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    Is it a chumrah to have big strings on your tzitzis?


    Big enough.

    Israeli Chareidi

    The Mishna Berura suggests that medium sized strings are the nicest.


    The Mishna Berurah says that you should not keep the knots untucked, because it is ga’avah. I believe the explanation is because in his times, people made their own knots.

    Nowadays that most people do not, this probably does not apply. But look around – and this is a general rule, not absolute – many people who have the thick, long strings seems to be doing so out of ga’avah.


    I looked around, and most people who consider everyone else Baalei Gaava have inside information of its definition.



    We thank you for your kind insight.

    How about this, people who make comments and apply a generality to many people are trolls. That seems much better.


    people who make comments and apply a generality to many people are trolls.

    Eh, people who say that are trolls. 🙂

    The Wolf


    LAB was just making a general statement about the relationship between unnecessary gashmius and wanting to wear big strings (even though halacha doesn’t say this is good) and gaivah. People shouldn’t be caught up with the gashmius of the mitzvah- if you are, that’s a problem, perhaps related to gaivah.

    Even worse gaivah though, is when one unnamed poster decides that he can speak on behalf of the CR and begins whatever statement he wants to make with the word “we,” as if everyone agrees with him.

    Please leave the onaas devarim and choshed biksharim out of your responses, unnamed poster. It’s just better if people can talk without being afraid of onaas devarim and rudeness. tizku l’mitzvos.



    “LAB was just making a general statement about the relationship between unnecessary gashmius and wanting to wear big strings ”

    HUH???? Gashmius? Where’d you pick that up.

    Onoas Devarim? Choshed Bechsherim? You crack me up. Your comments in the past have wiped any sembelance of kosher long ago.

    I wonder why you think it is gaaivah to use a rhetorical “we” and not gaaivah to assume that your skewed little view is enough to passul up many?



    I like big strings, once upon a time I liked small strings. I like big esrogim. I get really picky about my succa and matzo. Maybe I am just picky. You have something better to be picky about?


    Thank you rationalfrummie. Sometimes people can’t defend their own statements, because they look too, well, defensive. I appreciate it.


    Nisht- There it is again. Calling someone “rat”, as well as “irrational,” and accusing me of not being frum as you have in the past, is oinaas devorim. You should have learned that in years ago.

    In case you didn’t get my reference, “gashmius” is a term that means physicality, and the nature world. Being concerned about the thickenss or size of tzitzis, rather than the kashrus or hiddurdikeh quality of the tzitzis is gashmiudik, and should be avoided.

    Whatever you say about me doesn’t nullify the fact that you write your posts in the “royal we” having the chutzpah to assume people agree with you. Unless you have daas that they do, don’t say “we.” It’s pashut!!! In sefarim, no one says “we,” they say nirah li, or some similar HUMBLE phrase.

    Again, calling my posts unkosher is another case of choshed biksharim that is on your head! Where is your evidence? If anything, you are the person here that has been repeatedly warned by mods and had your comments edited- not me! Get the facts straight before pointing fingers, and maybe point one at yourself for a change. And LAB- yeah, its a lot easier to attack than to defend. glad to help.


    why do people assume that just because a guy has large strings, he has gaiva? maybe he wants to show that he has chashivas hamitzva?


    or maybe he is wearing a pair of tzitzis that is too large for his frame.


    If wearing a long tallit katan or wearing big tzitzis, or a wide-brimmed hat, or whatever externalities, will help a person in their avodat hashem, I’m all for it.


    rebdoniel: I agree with you about most “externalities” i.e. that the thing itself is neutral but if it helps someone that’s great. I would make an exception for big tzitzis because they’re specifically mentioned in the Christian Bible as something “the Pharisees” do, which IMO would classify them as a good thing in their own right.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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