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    ☕️coffee addict

    I’ve seen that Twitter blocked dr zelenko

    He should switch over to parlor (i don’t have social media (except for WhatsApp) but from what I heard conservative commentators are moving over to there


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Parler a Twitter clone started by anti-Semites who were kicked off of Twitter or am I thinking of something else?


    Having two separate public forums will make it better in some sense, but worse in others. Primarily, everyone will listen only to their own side.

    Underlying many current problems is vertical integration – facebook posts belong to facebook, your YWN posts to YWN. Amazon hosts sellers, then analyzes and, allegedly, copies their products. This is same monopoly problem that, existed, for example in late 19th century USA.

    Web protocols offered a solution, but social networks build their separate markets over that. Maybe government need to enforce that messages belong to posters; kept in a standard format; and then any network can organize them for the user any way you (consumer) want.


    Good catch on Parler. Its founders claim not to be anti-Semitic, but the Simon Wiesenthal Center recently put out a 25 page report documenting its allowing anti-Semitism, holocaust denial and a host of other hatemongering.


    Parler is designed to be a version of twitter with free speech for all (as long as they are not directly threatening violence). Yes, free speech means disgusting people are allowed to say nasty things we disagree with. that will include anti-semitism and holocust denial. It also means you will be allowed to say all of the various things we believe as yidden that would have the types of people who like twitter accuse us of baing nazi facist haters.


    I’ve heard about security issues with parlor…
    Either way, the way Twitter and big tech censors Doctors that don’t parrot the mainstream media narrative is such a tremendous threat to democracy….
    I’ve heard of 2 studies recently, one was published in the NEJM and one wasnt.
    The one that was-“assigning gender at birth has no positive impact and may have a negative impact later on… ”
    The one that wasn’t- a large study on masks showing it mostly ineffective…
    This is where the world is at….

    ☕️coffee addict

    I highly doubt that mark levin would join and promote a forum operated by anti semites and is this the Twitter that doesn’t block Holocaust denial from Iran?

    Always ask questions,

    “Primarily, everyone will listen only to their own side.“

    Well that was what Twitter caused, do you have a better option?

    Old Crown Heights

    For people who who want escape the tyranny of extreme left social media platforms and search engines with their suppression of speech and free exchange of political (and even medical) ideas there are alternate platforms emerging. The who want to, will have platforms where they can call everyone racists and anti-Semites to their heart’s content, and people who want to tune them out will have other avenues. At this time most new platforms are in early stages of development so they aren’t as “good” technologically, but they’ll get there.


    Parler ” allowing anti-Semitism”

    I understand that they are simply not censoring the posts. Obviously, they’ll get all kind of dirt.
    This is not different from “internet” or “books”. The medium allows texts and images. It is up to the user, or next level application, to select what he wants to use it for.

    If you would not have email filters, half of your email box will be filled with pornography and viruses.
    You need then a kosher filter over Parler, same way you (your internet provider) has a spam filter.


    Your probably not aware, but in a recent appearance before the senate, Jack Dorsey(Twitter CEO) said that holocaust denying does NOT break Twitter rules and isnt censored…
    Besides, it is well documented how twitter accounts calling for the destruction of Israel is given a pass…while those promoting Israel’s defense is banned for “breaking Twitter rules….”


    Charlie Hall: AT&T and Verizon are antisemitic, as they refuse to cut off telephone service to antisemites who express antisemitic thoughts to others over the telephone. Google is also anti-Semitic as they refuse to take away Gmail accounts from anti semites.


    Let’s go back to the issue. Software companies that don’t hire experts creating very generic and vague guidelines for subcontractors and contractors to follow to “police” speech that is out of their expertise.
    Doctors did not close his account just as no one who is knowledgeable monitors complaints of hate speech that facebook and twitter keep telling me it is not hatespeech when I flag them.

    According to the platforms, you all don’t know what anti-semitism is.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Charlie Hall: AT&T and Verizon are antisemitic, as they refuse to cut off telephone service to antisemites who express antisemitic thoughts to others over the telephone.“


    I’m glad I have Tmobile 😜


    “they refuse to cut off telephone service to antisemites ”

    Learn something about common carrier laws before you embarrass yourself again.


    Charlie: common carrier laws don’t require Google to continue Gmail service to known antisemites. Thus by your own argument Google is anti-Semitic.

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