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    Every former US President alive has publicly condemned Putin in the strongest possible terms, except for one, Donald Trump. Instead Trump called Putin a genius. In an interview with Ingraham instead of calling out Putin he whined about the election.. John Kelly Trump’s former chief of staff said that his reaction to Trump’s comments was disbelief. Trump has an unhealthy admiration for the likes of Putin and Kim and has expressed his love and admiration for tyrants.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Does anyone have paper and pen and a calculator? I am really curious but don’t have time to do the research. How many recent threads are there about trump and how many times does Trump get inserted into threads that have nothing to do with him? – and of that number, what percentage are from people who supported trump as president? Im hypothesising that the haters just can’t let go.


    In addition to what the OP said, Trump is a coward, with or without bone spurs. Also, he is monumentally stupid, and I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Putin has information about Trump that would embarrass the otherwise shameless Trump.

    And would the Trumpkopfs among us explain why Israel’s “greatest friend” has so many supporters among the anti-Semitic militias, and how the frum Trumpkopfs reconcile that with their support for Trump.

    Reb Eliezer

    He has an inferiority complex to praise tyrants as he does not feel adequate, so he has to see himself greater than he is.



    Can you explain why so many rabid anti-semites support Biden, Harris, Clinton etc.. (Apparently for Obama, you don’t need an answer to understand).

    If actions speak louder than words, then try to reconcile your comment about who are the true anti-semites. If you are willing to be honest in your assessment.

    I do not know details, but I can tell you that Putin did not pull this while Trump was president. And who knows what type of deals old and young Biden had in Ukraine.



    Are your constant angry posts against someone not currently in office intended to deflect criticism from brainless Brandon, the clueless napper-in-chief?


    nishtdayngesheft: Not meaning to oversimplify, but there are many vocal anti-semetic groups whose support for Trump is exactly because of their perception that notwithstanding his strong stand on Israel, he has said things that came across to them as disparaging of American Jews and other minorities (or at least tolerant of those views). Whereas even if Biden were an anti-semite (I never heard any such thing), nobody who supports Biden supports him for for the reason that he has any such (perceived) hate.
    And Trump’s support of Bibi was a show for evangelicals, who largely support Israel for their own religious doctrine, not for us. Whereas democrats’ support of religious liberty and TOLERANCE on our own soil is a benefit to everyone, though tolerance now-a-days can get a bit extreme.

    True by the way, Putin didn’t do this on Trump’s watch. After thinking about it, I’ve concluded that at best, Trump could claim that his unpredictable nature on any issue big or small could have scared Putin. But at the same time, that unpredictable nature is the nature of a dictator so he basically normalized and licensed other nations to act like dictators to get what they want, instead of negotiation and compromise. That’s the last thing we need for global stability. And the world always depended on U.S. to act as an example.
    At worst, it be could be said that while this didn’t happen on his watch, he spent 4 years eroding systems and trust that create stability.


    @Dofi: Please get a thesaurus and come up with some new adjectives to insert before your references to POTUS.




    No need, I’m going with the most accurate descriptions. It seems like you’re bothered by them but I’m not sure why, given your own fondness for adjectives.


    My posts are not meant to deflect criticism from Biden. By all means criticize him when necessary. My posts are meant to counter the grotesque infatuation that so many in our community have with a despot wanna be. Sadly frum media has become a mouthpiece for right wing populism akin to News Max and OAN. I hope that my posts will help offset the biased one sided “reporting” though realistically I know that they likely will not I pray that it helps break the idol worship of this false deity.


    But in fairness, I try to mix them up occasionally …..



    As Brandon’s physical and mental health continue to degrade, I’ll use new adjectives. It’s only a matter of time.



    The Democrats of late have not been supportive of religion or teligious rights, to put it mildly. Need I remind you of Democratic leadership in NY?

    And that is very much the direction of liberals as a whole. Look at how they attacked ACB because she is religious.

    The left leaning anti Israel and anti semites very much voted for Biden and his party because of those beliefs, that religion is something to be scorned. And intersectionality makes Palestinians preferable to Israeli’s.

    Look at the actions of the most vocal in the Democratic Party now, the unholy squad.

