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    Sometimes Justice DOES work !
    ex-president Donald Trump indicted today !
    Whoopee ! Yahoooo !
    Siman Tov and Mazal Tov !
    Sh’koiach !!!

    Sam Klein

    Pure corruption from the democratic party to try to get rid of Trump but it’s not going to work. It’s just going to make the republican party stronger.

    Thank you for helping make Trump stronger towards the 2024 presidential election race


    Real hate over dere!!!:)


    Donald Trump freed Jonathan Pollard –- something other presidents did not do.

    Donald Trump was the ONLY President to have two Orthodox Jews as close advisors.

    Donald Trump cut-off funding to terrorists, resulting in a big decrease in terrorist attacks.

    Donald Trump showed that Jerusalem is Jewish, by moving the USA Embassy to Jerusalem.
    (Something many other presidents promised, but never did.)

    And lots of other things that we must be grateful for.

    When you rejoice over the downfall of Donald Trump,
    you are rejoicing over the downfall of the most
    pro-Jewish and pro-Israel president of all time.

    That makes you a wicked fool.
    The G*D-of-Israel HATES ungrateful people.

    Our obligation as Jews is to give gratitude to those who helped us,
    not to judge them for their flaws,
    and certainly not to rejoicing over their downfall.

    Those who rejoice over the downfall of those who helped us
    (like Donald Trump) they make Chillul HaShem,
    because people will say:

    PS: Under Donald Trump, inflation was under-control.
    Under President Joe Biden, inflation is out-of-control.


    I don’t know why everyone is siding with this low life and by bill Clinton every one said what a low life
    When by this donald duck it happened time and again


    Square root- how much hakores hatov do you have to Biden and Obama for sending tons and tons of arms to Israel all these years?
    So they weren’t buddies with Israel’s PM. Since when do they have to be pals? And trumps inviting a neo-nazi for dinner was OK with you? Or when neo-nazis marched and Trump said there are good people on both sides, that was also OK with you? Or when helied and said Mexico was going to pay for that Wall he had 4 years to build, and didn’t.
    Your moshiach was far from the ideal.


    Same a Clinton, a goy is a goy. The President is not supposed to be a tzaddik gamur, but he/she should have some basic moral boundaries that we can look up to. The actions that Trump took (which there is overabundant evidence for and he himself never denied) go way beyond the pale of what is acceptable in a moral society. Even the most mushchisdikeh liberal would shake their head in disgust at someone who did what he did, kal v’chomer conservatives who are supposed to have Yiras Hashem, and al achas kama v’kama Yidden. We should have, as a whole, refused to support this man once the allegations were too obvious to ignore.

    Shimon Nodel

    I can guarantee he won’t be arrested anytime soon. He’ll draw this out as long as possible


    American exceptionalism is dead. All the other superpowers use the legal system to crush the opposition. Why should American be any different. As Obama said, American exceptionalism is bad. If countries like China and Russia through opposition leaders in jail, why should the United States be any different.


    Even the most mushchisdikeh liberal would shake their head in disgust?

    What is mushchisdikeh liberal and how does an poishete progressive rise to this level of liberalism?


    Square Root: Your post reads like something out of the Haggadah where we say if the Ebeshter had done X or Y or Z it would have been enough (aka Dayanu). Some of us will approach this from a somewhat different perspective that even just one indictment (in New York) will be sufficient, notwithstanding our preference for three (including the Special Counsel and Georgia).


    Square, did you fail to mention freeing Mordechai Rubashkin because he is not a zionist, snd therefore less important than a spy who betrayed his host country and furthered antisemitic tropes of dual loyalty?

    Granted, pollard served way more time than necessary for his offense, and became frum. He paid his debt and i jave nothing against him, but Rubashkin did far, far less… didn’t hurt anyone and was sentenced to an absurd amount of time.


    I agree with SquareRoot – it is anti Jewish to be a kofeh tova and the essence of a Jew to have Hakaras Hatov and Donald Trump deserves a tremendous amount of hakaras hatov. (And Obama also deserves it and BH I have never seen a Yid daven for Obama to suffer). I have always maintained that the best President for the Jews was Trump and a distance but still second place finisher is Obama.

    I disagree on the point that Trump bears no responsibility for inflation – of course he does. The handouts started under him. He always talks about the market V that he created post Covid. Well that V caused this inflation.

