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    Before explaining why trumpism is here to stay, we must define trumpism. A trumpist politician is one who:
    A)unapologetically pushes his conservative agenda
    B) accomplishes what he promised on the campaign trail
    C) fights back against the DC swamp.(includes both democrats and republicans, though mostly democrats)
    D)fights back against the fake “news” left wing activists.
    Donald Trump is the first (non) politician who fits this description.
    During the last for years, Republican voters experienced something new. A president that fights for them. Like actually. That’s probably why a recent poll showed over 90%of voters want him to run again in 2024. They have seen what a real politician can be, and they will be looking for that in every election, across the nation, in both the federal and state level. Politicians who possess a trumpist attitude towards their job. And I believe Donald trump going forward will campaign for these political candidates, and they will win. Current elected Gop’ers who stood on sideline while the election was possibly stolen will be primaried. Because we are sick of them and we have seen the type of politician that can be in their place. A trumpist.


    1. Spending government money without regard to how it is financed (eventually this will trigger inflation, and lead to a return of Reagonomics and/or Tea Party finance).

    2. Being hostile to China (if the Chinese stop acting as expansionist tyrants, our policy will change)

    3. Not being hostile to Russia (if the Russians stop trying to take over their neighbors, out policy will change)

    4. Opposing free trade (this was a Democrat idea he co-opted, it isn’t working all that well as many types of American exports are being cut back)

    5. Opposing immigration (also a Democrat idea, that has great support in theory, but in practice most people are supportive of individual immigrants, and nervous only about the immigration ; given the low birthrate the only option to immigration is economic decline)

    6. Twittering without checking facts first, not to mention without thinking first, and often insulting people in the process (this is the major contribution of Trump to politics, and most will see it has having led to his defeat).

    7. Supporting the current regime in Israel (as the interests of most Arab state are now aligned with Israel, due to fear of Iran, this will probably last).



    1) Unapologetically racist Unapologetically profits from his office. Unapologetically nepotism. Unapologetically attacks Americans Heroes. Unapologetically fires everyone who disagrees with him.
    Unapologetically declares himself the winner of an election he lost. Unapologetically lets over 300,000 Americans die on his watch. Unapologetically lets Russia hack into all of our major government agencies.

    2) Does not accomplish anything that he promised on the campaign trail

    3) Continues the DC swamp running as usual. Even adds a few characters that would never normally had a chance.

    4) Fights against the truth that is exposed of his corruption by continually attacking the media and promoting his own media that repeats his lies.

    5) Gets impeached. Loses the popular vote twice. Doesn’t concede after losing.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    It seems a certain strain of trumpism will live on in those with trump derangement syndrome until they are successfully therapized. May it be speedily in our day


    Torahvaluesoverparty post LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    90% of voters would NOT vote for Trump in 2024. Less than 50% of those voting voted for him in 2016 and 2020.

    Trump did not build the useless wall, and Mexico did NOT pay for it….big campaign promise.

    He won’t be out campaigning for other candidates unless he can put a dollar, rouble or deutschemark in his pocket.

    He showed America what a family of grifters can accomplish, when the grifter in cheiif has the power of the pardon. POTUS had a 4 year license to steal

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    And so it goes…

    Reb Eliezer

    Are the Retrumpicans here to stay?


    Just out of curiosity, where does socialized healthcare fit in this list? Because Trump personally had been in very vocal agreement with Bernie Sanders that the US needs a single payer healthcare system as outlined in his book The America we Deserve. He only was quiet about it when he joined the GOP.



    Impeached, and AQUITTED (found NOT GUILTY).
    Did a good job of standing up to China and Iran, unlike Obama/Clinton/Kerry.
    Your “racist” charge is based on quotes taken out of context.

    Actually about 12 million Americans died under his watch (half the number who died under Obama). Are you suggesting that the American president controls life and death, health and disease. The Romans thought their Imperator was a diety, but we don’t. It turns out the main factor in determining death from Covid19 is age and birth rate (and with Trump having five kids, he’s done his part to lower the average age of Americans).

    Given the tight margins and the very unconventional voting system used, it isn’t hard to understand why he felt cheated. The Democrats “blue wave” predicted by the media polls didn’t materialize.

    He promised to oppose “free trade” and to lower taxes (which he did primarily for the those who don’t itemize, i.e., the less than affluent), and kept his promises. He promised to increase military spending, and he did. He promised to appoint originalists to judiciary, and he did (he probably regrets it, since conservatives would have been more open to hearing challenges to state election procedures).

