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    Quite a few news outlets (including BBC and AP) are reporting the following story

    Anyone wanting to place a note in the Western Wall need no longer travel

    to Jerusalem, find a parking spot near the Old City and undergo the security check at the entrance to the wall plaza. One need not even come to Israel.

    A new Web site offers those seeking to have their prayers answered a chance to “Tweet at the Kotel.”

    The non-profit service, launched two weeks ago, allows people to submit their prayers or wishes, which are then printed on small notes and placed in the wall’s cracks. Through other services, it is already possible to send notes via fax, email and text messages to the Western Wall.

    Alon Nir of Tel Aviv, who initiated the service, says, “I don’t see the

    project as something religious but as something cultural with an affiliation to Judaism. I thought of it after understanding Twitter’s power and wondered what I could do with it. I wanted to do something to help Israel, so I linked the Western Wall to the millions using Twitter.

    The service allows users to send a public prayer or a private prayer or

    message. Every few days the messages are printed out and placed inside the cracks of the historic wall.

    “Since Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters, quite a few prayers can fit onto one A-4 page,” says Alon.

    Most prayers have to do with personal issues, such as health and livelihood, he says. Many call for taking action to release kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, while one non-Jewish American asked for help from above on a project involving the reconstruction of Jewish culture of pre-Holocaust Vilna.

    The site can be accessed at

    just me
    Participant has been providing email service for kvitlach for years.


    why would i want someone else reading my letters


    this takes wacky to a whole new level! 😉


    I don’t like this idea. Very weird.


    The point is not submitting requests to the Kosel or to the computer for that matter. The point is davening to Hashem. When one goes to the kosel and feels the Kedusha, their davening is then on a higher level. When one submits their Kvittel they hope that Hashem will accept their requests along with their prayers.


    dear g-d

    i would ask for more

    but twitter has a limit of 140

    just me

    Goldieloxx, you are funny. tells people who submit kvitlach via email that that alone isn’t enough. They also suggest you give tzadaka (hopefully to them).

    I would imagine the idea behine these is that Jews should feel conected even if they arn’t in Isreal or planning a trip.


    Eh, I think its a little silly.

    I think prayer is what you make of it. If you are truly connecting to Hashem, your prayers have real merit. I thought the purpose of davening at the kotel was to increase your spirituality by being as close to Hashem’s resting place as possible. Sending a fax/email/twitter response…I don’t know. Seems strange to me.


    im with sj on this one

    reminds me, l’havdil

    the biddist munks turn a wheel with prayers written on them

    as they turn the wheel their “prayers” go up to “heaven

    they talk and laugh and eat while they turn the crank


    ames youre correct you shouldnt talk to Hashem only when you are in tzar.

    even more important is to talk to him when things are going well

    thank him that you have a bed and a pillow and teeth and kidneys and a home and feet and clothes and sleep in peace every night without the kgb banging on your door.

    dont just acknowledge these things subconsciously

    take time to think about them

    take time to feel deep gratitude and love to Hashem for these wonderful things

    take time to thank Hashem

    do it during set Tefillah

    or anytime you have a minute

    it is a Mitzvah, just like putting on Tefillin

    it is one of the chovos ha lavovos

    instead of wasting your precious thoughts next time you are waiting in line

    do a Mitzvah with your mind

    just me

    I think most of us here are frum but for many people who aren’t, the kossel is THE PLACE to get in touch with Hashem. It connects people to Hashem. Besides, what is the difference if you give your friend a kvitle to put in the kossel or if you do this? The shliach is different that’s all.


    SJSinNYC- good point, however then what’s the point of a Kvitel at all?

    If you are already by the Kosel, you’re davening to Hashem,

    What- He doesn’t know what you want before you write in on a piece of paper and stick it in the wall?


    although i think somehow involving twitter into this whole thing sort of cheapens it, so to speak.

    But in any case, i once went to a camp where they gave each camper a beautiful notebook, and before davening they would have a moment to write down whatever they wanted- sort of like a note they would put in the kosel, and the reasoning behind it, (and it worked!) was that by writing it, it made it real, and it forced you to think, and once you put it out on ink, the chances that you will concentrate on that during davening was that much greater.


    Personally, I never used the email service and I wouldn’t use twitter; it would be too weird, and totally missing the point. But then again, maybe that’s because I know a little something about what the Kosel is about and what tefilla is about. For someone who views the Kosel as that place in Israel that’s special to Jews with all the little notes crushed inside, the idea of being able to get your note in there even if you’re not in Israel would be very appealing, and it’s certainly not a bad thing.


    I think leaving the note yourself is symbolic. Its sort of like leaving a piece of your heart, hoping to maintain a special connection with Hashem.

    I think tweeting in a kvitel doesn’t do that. You don’t KNOW the kvitel was put there at all. I could provide the same service and just lie. You would get the same satisfaction.

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