    As for the indictment, I do not understand what was illegal.

    It is not illegal to have an affair. It is not illegal to pay off the zona. Some have couched this as follows: he took the payment as a business expense when it was not. I do not believe he is being charged with any tax violations and I am certain he would have been had he evaded taxes. Some have said that the payments amount to a campaign contribution which he should have disclosed. Why does not a person have to disclose campaign contributions to his own campaign? I understand that we need to know which special interests, corporations or countries are making campaign contributions but we all assume that a person use as much and as liittle of his own money on his campaign and it ill not change the influence a person has on himself.

    Everyone should be chilled by the idea that a county prosecutor can go after a Federal official and leading candidate for petty crimes. What will stop some county prosecutor in Iowa, Idaho or South Dakota from going after a leading Democrat for petty offenses?

    The whole thing looks un-American and wrong both to Trump supporters and to other Republicans, Independents and many Democrats. The American people are not stupid, they can see what is really happening.


    What is the fuss about. In most great countries the job of the public prosecutor is to think up new charges (e.g. paying off an blackmailer to drop a lawsuit – since when is settling a fraudulent lawsuit a crime) to take down opposition leaders. The fact that no one (not to mention a former president and leader of the opposition) has ever been charged with this crime just shows how clever the prosecutor is.
    When they have a convention of prosecutors (perhaps to hand out the Roland Freisler Memorial Award) the US will no longer need to hang its head in shame compared to the really great countries such as Russia and China where prosecutors have been very successful in trumping up charges against those opposing established political correctness.

    Reb Eliezer

    We are not happy at his downfall but the fact that the law applies to everyone.


    Exactly which law is it that applies to everyone including Trump? The hush money law? What a joke – in the US under Biden, the law does not apply equally to everyone. There is clearly a 2-tiered system of justice where democrat elites avoid persecution for crimes all other US citizens would be put away for, for a long time the Biden family corrupt influence peddling being just one of many, many examples.

    emes nisht sheker

    For those not sure that this is fair… Look up John Edwards. 10 years ago, John Edwards, a Democrat, had his Presidential campaign undermined for such behavior and then faced criminal charges in North Carolina over this.

    Trump and his cronies can stop whining about how unfair this all is. He has avoided responsibility for so many things he has done. He has been treated with kid gloves and has numerous people supporting him not facing consequences because of politics.

    I am not even suggesting that what we know about these charges is that big of a deal or he should sit prison for them, but for those crying over this, seriously move on. It is not like he is the first person to ever be indicted. If you want to cry, maybe cry for all the small businesses he has stiffed over the years when he filed for bankruptcy. Guess plating his faucets with gold was more important than being decent.


    “Trump has been endorsed by 37 House Republicans,” including more than a third of Republican members on Judiciary and Oversight committees. The report notes that, facing criminal charges in New York, Trump calls for lawmakers to initiate a probe against President Joe Biden – whom Trump repeatedly accused of corruption – and New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg. A despicable show



    Influence peddling is not a crime. If it was, Ivanka, Jared, Jr and Eric would have been indicted a long time ago.

    Trump will be indicted for what many other people were convicted of and are currently sitting in jail for. It’s not a novel crime, nor a novel indictment.


    Sure – threatening to make funding granted by congress to Ukraine contingent upon dropping an investigation against Barisma, the laptop, taking hush money from China to perpetuate anti-lab leak propaganda – nothing criminal to see there. The Biden regime is an anti- American, corrupt, treasonous administration, and is turning America in to a third-world country with unchecked borders, unprecedented levels of crime, inflation, supply shortages and has made America a laughingstock on the world stage. Denial is a rather immature ego defense mechanism.


    >>>For those not sure that this is fair… Look up John Edwards. 10 years ago, John Edwards, a Democrat, had his Presidential campaign undermined for such behavior and then faced criminal charges in North Carolina over this.

    No comparison between Trump & Edwards . Edwards paid one million to his mistress out of campaign funds and did not report it. Therefore he had the standard investigation into misuse of campaign funds that is common.

    Trump for his part was using his own money from The Trump Organization. He booked it as legal fees. Even assuming that was incorrect that would only be a misdemeanor. Therefore they are claiming that is also helped and was a part of his campaign to drag felony charges into it.

