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    He lost the first 2 civil trials and now owes over a half a billion dollars.
    The third trial is a criminal trial.
    After many delays from Trump, on Monday he will be sitting in the defendant’s chair accused of falsifying business records to help cover up an alleged affair before the 2016 election.
    He is just as guilty here as he was in the first 2 and will be convicted. He always has the ‘best’ lawyers. They really should be embarrassed to show their faces after having lost so many times.

    The only question is if he will be sentenced to Riker’s Island or not.

    Let’s pray for the best outcome for the people of NY and the United States of America.


    This is precedent shattering. Never before has a man been prosecuted for paying “hush money” to a woman of ill repute. Occasionally the woman, or her “agent” (“broker” in a better term legally) been prosecuted. If Putin prosecuted an opponent on a novel legal theory, the world would point say he was an anti-democratic tyrant. Democracies don’t do lawfare. If the people in power want to crush someone, they defeat them in the election.
    They don’t abuse the legal system to avoid being defeated in an upcoming election. Here’s looking at you Joe…



    Sorry , I didn’t know that Alvin Bragg has anything to do with the Federal Justice Department or Joe Biden.

    An issue that is unprecedented , is for the entire Republican party to wage war against all the legal institutions of the United States and cast aspersions on their legitimacy because they have a candidate that has acted in so many unlawful ways and is being prosecuted for his actions.


    There is obviously a conspiracy between prominent actors in the Democratic Party to subvert the will of the people by weaponizing the legal system against the likely winner of the 2024 election. The only question is whether once in office, Trump’s DOJ goes after these actors, including any ex-Presidents who may have been involved, in a Federal RICO action.


    it is statistically improbable that one person will be prosecuted for multiple offenses in different years and decades – all in the 6 months before the election.


    The charges against Trump:

    1. An assault case with no physical evidence, and the victim didn’t realize she had been assaulted until Trump became a politically incorrect politician.       edited

    2. Paying “hush money” to a women engaged in morally questionable activity – while it is illegal for a man to “consort”, it isn’t illegal to be the victim of extortion

    3. Objecting to election results where he had real reasons to suspect something improper (the wide disparity between in person votes and absentee paper ballots). This is traditionally a “red flag” of vote fraud (even if in this case the most likely explanation is how different media portrayed Covid19 – Democrats “bought” the end of the world scenarios more than Republicans and were afraid to vote normally).

    4. Alleged business fraud not involving a defrauded partner. By definition fraud is NEVER a victimless crime.


    P.S. For the record, I can’t stand Trump’s policies. I am a social conservative, neocon, internationalist and fiscal conservative. I am pro-immigration, and favor the RINO policies made famous by Ronald Reagan and George Bush. However the Democrats’ lawfare campaign is an open assault on rule of law similar to Germany in the first days of the Third Reich.


    Jackk: Everyone agrees, including the hard left and including the leftist New York Times, that the New York prosecution rests on a novel legal theory that was never prosecuted before and is a very weak prosecution.

    It is clear without doubt that this is a political persecution of the prosecutor’s political opponent; the kind of thing more commonly found in Venezuala, Russia and Iran.


    The real insanity is how the Feds have slow-walked the really substantive charges against Trump related to January 6 and the post-election day efforts to block the results of the election. The NY “hush-money” case and the Georgia indictments are amateur hour and have undermined public perceptions of equal justice. Garland seems to be over his head in attempting to demonstrate “independence” and in the process conveying incompetence.


    I thought daily Trump hate was a reform minhag, not ywn material.

    Jackk why don’t you take Trump to court and demand eight years of missed rent for the space he occupied in your mind?


    Gadol > The real insanity is how the Feds have slow-walked

    you would not assume that they timed it on purpose?

    Similarly, administration is timing new “student loan forgiveness” to be announced as close to election as possible, either hoping to start disbursing them right away, or at least make sure that regulations will not be overturned before the vote. I don’t like comparing one allegation to another, but this transparent vote buying using our money deserves their own court case for corruption. As one condemned thief told Melech Alexander – “if I were to steal more, I’ll be sitting with you rather than awaiting the guillotine!”



    You do realize that Trump is ahead in 90% of the polls takes since April as per 538. When he wins like or it not, good luck locking him up in Rikers. You wouldn’t even be able to from a security standpoint. There is no law forbidding a president from serving his presidency even if guilty of a crime. You will never logisciallcy be able to lock him up even if he loses let alone presidency Trump is corrpt but he is above the law and thats just life. The best thing for the USA is to just let him be vs stoking conflict and a civil war. It is what it is.

