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    To all you Trump voters and future Trump voters? How many additional indictments and/or convictions (no convictions to date, I know) would make you switch your vote to Biden (or any other Democratic candidate) in the 2024 US presidential election.


    huju: If it was Trump against Pol Pot, would that be enough for you to switch your vote to Trump?


    To ujm: Pol Pot spelled backwards is Top Lop.


    if hillary was such a crook as trump calls her, why isn’t she in jail?
    and if trump now calls biden the crook, why isn’t biden in jail?
    seems to me the only ones in jail, and there are tons of them, are the trump buddies.
    and, sooner or later, trump will be joining them.
    so you expect me to vote for a convict in jail?
    gevalt, what is this world coming to?


    I’m not voting for Trump anyway but you can add on all the indictments and possibly convictions that you want and they still would not be my reason for not voting for Trump. If anything they would make me MORE likely to support him .

    Trump’s enemies are no more honest or less corrupt than he is, their endless efforts to indict or convict him, frequently by means of outright falsehood if not crazy double standards, to a certain degree make him the lesser of the two evils.

    That said I’m still not voting for him. If the issue is Trump vs. the Democrats endless efforts to indict then Trump is the better person. If the issue is Trump in general then he remains a first class jerk who can’t be trusted


    show of hands – do we have here T 2020 voters who will not vote for him in the general 2024 election?


    If the Democrats would go back to being the party of the working class, rather than scorning the proletariat as a “basket of deplorables”, you wouldn’t need to ask the question. The elites should be very nervous when asking when the peasants will finally realize that obeying their betters is in their interests (consider what happened in France in the late 18th century, or Russia is the early 20th). A ruling class that believes that it is wise to oppresses the workers will usually come to a bad end. The Democrats should abandon cancel culture and pronouns and trying to impose LGBTQ values on the American working class.


    the more indictments, the stronger my vote. We won’t let politicized, foreign-sponsored DAs influence our elections.


    President Donald Trump cut-off the money supply to the so-called “Palestinians” (actually, they should be known as The Phoney-stinians). Because of their reduced money supply, The Phoney-stinians were unable to pay terrorists to murder innocent Jews, which resulted in a large decrease in the number of Jews murdered by Phoney-stinian terrorists.

    When Joe Biden became President, he restored hundreds-of-millions of dollars in payments to The Phoney-stinians. As a result, Phoney-stinian leaders are again able to pay terrorists to murder innocent Jews, which resulted in a large increase in the number of Jews murdered by Phoney-stinian terrorists.

    Who should Jews vote for: The Democrats, who intentionally pay for Phoney-stinian terrorists to murder Jews (even though this violates American law), or Donald Trump, who stopped payments to The Phoney-stinians, so they could not afford their “Pay-for-Slay” policy, which literally saved Jewish lives?

    So long as the Democrats remain in power, YOUR TAX DOLLARS will be used to pay Phoney-stinian terrorists to murder Jews!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!

    If you are a True Democrat, then you will completely ignore and completely forget everything that I just said, because the Democrats use the Mainstream News Media and educational institutions and Hollywood, to exert a powerful form of Mind Control on millions of people.

    This Mind Control shuts-down your ability to think logically, and forces you to always vote for The Democrats 100% of the time, even when doing so is completely contrary to basic logic.

    If I wanted to, I could easily give many good reasons to vote for Donald Trump instead of the Democrats — but would be a total waste of time, because no amount of facts or logic can break the powerful Mind Control that Democrats use to brainwash people.


    hm,, maybe this pool is too smal. Let’s widen it – do you know of any 2020 T voters who will not vote for him in 2023 genera;?


    Mods can you make a vote about who from those that voted for Trump would vote for him again or now vote for other Rep candidate or switch totally to Biden


    Dear Smerel,

    I don’t fully disagree with your point, but to be honest it is really, really, difficult to not be more honest than Trump. He talks way too much and he lies even when there is no benefit. He racked up more fact checks than any other politician ever.

    The efforts to indict Trump are non partisan. He has been facing charges for decades.


    whether someone will switch to other Republicans is a separate issue. If T wins the primary, the voters will have the same choice as before. Biden has more reasons to lose votes, after all the national and international upheavals he created or slept through.


    I am a lifelong Democrat, my parents and grandparents were lifelong Democrats and my adult children are Democrats.
    However, none of these 4 generations were ever ‘working people’ we are/were professionals and business people who believed in the betterment for all.