    I don not support everything Trump said, says, did or does, but he is not an anti semite. Words that are ascribed to him that might have drawn hateful people towards him were intentional misrepresentations ( in other words, bold faced lies)by MSM and the Democrats. You know the whole there are good people on both sides fiasco.

    TS Baum

    I think you mistook trump for you.

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump is not an anti semite but by not standing up against them, he encourages them.


    nishtdayngesheft- Yes, there are anti-religious in the democratic party but most would say ‘practice what you want, just don’t let it burden others.’ It’s more of a live and let live approach. If you are comfortable sharing a party with some neo-nazi republicans, then it shouldn’t be hard to share a party with some anti-religion people since they happen to be more likely to be OK with you believing and practicing what you want to (just not on their dime). In some ways republicans get it right, just on the whole, I respectfully disagree as to which one today is closer to helping us live in peace in the U.S. Democrats need to shape up but they are still relevant in fighting for our values and right to flourish in America. Good Shabbos


    Can everyone stop pretending we don’t know exactly why trump said what he said? It’s really not complicated. Yes, he’s happy that Biden failed again on the world stage, and he can’t help but point out how Putin totally played Joe Biden. Trumps ego is nothing new, lets stop pretending it is.
    Huju, “And would the Trumpkopfs among us explain why Israel’s “greatest friend” has so many supporters among the anti-Semitic militias, and how the frum Trumpkopfs reconcile that with their support for Trump.”-First of all, it’s unbelievable that you can actually type these words when many of Bidens supporters are anti semetic, and anti israel as well. As for your question, i’m not sure what has to be “reconciled”. I think it’s fair to say that White nationalists and white supremacists are more likely to have nationalistic/patriotic feelings. Trump shares these feelings, but not in the same sense. Actually quite the opposite. Trump is a huge believer in American exceptionalism. Loves
    America for how it evolved to become perhaps the freest country i the history of the world. And I wouldn’t worry about putin having information on trump. I’d actually worry about what they might find out in regards to Hunter Biden and ukraine. And how they might be able to blackmail Joe with that info.



    The clear takeaway is that you align yourself with the squad.

    As bad as any of the most vile bigots who you think are aligned with the “right”. Yet these are the leading arm of the democrat party.


    Er, thanks for acknowledging that Trump’s unpredictability was a deterrence against Putin. I agree.
    And, I think, this is a risk we have to take when dealing with such serious threats. Mitt Romney had a clear anti-Russian position and was laughed at by everyone. So, in the current environment, we can’t get a President that will deter Russia/China/Iran without having some middos problems. I am thinking of Trump like Iftach – someone who is needed under certain circumstances. And then some perspective – I would rather some Brazilian president behave badly possibly influenced by Trump than Putin breaking up post-WW2 order in Europe.

    >> And Trump’s support of Bibi was a show for evangelicals, who largely support Israel for their own religious doctrine, not for us.

    This is a classical example of why midah of gratitude is so difficult. As Kotzker responded when told that someone says bad things about him – “strange, I don’t recall doing anything good to that person!”. Whatever his reasons were, he did a number of steps that sounded outrageous, were predicted to generate a war, and served to strengthen Israel. Is it not good enough to say “thank you”? I understand your larger point that tolerance is good for the Jews in general (Berel Wein remarks that most atrocities happen when Jews are not religious, and non-Jews are; it is better to be other way around). I do disagree with that point, though – with tens of millions of people killed by communists in last century, I weigh the risk of intolerant tolerance higher than you do.


    America’s enemy is Biden, not Putin.


    I heard Pfizer came up with a TDS pill, but has trouble testing it because nobody is asking for a cure. The good news is that we reached herd immunity, with 50 percent already sick, and the other 50 sick of hearing those who are sick. So, with no new anti Trumpers to infect, the main problem now is long TDS. I heard some are cured by taking in videos of vitamins b, d,e,I,n for several hours daily. This finally brings sleep and mental relaxation to the sufferers. Refuah shleima


    “why so many rabid anti-semites support Biden, Harris, Clinton”

    Why do so many anti-Semites support Trump? David Duke. Louis Farrakhan. Marjorie Tayor Greene. Rand Paul. (I didn’t use to think Paul was an anti-Semite but his blocking of Iron Dome proves that he is.)