    I also gather you are not too republcian leaning. For the sake of our brothers in israel who are under the worse threat since the Holocaust, I urge you to vote for the corrupt Trump vs Biden who panders to Muslims and refuses to let Israel finish the job and stay secure. If for no other reason you must stay republcian for that alone. It comes way before any other issue. Unless you plan on voting on Senator Fetterman . may he live and be well till 120.



    You are correct. I am going to have a lot of egg on my face if Trump wins in November and a lot of posters on YWN will probably never let me live it down and will be reminding me daily. I am not looking forward to that possibility. But as Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program after Bill Clinton won the Presidency and after Rush had skewered him and Hillary throughout the campaign ,(not a quote) ” I am not going anywhere and I will be here enjoying myself for the next 4 years .” Rush had a very successful program attacking and making fun of Bill and Hillary daily for the next 8 years.

    But as I expect Trump will be in jail before the nomination and will also lose the election, I will be here proud that America did not elect a criminal as President.
    The ones who will have egg on their faces will be the Republican party who elected a criminal , traitor and insurrectionist who did not transfer power after losing the past election. The republican’s will have lost EVERYTHING because of Trump. History will wonder how Trump was able to take over the Republican party and destroy it with the willing participation of the rest of the party.

    My vote for president of the US does not depend exclusively on Israel. You can disagree.

    Regarding Israel and finishing the job , please talk to Bibi , his cabinet and the IDF and tell them your thoughts on how they can finish the job. Also maybe explain what finishing the job means. No more Sonei Yisroel Terrorists ? Is that a realistic goal?
    Bibi and his cabinet are going to do whatever is necessary to keep Israel secure no matter who is POTUS or what Biden says.
    I know that Biden fully supports Israel in destroying Hamas. Biden has different ideas, based on his morality, only about humanitarian aid and collateral damage. It is pretty clear how much America has supported Israel in it’s current war – including preventing many other enemies of Israel who would have loved to use this opportunity to start a second and third front.

    Jews who live in the tri-state area can be as vocal in their support for Trump as much as they want . But bottom line is NY , NJ and Connecticut are sending all 50 electoral college electors for Biden in January 2025 despite all the Orthodox Jews.


    jackk, there is an idea floating around for NY and similar blue states to vote for some Kennedy guy. If he wins just one big state, he can throw elections to the House and have some negotiations happening. Or even if he get to 40% in polling data, he can demand concessions from either candidate. Now, his demands maybe even crazier than the other two guys, but at least here is an alternative direction.

    Dr. Pepper



    And you accuse me of being in a cult!


    @jackk Insurrection was never in court. Nobody was charged with it. Who didn’t transfer power? When one leaves and the other is inaugurated power is transferred. A traitor is somebody who goes against his oath to guard against foreign powers. A wide open border is traitorous.



    Sorry, there would not be physical evidence of an assault.
    Assault is threat of imminent physical harm or danger. It is not the same as battery which is the unwanted of unlawful touching of another.
    Assault is the perception of the person sensing the attack.
    I I raise my arm in a fist and move towards you, it is assault, if I make contact with you it is battery. In most jurisdictions the crime charged is assault and battery.

    I am merely explaining the legal concept of the crime and in no way expressing an opinion on this particular trial.


    There’s a point that I can’t fathom here, and I don’t expect too many people to acknowledge.

    Biden has done a TREMENDOUS amount of good for Isreal over the last 6 months. Money, support, and much, much more. There is zero evidence that Trump would have done more or better for the Jews. Even taking his own words on the topic. It’s easy for Trump to SAY that he would have supported Isreal, helped win the war, which wouldn’t have happened in the first place, and also make sure that no Palestinian civilians would be killled. What would he have actually DONE no one can possibly know. We do know what Biden has done, which is far more than anyone would have ever expected, and there’s a lot to be thankful for.

    I’m thankful to Trump for moving the embassy. I think he is generally a friend of Isreal, though he is primary a friend of whatever he will see as helping himself. But to say that you must vote for Trump if you care about Isreal and the Jewish people , because Biden doesn’t help us is completely ignoring the reality since October 7. Biden has and is helping us tremendously. Why should he be deserving of our Hakaras Hatov?!?

    I don’t like Joe Biden. I don’t like his politics or his style etc. I don’t really like any politician, in fact. But the lack of honesty and the double standard in talking about who is good and bad for the Jews is bothersome to me.