    Even detestable Trump was a Democrat, til he figured out he could hoodwink the Republicans, hijack the party and line his pockets


    To CTLawyer: Yes, Trump was a Democrat some years ago. I believe his choice was based on his need to have favorable relations with the political forces that control real estate rules in New York City and New York State.


    n0, you do need to have an ego to run for office. Most of them have a good and bad tzad. Bill Clinton who, for his times, was considered a bor, was very excited about public policy, not less than in his other tzad. Maybe T is less polished than others (or does not feel a need to be as polished). Biden (not even touching on any allegations here) ran for president his whole life – and did not really articulate any passion when he finally got in. What was he doing it for? Did he forget along the way? I suspect he decided to run this time just to prove Obama wrong for dismissing his VP advices and his prospects for running.


    CTL, my family background is somewhat similar to yours, but your family were smart (or pessimistic) enough to do their business in US where they can afford showing their chesed side. One of my ancestors shared ownership of his businesses with the workers (presumably at the early time of growing worker movement) and soon was kicked out of the business. Next generations learned the lesson and tended to do the opposite – have family members in business. Your family also had family member in business: voted D- and shared their wealth, but did not socialize the ownership, right? None of the “you did not build that” thing?


    Law firms in CT ( and most places) cannot have non-attorneys have an ownership interest in the firm.

    My father had a regional chain of clothing stores from 1952 to the 1990s. Every full time employee received stock in the corporation each January. When the company was sold and dad retired at age 75 his employees received a lot of money for their shares (approx one-third of the sale proceeds).

    Maternal grandfather was an eye doctor, no employees in his professional practice.
    Paternal grandfather was clothing manufacturer, but used contractor factories. His design and sales staff were partners in the business. Grandma was bookkeeper, other partners’ wives were rest of office staff.


    CTL, thanks for a correction. My family was running businesses in areas with less developed markets. At one of the businesses, it became imperative to only use family as employees to avoid being arrested by out-of-control “workers” for “exploiting” them.

    But being good to workers was not out of character for Jewish businessmen. A friend told me a story of his family’s business that was overtaken by Soviets, then Nazis, then again Soviets. When the owner came back home from Siberian labor camp, his family gone,, his factory equipment gone, the goyishe workers offered to work for a year for free if he were to rebuild the factory. He replied that he saw enough in the camp to understand that there will be no free business and left.


    Both sides of our family arrived in the USA by 1872. Maternal side arrived to transplant business when protectionist tariffs of President Ulysses S. Grant virtually shut down importation of their factory’s product from Germany. So, a decision was made to open manufacturing in upstate NY. The entire family immigrated en masse.
    Father’s side arrived soon thereafter and established a network of mercantile stores in small town America. My great-grandfather, having only daughters saw the need to move to NYC in 1895 to find suitable sons-in-law. He set up a series of factories to supply the assorted family retail operations as well as Jewish owned stores across America.
    B”H we were not subjected to the wars and Regimes changes of 20th Century Europe that destroyed Jewish life and businesses.


    Interesting to see how CTL’s views differ from many others, where I think most of us here came in 20th century. Maybe gives us a just glimpse of how Spanish and German Jews felt when there were tragedies in their countries – after they were settled there for multiple hundreds of years… same goes to Arab/Polish/Teimenis ..


    Although a 5th generation American citizen in a family that reaches to the 9th generation (I descend from the 8th of 9 children in generation 2), I still consider myself a Jewish American, not an American Jew.

    That said, it gives a different perspective than those whose parents or grandparents arrived either in the early 20th century or post WWII.

    My paternal grandfather was drafted into the US Army in 1917 for the First World War. Uncles on both side served in the US forces during WWII, dad worked in Washington, DC during the war.

    After the war, grandpa signed sponsorship papers for hundreds of survivors stating they had jobs in His clothing factory and housing in his buildings in Brooklyn. Although Litvish Misnagid, 90% of those sponsored were Satmar and the remainder Sanz. I still get a major welcome in Williamsburg and Kiryas Yoel and Kiryas Sanz.

    As a Euro-traditional Jew who grew up OOT I never got all the factionalism in orthodoxy. I was brought up to respect and support all Jews as best we could.

