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    This is a question for anyone who has a daughter who came home from seminary in June. Is your daughter recieving tzaddakah mailings addressed to her? It seems that they are getting a hold of the seminary lists. She just got one letter from a place that already spoke to her seminary while they were in Israel (at least that is what they claim). My daughter is not working, so although we are a family that gives plenty of tzaddakah (and my husband is very generous), I am mildly annoyed at this new leval of marketing their cause. Maybe soon they will send home letters to the pre 1A class, or come speak to them year after year about their cause? Sorry, I am just overwhelmed with all the appeals, mailings, phone calls….I feel guilty saying no and tossing mailings out…anybody relate?


    asdfghjkl and Joseph

    Thank you.

    Shindy please post the additional aspect to your question in the post referenced above


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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