    Dr. Pepper


    When President Trump was in office this never happened. Putin was afraid of him and didn’t try to test his limits.

    The despot from North Korea tested President Trump and I was terrified when he didn’t back down, luckily President Trump knew what he was doing and didn’t back down until ultimately Kim Jon Un did.

    Ask anyone who ר״ל lost a relative since October 7th if they’d rather have the money, support and “much, much more” from Biden or their loved ones and I guarantee you that you won’t find a single person who would rather have what Biden have them.

    Our enemies can sense a weak president from thousands of miles away. Look what happened under Carter (the worst president for decades until Obama), Iran became a worldwide threat that hasn’t subsided. For over a year the Iranians refused to release the hostages taken from the US Embassy. How long did it take President Reagan to get them released after taking office?

    Now that Biden is in office (and Carter got pushed down to third place in rank of worst presidents) the Iranians sensed again that the US has a weak president and started testing their limits. They see that Biden didn’t cut off their money flow and isn’t punishing them for what they did- do you honestly think that they learned their lesson?

    Don’t think for a second that Biden cares at all about Jews- he only cares about getting re-elected. If he felt that he had a better chance of getting re-elected by not doing anything- he wouldn’t have done anything.

    Now imagine if Israel would have gone on a full offensive and blew up some oil refineries in Iran- the cost of gas would have gone up even higher than it already went up under his term and the chances of him losing to President Trump would have gone up even higher than they already are.


    I am with Dr Pepper here. True, it is possible to argue that this happened because of that .. that T started exiting AFG, and that Putin just waited for the right winter, and that Hamas was preparing anyway … But the facts are simple that most bad people were quieter than usual during T’s time; that he materially supported the right groups and opposed the right ones; and the only real bad thing that happened during his time, Covid – is pretty to hard to pin on him (although possible). So, at minimum, the onus is on the other side to bring a coherent theory why B is a better leader and not pretend that the facts are so noisy that it is impossible to figure out. For me, a general theory of recent events is that US gov reactions are predictable and sane, making bad guys a chance to make plans to advance their agenda at minimal risk. For example, if Putin saw F-16s flying en masse (whether in Ukraine or Poland) and all his money arrested, and Tomahawks hitting near Russian bases in Syria BEFORE the invasion, he might have stopped.



    I don’t suspect you as being in the cult, but those simply are not the facts.
    Your whole defense of COVID is bizarre. He was the president and he was responsible for the US response to it. He FAILED 1,000,000 Americans including Tzadikim and Tzidkaniyos.
    Now really go check your history of the Trump 4 years and you will find failure after failure with major wars and conflicts.
    They are too many for me to list, but if you challenge me I will list them.


    jackk, you are off in your numbers. By CDC, 375K deaths due to Covid in 2020 (Trump, before vaccine), 460K in 2021 (Biden, after vaccine, or maybe before Biden found it), 244K in 2022. I maybe repeating myself in vain, but it is not a Jewish thing to argue with the integrity of cable news hosts. It is an aveira to mislead, hide, misinterpret information in order to confuse your opponent. And, practically speaking, try speaking in your voice, we can really read quoted stuff from wherever you are copying it.

    Dr. Pepper


    You blame it on President Trump since he was president at the time but you neglected to mention that it was released by Bidens friends (probably purposely to hurt his chances of getting re-elected).

    Go back and take a look at how Obama/Biden handled H1N1 (Swine Flu), luckily the virus wasn’t as contagious or deadly as Covid but can you imagine how many more Americans would have died? (And you would have found a way to blame it on President Trump 😂.)

    The way you Loony Libs state that there were too many failures to list a single one is hilarious. You still haven’t been able to list a single way that a hard working taxpayer like myself had it better under Biden than President Trump.

    I was also cracking up when Harris said that if President Trump wins the election it could be the last election without providing any explanation. (Is he going to have his DOJ file dozens of ridiculous indictments against his political foes?)


    I don’t disagree re your assessment of how bad of a person Trump is. However I do disagree about Israel . And I do not think you as a Jew are entitled to put America first. This isn’t just the classic pro vs anti Israel debate. Oct 7 is modern day holocaust and requires us dropping every other value for that. Imagine if by electing trump you saved Jews from dying in 1944 vs FDR yimach shimo. Wouldn’t you have done it then no matter how bad of a person Trump is. I don’t think that as a Jew you have the right to care about anything else.

