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    Reb Eliezer

    Remember the Alamo! Rumors are that he wants to pick anti-Semite MTG as VP.
    John McCain lost when he picked Sarah Palin.


    Dear Reb Eliezer,

    You fought in the Alamo?

    Dr. Pepper

    Did you see my happy birthday wishes in the other thread?

    If not – have a happy belated birthday.



    IF Trump runs in 2024 it makes no difference who he picks for Vice-President, since Biden will be elected and it will matter who he has as VEEP.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Reb eliezer,

    I didn’t know you believe rumors (oh I guess if it’s about trump the rumor MUST be true)

    And if true then trump is just checking a box, no different than Biden picking Harris


    trump in 2024?


    He won’t run…he will be too busy playing golf on the senior tour.
    As you may have heard (or read on Truth Social) the Donald declared himself the winner of the Senior Championship held last weekend at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm. Even more amazing, he NEVER played in the first day 18 hole round of the 36 hole tournament. Tournament participants arrived for second day were both surprised and totally confused to see Trump’s name on the scoreboard with a five-point lead. Apparently, Trump played a round on the course by himself earlier in the week and then directed the tournament officials (also his employees) to count that round AS IF he had played in the tournament. Needless to say, he also claimed he had an incredibly great round since his low (imagined) score was enough to offset the higher score for the second round which he played. Apparently, no one was willing to file a formal complaint with the Golf Club management.


    No matter who ends up winning the presidential election in 2024 Hashem runs the entire world and it’s just a question of who will be the messenger/actor for Hashem to make it look like he’s running the USA but we all know the truth that it has already been decided by Hashem who will win the physical presidential election year in 2024.

    So if the above is the honest truth then why do we even need to go out and vote? Ever heard of something called HISHTADLUS? we all need to do our part and also something called “ain somchin al Hanais” which means we can’t just sit back and depend on Miracles when it comes to ANY situation in life from livelihood to government elections to a persons health etc…..

    Lets all remember this and start to turn directly to Hashem whenever we need anything in our lives including success in upcoming presidential election’s

    ☕️coffee addict

    Thank you yungermanS,

    I need a little dose of emunah and bitachon every now and then for my sanity


    “Lets all remember this and start to turn directly to Hashem whenever we need anything in our lives including success in upcoming presidential elections…”
    Umein. So we should all daven that the Ebeshter arrange for the Donald to move on to his chelek of olam habah b’maharah b’yamenu (but no later than the February 12, 2023 New Hampshire primary).


    There are better conservative candidates who are more trustworthy.



    Did you actually intend to post that someone should die in the next few weeks? If so, right back at ya!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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