    Had Edwards spent a million dollars of his own money he never would have ended up in court.

    (Another difference is that Edwards was using his terminally-ill wife and his alleged devotion to her as a campaign prob while fathering a child with his mistress during the campaign. Trump for his part never denied being a first class jerk. At least in his personal life . Therefore the intrinsic argument of deception and advancing your campaign with hush money is inherently a weaker case against Trump )


    @dbrim Why are you defending the actions of this man? Is it so important to people that public figures should be able to misuse funds to pay for aveiros?


    facts – Trump by now is the most acquitted person in this country. Is it normal to have so many investigations, audits, special councils, impeachments for one guy – with minimal results (so far)? I would not have been surprised for a lot of misconduct to be found given types of businesses Trump is involved in, and was pleasantly surprised when not much was found so far.

    One outcome of this process that political offices will be even more restricted to people who spent their life collecting public salaries, as anyone involved in business would not want to be treated this way. Even Mitt Romney who apparently did not have any shady deals was painted as a greedy capitalist who “did not build that”.


    ” Trump by now is the most acquitted person in this country…”

    Aside from “acquittal” in political theater (aka impeachment) because the Republicans in the Senate have no backbone, he has never been personally indicted so he cannot have been acquitted. The Trump organization was recently convicted of tax evasion and Trump himself has repeatedly settled cases (e.g. Trump Univ, etc.) rather than go to trial.

    Amil Zola

    How the heck can he be ‘the most acquitted person in this country’? Gotti has him beat with three. I’m sure there are other criminals who have also been acquitted. Acquittal doesn’t mean innocence.


    Go sit shiva with your reform friend when he wins again.

    Reb Eliezer

    The sinner returns to the place of sin.


    ok, I concede it was a theatrical phrase. Change from the “most acquitted” to the “most investigated” in a wider sense of this word. And it worked well for T – when he was in politics, he knew that everything could, and would, be used against him.

    Do we have other presidents, whose phone calls with world leaders were leaked because some staffer listening on did not like the turn of a phrase? If they were, they would have been better presidents. I am more surprised that no significant dirt was found in his (and his father’s) previous real estate businesses before he became a politician. As an example, some people here compare allegations against T’s and B’s children. Whatever they are, T’s kids run legit businesses, where something might have been, theoretically, improper, while B’s kid got paid by shady companies from our adversaries without any business expertise.


    To all the MAGA supporters :
    Please prepare a list of all the people connected to this trial (judge, jury, lawyers, etc …) that you have already decided are democrats, or biased, or soros backed, or trump haters and those that you feel will give Trump a fair trial.


    Incredibly weak indictment. Big problem for the DA is that he will have to show that there was an effort to hide the payoffs in furtherance of “another crime”. Plain meaning of the New York statute would appear to be another STATE crime. Here, the DA is claiming the other crime was the FEDERAL crime of election interference. If the “crime” can be construed as ANY crime, there are no bounds on how the statute could be applied. While the issue has not been litigated, it will be a tough case and might be dismissed at the circuit court level IF it make it though the state appeals court.

    Amil Zola

    I’m in the midst of my second reading of the indictment.


    This is the first count.

    There are 34 of these.

    THE GRAND JURY OF THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK, by this indictment, accuses The defendant of the crime of FALSIFYING BUSINESS RECORDS IN THE FIRST DEGREE, in violation of Penal Law §175.10, committed as follows:
    The defendant, in the County of New York and elsewhere, on or about February 14, 2017,with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission
    thereof, made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise, to wit, an invoice from Michael Cohen dated February 14, 2017, marked as a record of the Donald J. Trump
    Revocable Trust, and kept and maintained by the Trump Organization.

    Dr. Pepper


    That’s hilarious. (Your post to all MAGA supporters.)

    What’s not hilarious is that in the future (hopefully very distant future) you and all other lefty loony libs are going to stand before the Judge of all Judges, a Judge that will have no mercy on Democrats, a Judge that can’t be bribed by Soros and a Judge that will know the truth no matter how good of a liar you think you are.

    There will be no DA to grant you cashless bail or a woke jury that will send you to Gan Eden if you claim you woke up feeling like a female. You’re not going to be able to ignore Hashem like you ignore the posts that call out your lies and you’re going to have to answer on your own behalf as there will be no lawyer to defend you. You’re also not going to get parole.