    Now to Bibi. At the end of the day Israel cannot do this alone. The recent Iranian attack shows that. You say Bibi will do what is best for Israel’s security no matter what. But here is the thing. Israel needs the USA for its security. If Biden won’t allow Gaza Bibi cannot go against him.

    Re Biden s goals, I agree that ideally he wants Hamas destroyed like Israel. But he is scared of the Arabs. It’s 1B Muslims against 20m Jews . The Muslims are louder and scarier. Deep down Biden knows the moral choice. It’s not like Biden really believes these Palestinians are innocent. He simply is too scared of the Palestinians and has to balance that with the need to destroy Hamas. Now it’s not a zero sum game and yes there are a few innocent that die although most aren’t. And so there is a bit of that too. But even for those innocent that die, anyone with true moral Justice gets that, when an enemy bent on killing, kidnapping and abusing you, again and again hides behind them there is no choice. Biden drinks tue Hamas PR kook aid too much. Trump doesn’t fall for their PR stunts.

    Now let me explain what finishing the job means because it’s really simple. It means destroying Hamas total infrastructure and disrupting their power to govern. As long as they have rafah they have infrastructure, governing systems, power etc. Once that’s all destroyed they have nothing. Does that mean Hamas goes away ? No . Is there an end solution ? No there isn’t. Because the honest truth is Gaza is just a huge Jonestown like cult. All 2m people drink the kool aid since they are in the cradle. You can’t stop them. But you can limit them. If hamas infrastructure is gone , they have no way to commit oct 7 again. The Shfa disaster where Israel cornered over 700 fighters proves this. Once their infrastructure is gone once they crawl out they have no where to run and reorganise. They will always be around but too weak to mobilise. And Israel will just keep on wacking. And so finish the job means Israel take Rafah. That’s the goal.


    @ jackk
    I wanted to keep my other post only about Israel. But now let’s get back to trump. He won’t be in jail before the republican nomination and won’t even be found guilty by then . That’s just silly hyper talk . You need to speak logically. You know that not happening . Now say he is found a guilty before the elections. It takes time to sentence and he will appeal etc. Even a regular criminal takes longer. Now say trump does need to go to jail. How do you plan on properly jailing a former or president elect securely so that he is safe. You also know the kind of war it will usher in with a jan 6 on steroids. He can probably just stay in a Trump friendly state and defy orders. Good Luck sending in the NYS troopers to trump zone and igniting a civil war. This will be a logistical nightmare. You need to think rational.



    According to the CDC, your woke, bloodthirsty hero Brandon is responsible for the deaths of 721,000 Americans on his watch. You must be so proud!

    edited- can you have a disagreement without giving people nasty nicknames please



    If you want to see real antisemitism just wait until some boys from Nebraska die in a war in the Middle East defending Jewish lives while millions of Jews remain in the US.

    American isolationism is the best approach.

    Israeli dependency on US support has made them totally compromised hampering any heavy handed approaches required to resolve the issue.

    Every American dollar sent to EY has a string attached to it.


    the last post here currently is from before an event that changed everything.

    7 hours ago Trump supporters were chanting “genocide Joe” and he said “they’re not wrong.”
    Trumpies can spin that however they want, and I look forward to all the creativity to come.

    But personally it convinced me beyond all doubt: Dump Trump.

    Dr. Pepper


    Do you really think that any of these Loony Libs would ever vote Republican- even to vote against FDR in WWII and save precious Yidden?

    If Hitler was running as a Democrat against President Trump they’d still vote Democrat. (And justify it with “Jan 6th”.)


    But so far there is no american war in the mid east and its not likely to happen. Its a scary thought in theory but very unlikely. Don’t forget trump doesn’t like wars and is an isolationist. What we do know is that right now our jewish brothers are at tremendous risks not seen since the holocaust. Its not the time to get lost in what if hypothetical highly unlikely events.

    : I am not a major trumpie. Till the Israel war I was a never Trumper and still repulsed from him. When trump said Israel has got to finish their job quickly and got out of there it sounded like he is also calling for a ceasefire. But here is the thing. WNYC not exactly a Trump leaning station had as segment about this on the BL show and I thought the seized it up well. Trump isn’t saying that Israel should stop. Trump is saying just nuke the place and don’t care how many people die but then get out of there. In other words by dragging out the war you make my problems. Its not that he cares about lives or its people. His comment yesterday was just about seizing the moment to stoke anti biden rhetoric.. The man is a master at exploiting situations. Trump is an amazing con man. But its ludicours to think that when you have so many diehard Israel supporters, a jewish son in law and just a hate for muslims that al of a sudden he will turn on Israel. Look at his record first term.


