needs exact factors and information before it will legally allow them to warn social media of a possible Russian influence on our election? That is ridiculous.

    The FBI should be able to start investigations and warn social media based on many factors that lead them to believe that an investigation is worthwhile.
    These factors might simply be based on the past history of known evil countries and their leaders. Or members of a campaign who are working for foreign governments and want to become rich after working in the military for 25 years.

    So I don’t care really care about every single factor why the FBI started it’s investigation.
    If Trump’s campaign was doing nothing illegal , then they had nothing to worry about.


    AAQ: There were a bunch of FBI agents (including Peter Strozk, Lisa Page etc) who acted like a bunch of jerks with a clear political agenda but nothing compared to the Trumpkopfs planning to “rewrite the constitution” stage a coup and keep him in office after he lost the election. I wish we could wake up in the AM and the Trumps, Bidens, Clintons would all be gone and both parties could put forward some of the really smart and talented young leaders that I suspect most Americans wish they could choose from in the 2024 election cycle.


    Most people aren’t as into boot licking as you and WOULD in fact mind being investigated for no reason other than for being a political enemy. To each his own, I guess.

    Uh oh. I think I actually agree with something Gadolhadorah said.


    Jackk, yes, gov agencies that have extraordinary powers over citizens have laws and policies to keep them straight. For example, FISA applications to allow surveillance of US citizens have special forms with specific questions that need to be verified and signed by several people. In this case, it appears that some of these questions were answered based on not looking at them, some people were routinely signing them presuming others checked them out, some were given to junior people who did not understand what they were doing. The FBI agent who was found guilty put into the form the inverse of what he was told. And multiple cases, where they act because the senior leadership is asking them daily – “Nu?”, and opposite for Hillary investigation.

    In one case, when agents realized that all the information about, I think, Carter Page was not supported – they AGAIN renewed fake FISA, justifying it by – let’s verify that this is all wrong and clear his name. This is totally against the rules – they are not charged with investigating someone until “proven innocent”.

    One interesting conclusion is that the whole saga was started by Mrs. Ohr bringing fake info from Justice dept to her British employer, who then resold that back to US via … Mr. Ohr and then used to trigger investigation.

    Note that all of this is NOT an indictment of a typical FBI agent. Most of T investigations was done by the headquarters taking over the investigation instead of regular offices – a highly irregular thing, and therefore there was no “chain of command” supervision.

    I don’t want to go through everything – you would not believe me anyway, and I can mix it up. I would suggest that you do this exercise yourself – just read first 20 pages of the summary, and then scroll to some random places and tell us what you think.


    Neville, some of this “public knowledge” possibly came as leaks from, or in opposition to, this investigation. Some of that was clearly new to some of the participants. Report mention one FBI agent, leaving to cry and returning to say that the info Durham showed him was withheld from him and this affected his investigation.

    There is also clear information about multiple named participants in the same meeting “forgetting” what was said at the meeting – not enough to prosecute, but enough to form opinion about them. Some are still in senior positions in the government.



    Since my post answering you somehow was not posted, I will summarize.

    The argument you make is called a straw man fallacy.

    It refutes words that I never said and that I certainly agree with.

    I have no idea what boot licking you are referring to.


    Again, I agree with you about the process and lying on FISA.

    The FBI admitted that they did things that were improper.

    My point is that to conclude that the whole investigation was politically motivated with zero basis and not acknowledging that there were very serious reasons to investigate because of Trump’s campaign members behavior is wrong in my mind.

    Russia helping Trump get elected is not a hoax and the FBI was warranted to suspect that Trump’s campaign was involved in getting their help. Michael Flynn was a member of the campaign and he was not an innocent figure.

    emes nisht sheker

    After seeing the topic and then making the wise decision to not bother reading comments whining about how it is all so unfair or whatever they blather on about I decided I just want you to tell us about your hate for Biden instead.

    No, I won’t come back to even read replies here or waste my time with this, but you and others seem very upset and probably need this safe space to vent.


    Jackk, I would be interested to hear your opinion about what is in the report, but you seem to be rehashing your opinions without reading it. Is it some sort of denial mechanism that you are protecting yourself from a cognitive dissonance?



    I downloaded the report.

    I am not reading 350 pages with footnotes just to argue with you.
    I started reading a little and it says things like – the FBI investigated into this person although it did not have sufficient facts to warrant it. Same with a few other people.

    Ask me about a specific instance mentioned in it and we can discuss it.

    I could not find anywhere about an agent crying. Please explain.

    Your comment about denial reminds me of the reason I stopped reading your posts because you did it to me before. Allow me to return the free psychology session. Maybe instead of having a real discussion, you feel a need to gain leverage by being a psychologist over the internet. Better you should leave out the psychobabble.


    Jackk, you said:
    “So I don’t care really care about every single factor why the FBI started it’s investigation.
    If Trump’s campaign was doing nothing illegal , then they had nothing to worry about.”

    This along with the rest of your quote was basically saying that there’s nothing wrong with the FBI investigating someone as long as they have nothing to hide. I was assuming you applied this logic generally, but I guess you only apply it to Trump. I had underestimated your hypocrisy and I apologize.

    Sam Klein

    Gadol hatorah

    You wrote that Hashem might even be having second thoughts in regards for choosing Trump as his Shliach to be the president of the USA previously. Did I read that correctly?

    In regards to that I think there is one very important fact about Hashem our loving father and king of kings ruler of the entire world that you forgot.

    There is a famous saying about Hashem “there is one thing Hashem cannot do, yes you read that correctly and read it again. THERE IS ONE THING HASHEM CANNOT DO and that is that Hashem cannot make a mistake. So in regards to this fact about Hashem it seems to be in contradiction with what you wrote above that you think Hashem made a mistake for choosing Trump to be his Shliach to be the president of the USA.

    May we all do serious Teshuva very soon so we won’t need elections for the next presidential elections and will be in Yerushalayim with the 3rd Bais hamikdosh rebuilt bkarov.

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