    “Mitt Romney had a clear anti-Russian position and was laughed at by everyone.”

    Mitt Romney voted to remove Trump from office because Trump tried to stop US aid to Ukraine when President Zelensky refused to kowtow to Trump’s demands to stage a fake investigation of President Biden.

    No other Republicans voted to hold Trump accountable for this horrible abuse. No other Republican has standing to complain about what is happening now as they empowered Trump in his attempts to destroy Ukraine.


    Trump has one policy his ego.
    When Bibi is good for his ego he loves Bibi. When Bibi is bad for his ego he curses him out.
    When condemning antisemites on the left is food for his ego he condemns them, when tolerating antisemites on the right is good for his ego he defends them.
    When Mike Pence is bad for his ego he dumps him under the bus (Same for Jeff Session, Barr, and anyone else)
    When defending and befriending murderous despots is good for his ego he does just that.
    When tearing up the constitution is good for his ego he encourages that.

    Trump has no policy or value besides himself.


    In other news, Germany finally agreed to Trump’s demand to increase their military budget, and to stop nordstream. Next they will start building LNG terminal. Biden is asking oil and gas to increase production without removing long term disincentives. But do talk about egos.


    In other news Biden got Germany to do what Trump could not get Germany to do. Biden is effective on the world stage and Trump was a dismal failure. But the guy with the very big ego and his red hatted followers will never admit it


    Gosar and MTG attend conference with racist neo Nazis (again). Any comment from Trump? GOP? YWN?


    Don’t expect Trump to condemn Gosar or MTG..A coward like Trump will never condemn his loyal minions. And Trump’s “genius” buddy is starting to look a little less smart these days.


    crazy, right, Biden achieved that by first rescinding sanctions, waiting for Putin to start murdering people, and then Germans changing policies. What puzzles me with TDS – there are lots of reasonable ways to criticize Trump and even support some of the current Biden’s policies, despite their failure in several cases, but when you insist that black is white, you will not convince anyone. Presumably, the goal of those who use this approach is to use a crisis to shore up their crazy flank, but those are politicians and media people. What is the hanaah of posting partisan messages on a Jewish discussion site? The only reason I am replyig is that I am concerned for your agitated condition as a fellow Jew.


    to paraphrase a letter to the editor in one of new york’s papers:

    i wonder how many ukrainian men are today not fighting because of bone spurs


    By thy way, this urge to talk about Trump right now is not random noise, it is a recent D- party line. Politico reports that Biden is afraid to brag about his current “successes” because he is afraid that things will go bad [AAQ: they are bad now too, but it is possible to talk about being great], but others D-s see that there is a potential to prevent a disaster in November by playing up Biden’s great war management and contrast with whatever faults they can imagine about Trump. This is a pretty sad and pathetic strategy. And it is not without danger. It leads Biden to pursue shiny actions – one day, we are declaring two oligarchs non grata, another – closing airspace, third – allowing Ukrainian refugees into the country. All nice gestures, but they are not changing the events on the ground.


    My opinion;

    He is not a coward.

    He may be focused on is ego,

    he may be very selfish

    And he may not have the best middos

    but nonetheless,

    he is not a coward. It is simply the wrong word. He stood up to many things, including UNWRA, the UN, much of the press, enmity, slander etc ….

    Here in E.Israel there is a rumor going round, that American intelligence heard about a potential invasion, Trumo flew to moscow and met Putin בארבע עינים and told him that if he invades the US might just bomb Moscow.

    Call Biden any positive title you like, someone who has power but it is obviously unprepared to use it loses his advantage, and to my mind that is a level of cowardice.

    In terms o diplomacy, too, Trump was able to negotiate from an advantage, whicBiden doesn’t have.

    I understand that there might be much which I don’t lnow about, and I really do not view Trump as a role model, nonetheless I feel that cowrd is notthe right adjective.


