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    I’m looking at tickets on Turkish Air after Pesach from the US back to Israel – they are really cheap and still allow you 2 bags each. Does anyone have any experience with them? Safety for a frum yid flying with them? Istanbul airport stopover?

    Thanks, Good Shabbos.


    Safety is not an issue at all. Not a concern at all, heard so from several people.

    Delays however seem to be more common with them, I heard – they are indeed the cheapest, so if you’re really tight on $$$ it would be a good idea, just don’t expect awesome quality and service.

    (No personal experience.)


    first of all, I would not patronize that county in the present state of affairs, cheap or not,. I did fly once from EY to NY with them by way of Istanbul. The first leg from TA to Istanbul was on a ‘flying bus” with sardine can conditions. The cross atlantic craft was normal, but looked old and worn. The personnel in Istanbul were also not too friendly, helpful, or particularly skilled in languages. Sort of like out of a grade be horror movie.


    usa: How much do they charge for a ticket, and how much cheaper are they than their competition?


    cheftze: We’re looking for one way tickets at the moment, so they’re around 750-800 and anyone else is at least 1500, plus they give you 2 bags free for full fare and 1 50 lb bag free for infant (unlike the others that give you 1 bag free for full fare and 10 kg / 22 lb for infant…)


    Ive done it, and frankly it was one of the best flights of my life. The plane was super new and modern, very cool interactive personal entertainment systems. The stopover in Istanbul was not bad, as the airport is decently comfortable. Disclaimer however, that I flew about two years ago, so before the ‘Mavi Marmara’ incident when relations between the respective countries were far better. Now, not sure if I would do it again…..


    I Flew with them from Israel to New York [one-way] with a stop in Instanbul about two months after the ‘Mavi Marmara’ incident. Since I traveled with a couple kids the savings was substantial. However I was treated differently than other travelers by passport control. They kept me waiting extra without giving me a reason. After about twenty minutes later they let me go.

    I got a lot of stares from the people at the airport and it was’nt very comfortable. I don’t know if there is a safety issue, but I would’nt travel with them again if I had to buy tickets now.

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