    Grow up and stop call names like a five year old.

    You may not like a liberal viewpoint but that does not make all who hold them loony libs.

    My political views are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
    I vote the candidate and not a party line.
    I have voted R and D for President, Senator, Congressman. And local offices.
    As a long term member of my Democratic Town Committee, delegate to state and national Conventions; I am free to vote for any candidate I choose, but cannot make a public endorsement of a candidate running against my party’s nominee on state or local ballot.

    I voted against Trump and am glad I did. He represents the worst of male white Christian nationalism which endangers Jews in America.

    None of this has anything to do with his criminal trial. I had posted repeatedly that I don’t want him behind bars, citing Ford’s pardon of Nixon as the best for the country.
    Time to forget Trump and move forward


    Male white evangelical Christian’s don’t nearly pose a threat to world Jewry like Muslims do. And you can’t just worry about the USA like Jews did in 1944. You need to worry about your brothers in Israel too. If we had senator Fetterman I’d be the first to vote for him vs Trump. But now you are faced with two very bad choices. For our brothers sake you vote for the devil Trump

    Dr. Pepper


    In a typical liberal hypocrisy you tell me not stop the name calling but then call me a five year old. 😂

    Anyway- I gave up discussing things with you back in September after you refused to give straight answers to a number of direct questions I posed to you. I have no interest in having those kinds of conversations so I’m not going to respond to the rest of your post.

    But I agree that it’s beneath the dignity of a בן תורה to stoop to the level of a Liberal and will בלי נדר not use that adjective again.


    Don’t reply, but don’t make false accusations.
    I did not call you a five year old, I said calling names like a five year old.
    My words are chosen carefully.
    No one (who you do not pay) owes you a direct answer to any question.
    I often spend time away from the coffee room and upon return may not visit previous threads.

    I don’t act as in 1944, a decade before my birth.
    I shall not vote for the serial adulterer, election denier, grifter under any circumstances. That does not mean I shall vote for anyone else. In November I shall decide.

    I disagree about white male evangelical Christians not being a threat to world Jewry. If they destroy American Jewry, then Israel has lost its biggest source of political and financial support.

    As for liberalism, most Jews in The US are not frum. Liberal action such as the Civil Rights Act and doing away with forced Christian prayer in public schools benefited Jews.
    I got an Ivy League and Law School education. My older brother was legally told that the Jew quota was closed when denied admission by Princeton.

    My younger brother didn’t have to leave the country for medical school as our uncle did.

    There is a difference between liberal and leftist.

    Despite it all, I wish you a zissen Pesach, Chag lasher v’sameach.

    Dr. Pepper


    I noticed your carefully chosen words and purposely took the bait… to point out the following. This isn’t a court of law where you can get off on a technicality based upon clever wording. Your intent was to be offensive so as far as I’m concerned it wasn’t a false accusation. Even if you didn’t call me that per se- you implied it. Would you have used the same language to a judge while representing a client?

    I don’t believe I ever wrote that you or anyone else in the Coffee Room “owes” me a response- if you want to reply you can reply if you don’t want to reply then you don’t have to, if you want to give dodgy responses- that’s within your rights as well. But if I can’t have a normal conversation then I’m not going to continue the conversation. I try to respond to as many posts directed to me as possible, I was merely trying to be courteous in explaining why I’m done having discussions with you.

    Had you ignored my post back in September I would have been דן לכף זכות that you never saw it. But you did respond and dodged the questions I had.

    Check out your final response to me in the “Biden or Trump” discussion. In an earlier post I mentioned that my healthcare expenses went up by more than 400% and you wrote that you don’t agree with me on the ACA (I don’t believe I wrote anything else about the ACA in that discussion). You admitted that you have no knowledge of costs under the ACA except in CT but you still haven’t answered the reason why you disagree with me.

    In the same thread I asked for a single accomplishment Biden has done in his 50 years in politics and you mentioned the $35 cap on insulin. When I pressed you to mention something that benefits more than 1% of the population- all of the sudden you’re not here to defend the president.

    Finally- I asked you a simple multiple choice question with four possible scenarios to get your train of thought but it didn’t jive with your agenda so you added a fifth scenario.

    Anyway- wishing you a חג כשר ושמח as well.

    Reb Eliezer

    Infrastructure. chips turning the economy around in the covid era.

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