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    I don’t dispute that GAW.

    I actually think the biggest problem with tuition committees is that they neglect 2 very important questions:

    1) What are you doing to reduce your expenses (and thus pay more tuition)?

    2) What are you doing to increase your income (and this pay more tuition)?


    This entire discussion demontrates that tuition rates even in financially well to do modern orthodox schools are a) negotiated individually with parents rather than uniform rates b) determined based on need and financial ability.


    The initial post on this site inartfully asks a good question: What are the standards that tuition committees apply in distributing scholarship funds?

    If tuition committees want to be helpful to their students and their students’ families, they could publish their tuition-granting standards, and parents could follow them or ignore them as they see fit. I personally suspect – but I have no evidence – that tuition committees are too loosey-goosey in the execution of their responsibilities, and could not in fact publish their standards because they do not have any, or they do have standards but do not consistently follow them. I recognize that my opinion may be unfair to some hard-working and fair-minded tuition committee members, but I would like to hear from them.


    trak443: Why not post your 1-page questionnaire here and let us see what you consider in reviewing a scholarship application?

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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