    Its not just Trump. No one in his family, kids included have ever acknowledged serving in the U.S. armed forces, peace corps, or any other form of public service that might have put them at risk or personal financial sacrifice. The family DNA is to make someone else pay the bill for their protection even to the point of having the taxpayers pay millions for extended secret service protection for his adult “children” after he was thrown out of office.


    Building houses is a public service, even if these are expensive houses.
    Running a show that teaches people business is a public service.
    Making peace between Israel and several Arab countries is public service.
    Pressing Europeans to increase defense spending is public service
    Pressing Europeans to exclude Chinese from their cell services and Russians from gas is public service.
    You are free to have have your issues with Trump, but ignoring obvious facts will not get anyone to listen to you


    AAQ: Sorry but too tired and too late to litigate the balancing of “public service” represented by the points you cite in comparison to what some of us consider the incredible disservice that was done (and continues to be done) to our democracy and social fabric. Much of what he “accomplished” was self-serving with collateral damage far-outweighing the benefits.

    Perhaps you articulate a view (such as expressed today by former AG Bill Barr on the Sunday talk shows) that in a world of binary choices, you would prefer Trump and all his baggage to what you perceive as the alternative. I’m naive enough to believe there is an alternative that might provide most of the benefits you cite w/o leaving a trail of chaos and destruction. We have builders who have provided 5x to 10x more homes that are also affordable, educators who provided opportunities for hundreds of thousands to gain knowledge of the business world w/o being sued for fraud (and agreeing to pay millions in a settlement), etc. etc.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “I’m naive enough to believe there is an alternative that might provide most of the benefits you cite w/o leaving a trail of chaos and destruction.”

    The problem is, is that the person isn’t electable (cue Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush


    Trump has an unhealthy admiration for the likes of Putin and Kim and has expressed his love and admiration for tyrants.

    I’m not sure how your statement supports the title of this thread. While this certainly shows some undesirable characteristics of the former President, it doesn’t show cowardice.

    The Wolf

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump and Putin are guilty of psychological projection כל הפוסל במומו פוסל one who faults, faults with their own faults.

    Reb Eliezer

    Wolf, if they were sure about themselves and not be a coward having an inferiority complex there would be no need to create an unprovoked war with false pretenses. Ahashveros showed his wealth because he had to show his greatness as explained by the Malbim, so does Trump.


    Gadol > We have builders who have provided 5x to 10x more homes that are also affordable,

    Ergh, “they did not build that” as your posek said. It is a false canard to disregard good things because they benefited from the act. If someone does a good thing for you, even unintentionally, you owe him gratitude. Also false preference for unprofitable hesed, often performed at healthy “non profit” salaries at someone else’s expense. Trump hired more poor Hispanics than Obama did.


    Gadol, I partly agree with Barr –
    Trump was and probably is more electable than many other R-s who do not fight back after being attacked with dirty tricks. Somehow we all are more outraged by Trump’s antics than by how he was attacked. I guess “man bite dog” …

    But I also think that his policies are better of many of R-s who might talk well but lack skills. I am afraid the new R- fashion is exactly to talk like Trump, but not to perform like him.

    Frankly, given that Biden is still somewhat sane, he should do the right thing and hire Trump as chief of staff and let him deal with Ptutin. Also, Germans should hire Merkel back (reportedly she was the last politician Putin respected).


    “Frankly, given that Biden is still somewhat sane, he should do the right thing and hire Trump as chief of staff and let him deal with Ptutin…”

    AAQ: No argument at this end. If Trump could do anything to stop the carnage and bloodshed w/o starting a nuclear war, I would support making him King, renaming the Blue Plains Facility as the Trump Facility and putting his likeness on Mt. Rushmore


    Great, gadol, we found common ground. Call your D- senator to achieve this. Maybe Trump can visit Kiev like the brave Polish/etc Presidents did today.


    To nishtdayngesheft: You ask a reasonable question. All I can say is that anti-Semitism is so deeply embedded in Western culture that every political point of view has anti-Semites among it supporters. But if Trump is unequivocally Israel’s greatest friend, why does he have so many anti-Semitic right-wing supporters? I cannot figure that out.


    Actually the true cowards are the ones who want to bring back the Iran deal and remove the terrorist designation of the IRGC. So who is for supporting dictators again hmmm?

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