    You’re going to have to explain to Hashem why so many Yidden in the generations above us had so little and were willing to give up the little that they had for the sake of perpetuating Yiddishkeit while we BH have so much yet you’re willing to vehemently defend the political party that is doing all in its power to destroy the Torah. Those who vote Democrat for entitlements that the government gives out in this world (for those who don’t want to take responsibility for themselves) will RL realize when it’s too late that it’s miniscule compared to what is in store for them in the next world.

    And those who use these threads as a platform to RL spread their anti-Torah views will have to take responsibility not only for themselves but for all those who sin based on what they posted.

    I keep davening that you and the other libs see the light before it’s too late and do Teshuva.

    The Democrats may have some victories here and there and the Republicans may lose some battles here and there but ultimately Hashem is in control.


    How come I don’t see white men burning cities down like we were told they would?


    @jackk You don’t have to go through all of them. Every one of the 34 counts is a variation on “falsifying paperwork”. It’s the same paperwork each time. If he’s not guilty on even one of them (which is exceedingly likely considering how flimsy the case is and the caliber of lawyers Trump can provide) the whole thing falls apart.


    Gadol > While the issue has not been litigated

    Is it usual for the NYC DAs to pursue someone for “falsifying business records” while also testing issues that were not litigated? It looks like the Congress will be justified in arresting the prosecutor for “election interference” – trying to prosecute with unusual zeal of a candidate for federal election. Or, at least, this should be a good reason for a federal court to accept an appeal and the case to go to US Supreme Court?

    emes nisht sheker

    GadolHatora – Numerous people, including politicians and business people have been put in jail on that penal code section so calling it weak is somewhat disingenuous if not ignorant. Trump is in serious legal jeopardy here with potential jail time.


    this case apparently includes claims that writing personal checks is business records; that overpaying taxes is an offense against the state; that federal elections are the state matter; that not letting people negative information before election is fraud; and maybe more.

    this is a dangerous case for the Clintons. If this becomes settled law, Bill Clinton will be charged rent for using White House rooms as a motel; then for not declaring this income for tax purposes, and for lying to a federal investigation in order to preserve his political power and plan his wife’s federal election. Hillary will be charged for not paying damages for the lamp she threw into Bill as part of the concealment efforts, then for not reporting this to the news. Then, she will be charged with wiping her server with the cloth in order to win federal elections.

    All government guys who asked social media for a delay of NY Post publication about Hunter’s business deals will be charged in NYC for same election interference and will sing as a chorus.


    Emes: I’m fully aware of the caselaw on that section of the NYS code through which 2-year time constrained misdemeanor charges are leverage up into 5-year timelines but the point I’m making is that the linkage here to the Federal “crime” is considerably more attenuated and is ripe for judicial review in a federal appellate court. I didn’t find anything on WestLaw testing the application of the code to the fact pattern Bragg cited in yesterday’s charging document. Nothing would make me happier than to see Bragg’s charges sustained but I’ve consistently believed this was the wrong case to bring at the wrong time.
    AAQ: You say that, “Congress will be justified in arresting the prosecutor for “election interference…” If that was the case, and Congress had such authority, Nancy and Chuck would have the Trumpkopf, Eastman, Clark, Guiliani and the rest of the gang sitting in D.C. jail. Congress does not have “arrest authority” beyond say having the Sargent at Arms round up members for a floor vote or arguably, “arrest” a potential witness who failed to honor a Committee subpoena and lock them up in the Capital basement.


    Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Rep. Jim Jordan and others for what the prosecutor says is a brazen and unconstitutional attack by members of Congress on the prosecution and investigation of former president Donald Trump.

    Lawyers for Bragg’s office and private law firm Gibson Dunn filed the 50-page civil complaint in U.S. District Court in Manhattan seeking to interrupt an investigation launched by Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Jordan and his committee are trying to obtain confidential investigative materials compiled during the district attorney’s criminal probe.

    Among other things, Bragg is asking a federal judge to invalidate a subpoena from Jordan’s committee to former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz, who split with Bragg’s office early last year following a dispute over how the case should proceed. Pomerantz’s subpoena demands he appear for testimony on April 20.


    The most surprising aspect of the Bragg lawsuit against Jordan is the signature block. Never would have imagined that Gibson Dunn would have taken on this case against the Republican House wingnuts.

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