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    Well? Anyone ever been? Am planning to go sometime soon and would like tips…

    verapoi yerapei

    tzfas is amazing!

    i am not sure wat u are in to but daven at carlebach friday night. if u dont like carlebach go the breslov shul. it isnt the na nach breslov at all. beautiful shul and beautiful davening. are u single, married or family? different stuff to do depending

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Daven in the old city…


    Stay at the Milon Ron. It’s the nicest place that you can get Mehadrin meals and is not a far walk from the Old City.

    Friday night keep away from the Carlebach minyan, it’s ridiculously packed and you may end up standing outside on the street.

    The real Breslov shul next to the Bais HaChaim is very nice and there is a lot of nice Chassidish singing during davening with a minimum of meshuggenas.

    The Ari z”l shuls are also beautiful.

    aspiring rabbi

    There are two Carlebach shuls, Mekarev and Bei Rav. You can get a nice Carlebach experience by Havdala so go to Breslov (main shul) Lail Shabbos. It’s a beautiful building and the davening is inspirational. They also dance which is amazing to participate in given the size of the shul and the amount of mispallelim. As an added plus, in the Breslov shul stand near the western side during Lecha Dodi looking out on shkia, understanding that YOU are in the original place where Lecha Dodi was sung. For a cheaper option than a hotel, rent a tzimmer (get a phone number from any yeshiva bachur currently learning in the aretz) and buy takeout from Mendi’s (eidah chareidis hashgacha). Most tzimmer’s offer fridges and hotplates so you’ll be ok. Enjoy the wonderful, mystical, and sacred city of Safed. And make sure to drink a Safed Mystique!

    old man

    When you go there, make sure to say “Tzfat” and not “Tzfas”. No one in Israel says “Tzfas”. Have a nice time.


    Thanks so much for the valuable tips everyone!!!

    Most of you talk about the shuls and davening, just wondering if there’s anything else to see??

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    There are some very nice galleries in the artists quarter.

    verapoi yerapei

    here is a list of great things to do in tsfas both on shabbos and during week.

    there is a friday night tour of the old city which is great.

    see all the old shuls: beis yosefs, abohav, arizal.

    arizals mikvah and the arizals, beis yosefs and rav shloima alkabatzes kevarim.

    walk around old city and check out the different art galleries.

    the tzfas winery. amazing and different than other ones you may have visited. one frum guy makes the wine with his sons, stores the barrels in his basement, and spends the rest of his time learning. interesting, tastes good.

    obviously miron is nearby if you have time before or after shabbos and there is an amazing hike that takes about 2 hours from tzfat to miron.

    foodwise: rechov yerushalayim is the main street. there is an amazing mehadrin falafel. smal place, guy makes everything only once you order.

    in reference to previous comments: carlebach shul is packed on popular weeks like chanuka but otherwise not bad. nice for friday night and before mariv on motzei there is a kumzitz.

    I dont know what your budget is but the nicest hotel in the old city is the rimonim. you can preorder mehadrin meals for extra money and the mashgiach personally arranges everything


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