    That said, I am keenly aware that all worldly wealth and power is transient, and the peaceful prosperous life we have had for 150 years here in America is a gift from KBH and could disappear at any time. But, not having been forced to live in ghettos or the Pale and have professions officially closed to us. We learned how to live with the other Americans in Harmony (without giving up our Jewishness).
    We are all better off when everyone in society prospers


    @CTL, yes, on the other hand, having history in other parts of the world, gives the rest of us appreciation for every side of sholom we get here. Or at least, should give us. Many people take the view that this is the Esav’s way to approach us now in a kind way, after trying the hard one.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    @square root

    Were you dropped on your head consistently as a child or was it just that one time?


    how may more lies will he spew, before people see him for what he truly is, namely, a psychotic loony?


    @yechiell The problem is that the more lies he says, the more his supporters love him. They will reject reality in favor of whatever Trump is posting to Truth Social and claim that he’s the only one not in the swamp, or whatever.


    Any fare minded T voter is emtionally exhausted by many years of accusations that never materialized.

    Yesterday there was a leaked tape of T admitting to a crime on tape. Today, it is seemingly reported that the document discussed on the tape is not part of the filed indictment. It is just exhausting to read through all innuendo. Maybe, when you catch him getting a gun while lying on federal forms, or catch him threatening Chinese communist agents to send money right now, then we’ll be convinced.


    @Always_Ask_Questions For every ten accusations with nothing behind them, there are another twenty with mountains of evidence. Trump absolutely took home classified documents after his presidency was over, then lied about having them, then reversed his position and claimed that he de-classified them first, then refused to co-operate with the investigation. He also payed for a zoinah with campaign funds. Sure Biden did some bad stuff, like allowing Hunter to use his influence to close some deals in Slavic countries, or have a box or two of classified material in his garage, but it doesn’t even hold a candle to Trump’s wrongdoings.

    Comparing Biden’s crimes to Trump’s is like comparing a guy who shoplifted a pack of gum to a guy who held up a bank.

    A box or two? 


    Whee! I got a mod edit! 😉

    No, it wasn’t a box or two. According to most accounts, it was a handful of pages with classified markings buried in various folders full of unclassified material. Mah sh’ein kein, Trump had literal boxes labeled “Classified” and “Secret” stacked up in his bathroom and office.

    Handful? Give it another shot, third time’s a charm.



    Hey Mister Mysterious Mod Man, what do you think happened? I’m not going to post what most news sources say, because you’ll probably dismiss them as too liberal (and frankly, I can’t blame you). So I’ll stick with FoxNews, New York Post, and NewsMax as top what happened:

    Biden’s lawyers were going through his documents and found “a small number of documents with classified markings”. Some reports numbered them as totaling ten. The documents were immediately turned over to the National Archives, and Biden consented to having the rest of his properties searched, where they found three more documents.

    So yeah. 13 documents in total is a handful. Especially compared to Trump who had more than that in a single box in a single room.


    I still don’t get why people are all up in arms defending the first charge against Trump, with the Cohen being oiver on Esnan Zoinah.


    To yechiel: 43, but I am optimistic.


    you focus on the _latest_ charge and even you had to re-state it 3 times to avoid mod’s snarks. I meant hundreds of accusations that happened in the previous years. I could not explain the mysterious connection between Trump’s campaign server and a Russian bank either. Or the Mueller investigation that somehow missed all the dirty tricks played on Trump. It is just too much to expect Trump voters to continue listening to trumped up charges waiting for the true ones. Is it so much easier with Hunter. I don’t think there was one rumor about Hunter that was found to be false, nebach.


    @Always_Ask_Questions What gets me is the hypocrisy of it. Everything Hunter Biden is being accused of, Trump has done ten times over (used political influence to help a family member close a deal, shady money, election fraud, etc.). Everyone screaming to arrest Hunter should be shouting just as loud to arrest Trump.


    YS, I hear you. Note that Hunter business was not thrown at Biden while he was VP and after, and even during elections. This is a classic case where media does not serve Ds well. If Biden knew that a possible infraction will be splashed on front pages, he would have stopped, or at least, been subtler.

    Trump himself, as well as some of his family, were in actual business before going into politics. Whatever sins they made before or after that can be debated. Biden and his family did not run anything, as far as I know, maybe his wife ran a pub with her first husband. And then suddenly start getting paid by our enemies over multiple years. And the President saying “my son did nothing wrong” and “I was not aware”…

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