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    We all hear stories of how syblings call eachother to Bais Din after the desmise of parents, duking it out sometimes in the ugliest manner, for the yerusha.

    People are often called in business matters, when one side doesnt fullfill an obligation or guarantee, but imagine the following;

    You have a suspicion that you’ve been cheated. You make all sorts of investigations and research just to find out that you indeed have a case. After collecting all sorts of proof, including documents and letters, you approach your opponents and ask them to settle with you nicely. They refuse in the most stubborn manner, insisting that your proof(which has been accepted by your Daas Torah) is bogus.

    You are prepared to go to Din Torah with full confidence that you will prevail. But here is the dilemma;

    The people you have this issue with ARE YOUR PARENTS.

    What do you do? Should it be pursued or will this be considered a stigma which you will never be able to get rid of?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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