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    Our President Trump is at it again…

    Scott Adams, author of the Dilbert cartoon, has long pointed out Trump’s incredible persuasion skills, and how Trump continues to be incredibly effective at persuading the mindsets of hundreds of millions of people, often without us realizing it. The classic example is how Trump sank Jeb Bush’s (remember him!) entire campaign with the two words ‘Low Energy.’ Those two words cost about $300 million dollars, and sank the campaign of the establishment’s favorite candidate.

    Here he is at it again. It’s quite easy to take Kim Jong Un quite seriously. After all, he’s the dictator of a country of millions of people, has the red button under his finger, and has threatened to obliterate our country, assassinate our President, and nuke the cities we live in. But who could take seriously Little Rocket Man? When we think of him as just that, a somewhat impulsive child who likes to play with the toy rockets in his sandbox, it makes him the laughing stock of hundreds of millions of people, and single-tweetedly disarms him, and destroys his credibility. It’s quite amazing to see another Trump-given nickname, again with pinpoint accuracy, wage his war of words and wreck yet another of his opponents.


    And notice how the liberal media (led by the NYT) has been all bent out of shape over the last few days, crying “oh no, President Trump is going to force the great leader Kim Jong Mentally Unstable to start a nuclear war because The Donald disrespected him!”


    Jeb was sunk from the start. There was no way he could have persuaded Americans to elect another Bush.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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