    He did have a propensity for thoughtless tweeting (so instead of cancelling Trump, ban Twitter)


    Fact is that in the past 125 years 12 out of 19 presidents were from the GOP, fads come and fads go, i would not hold too much faith that this fad will stay.



    Only three U.S. presidents have been formally impeached by Congress—Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. So far, no U.S. president has ever been removed from office through impeachment.
    Nothing to be so proud of regarding Trump.

    The racist charge was not based on quotes taken out of context.

    “Are you suggesting that the American president controls life and death, health and disease?”
    No. I am demanding that the President care for the health of all US Citizens during a pandemic and advise on the proper precautions that need to be taken and allocate resources appropriately.
    Messaging about the new virus is of major importance and not minimizing it.

    He didn’t keep his promises regarding the reducing the deficit, mexican wall and healthcare.
    Those were major promises.
    He also didn’t show his taxes as promised.

    What you call “thoughtless tweeting” is THE MAJOR FACTOR IN TRUMPISM.


    Ctlawyer all due respect you were supposed to understand I meant 90%of gop voters, not total voters, I thought that was obvious…
    This thread(not that I care) wasn’t intended to debate his actions and accomplishments, leftists will always scream how terrible he was, they’ll always without reason at all call him a liar, bigot the, racist…….
    this thread was intended for the commensaychels of YWNCR…conservatives who don’t like trump and his personality….though it is always funny to hear leftys hate on trump for being impeached -when he was impeached for something Biden did😂😂


    My point is all you leftys hating on trump, you are welcome to hate on him, but assuming you are registered democrats, you don’t vote in Republican primaries….


    Don’t give up your day job, learn to count.
    There have been 10 Republican Presidents in the past 125 years, not 12
    and EIGHT Democrats for a TOTAL of EIGHTEEN Presidents.



    @Ct lawyer add TR and William Howard Taft, my knowledge of number is equal or better then your knowledge of law.


    “He did have a propensity for thoughtless tweeting…so instead of cancelling Trump, ban Twitter”.

    Actually its not a binary choice. We just cancelled trump, and hopefully there will be some real effort made to impose some limits on the type of lying garbage that can be posted on major social media sites. Indeed, Twitter has indicated that it will begin subjecting Trump to the same standards it imposes on everyone else as of noon on January 20th instead of just labeling them as lies.

    yaakov doe

    Like bubonic plague Trumpism will be nearly eradicated.


    “Opposing free trade (this was a Democrat idea he co-opted”

    Actually the Democratic Party has been supportive of free trade since 1876. The last Democratic President not to be a free trader was James Buchanan. What Trump did was to bring back Herbert Hoover’s policies of fomenting disasterous trade wars.


    “the election was possibly stolen ”

    Trump is still trying to steal the election but hopefully will fail.


    Also William McKinley. Although TR was basically forced out of the Republican Party.

    Red Adair

    There have been a total of twenty-two U.S. presidents over the last 125 years.

    Thirteen Republican Presidents:
    William McKinley
    Theodore Roosevelt
    William Howard Taft
    Warren G. Harding
    Calvin Coolidge
    Herbert Hoover
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Richard M. Nixon
    Gerald R. Ford
    Ronald W. Reagan
    George H. W. Bush
    George W. Bush
    Donald J. Trump

    Nine Democratic Presidents:
    Grover Cleveland
    Woodrow Wilson
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Harry S. Truman
    John F. Kennedy
    Lyndon B. Johnson
    Jimmy Carter
    Bill Clinton
    Barack H. Obama

    Feel free to discuss, debate and argue over these and other points, but please omit the rancor. It isn’t worth it.


    @Red A, if your going to use the formal names its James Earl Carter and William Jefferson Clinton, not saying this with rancor just because you use nickname by this two


    To common saychel: Your arithmetic and history need some work. In the first two of the last 125 years, i.e., 1895 – 1897, a Democrat was president (Grover Akron). And if you count years instead of presidents, Republicans had only 54% of the time, with 60% of the presidents. And there were 13 Republican presidents since 1895, not 12, out of a total of 21 presidents; 62% were Republicans.

    You should also consider whether it makes any sense to count Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover as in the “same” party as Nixon and those Republicans who came after Nixon.

    The Trumpiest pre-Nixon Republican president might be Harding, who was corrupt and fathered an out-of-wedlock child before coming into office (as did Cleveland, a Democrat).


    The only policy Trump had that was uniquely his involved Twittering and speaking without thinking, and it is unlikely future presidents or candidates will do the same. His “radical” policies were all very similar to previous presidents, including being anti-immigration, pro-business, etc.


    @huju ‘your history & arithmetic needs work’

    why both?

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