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    Thinking out loud

    A few weeks ago, there was a display ad in Hamodia newspaper, offering certain type of resources for someone who is dealing with an “end of life” situation. The ad was a quarter page (or slightly smaller), on the lower right corner on the right side of the newspaper when it is open in front of a person. I am trying to get a copy of that advertisement or at least the information it contained.

    I believe it was in the Wednesday weekend edition of the paper, possibly the week of Parshas Chayei Sara. That would be dated, November 23, 2016. I do not recall if it was in the main section, or perhaps in the community section. I contacted Hamodia ADS department, but they say that they can not find the ad! It is possible that I am making an error regarding the week, and then it could be in the paper dated November 16, or November 30. We do not get any other newspaper, besides the Wednesday weekend edition of Hamodia! I also perused the Hamodia online archives, and went through the entire paper from that date. However, the papers in the archive are the daily paper, and I saw this ad in a section of the weekend edtion.

    If I recall correctly, the ad offered a number to call for directions in “end of life” circumstances. It is not an halachic resource; it is outside of the domain of halachic shailos, decision making, or how to proceed after a petira.

    The ad was put in by somebody addressing cases where a person (or their family) knows that there is nothing further that medical science can do to heal the person, and if nature runs its course, the choleh will die within an estimated amount of time. Of course we never give up hope, but such scenarios come up, unforturately, and it is not a lack of Emunah to prepare for such an outcome. Are mesora does contain appropriate tefillos and hanhagos during the period leading up to an expected end of life — be it within hours, or months. However, often people who would benefit from that information don’t have it.

    I am hoping this ad got the attention of somebody else who reads these boards, so that I can possibly get the contact information that was in the ad.

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