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    Consider this rhetorical. I happen to know a heimishe mench from the same nationality as Trump, who is very much like Trump. Without a doubt many acquaintances of his (and family members) have been at varying times irked by him, intimidated by him, and also in awe of his quick thinking brilliance and innovativeness. He can figure out effortlessly how to do things, and he’s johnny on the spot (in fact insistent) to pitch in and do heavy-duty work, to expend his excess energy.

    And does he have a temper – an uncontrollable one. He also reneges on promises, without a twinge of conscience or apology. Whereas Trump has learned how to tone things down, and put on the charm, this guy is perpetually Trump’s flip side (i.e. a sulky/grouchy.

    I bet some of you have acquaintances like that. The question is, do you feel as venomously hostile toward them, as you do toward Trump? (Actually, i, too, feel venomous with respect to his disloyalty to the Kurds and ignoring Pollard – but yet the alternative is worse – and also a civil war may break out no matter who wins).

    Insofar as Covid, i have a long memory, and distinctly remember how at the start of the year the media was constantly on his case about xenophobia. So – rhetorically speaking – how many of you wouldn’t have caved in under such pressure, especially if your primary teva, is that of being sensitive to derogatory names?


    “… and also a civil war may break out no matter who wins..”
    I keep hearing this but don’t buy into the narrative. There will obviously be a period of weeks or months of periodic violence and protests from the losing side but stop with the “Civil War” hyperbole.


    To quote someone I know, “udehr yuh, udehr nisht”, and halevai that your outlook were aspaklariya hameira.


    Based on how the Republicans did in the Congressional races, Trump should have one easily, instead of winning or losing by fractions of a percent in a single state. Insulting part of the audience might work for some entertainers, but not for politicians. The lesson will be learned that politicians should not let their mouth (and twittering fingers) run independent of their brains – a skill that most politicians and persons in “corporate life” learned, but that Trump (who never had to deal with an independent board of directors or stockholders or anyone else he had to answer to) never learned.

    The people who plan to riot would riot if Trump or Biden win, so unless you believe they are angry Libertarians or Greens, the “violence” the media is rooting for (violence earns clicks) is not related to the election.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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